Oct 22, 2014

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A Letter to Senator Jon Tester Re: The Jesse A. Marcel Library

This letter, written September 28, 2014 by Richard O’Connor, M.D., was sent to Montana’s Senator Jon Tester. The letter informs Senator Tester about the existence of The Jesse A. Marcel Library and its unique role in helping citizens access good information about ongoing UFO Disclosure. The “JAML” is an center where citizens meet each Tuesday evening to learn about the UFO phenomenon, engage in discussion, and share their own UFO experiences in a “ridicule-free zone”. All are invited and admission is always free.

Senator John Tester
c/o Erik C. Nylund
125 W. Granite Street, Suite 200
Butte, MT 59701

Dear Senator Tester,

I am Richard O’Connor, M.D. I have, for the past 28 years, worked as an anesthesiologist at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena. Perhaps you will recall that we shook hands on the steps of Montana’s capital building after both attending the Saturday, September 27 rally supporting “public lands in public hands”. Thank you for working to keep our invaluable U.S. public lands out of the hands of private individuals and /or corporations. Their interests in these lands would most certainly be diametrically opposed to the interests of most Montanans and U.S. citizens.

As I mentioned to you when we met, I inaugurated The Jesse A. Marcel Library around 2 1/2 years ago, a library that is open to the general public on Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM. I have done this in an effort to help educate my fellow citizens about the UFO phenomenon and its important implications for the social order of our nation and indeed of all world nations, our religions, our media, our economy, and, most importantly at this time in history, the biosphere of Earth. That a connection exists between these various concerns and UFOs (UFOs defined as technologically advanced machines operating in our atmosphere that do not originate from man) may not seem obvious to those who continue to remain skeptical about the real existence of extraterrestrial UFOs. However, after years of carefully considering the evidence that “we are not alone”, I have come to the conclusion that the phenomenon of extraterrestrial UFOs is, in fact, real. Once this conclusion is accepted, then one can quickly discern that such a reality will, I believe in the near future, have diverse and important implications for many of the foundations upon which our nation and human civilization have heretofore been grounded.

My interest in UFOs originated in 1988 with my professional interactions with Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr. Dr. Marcel was, for several decades, a well-respected ENT surgeon in Helena, practicing both at St. Peter’s Hospital and with U.S. military veterans at the Ft. Harrison VA Hospital. Dr. Marcel and I worked together in the operating room of St. Peter’s Hospital for many years. Over those years, my close association with Dr. Marcel informed me that he was a man of great patriotism, integrity, honesty, and courage. I am certain that you are familiar with the history of Dr. Marcel’s profound childhood experience when he closely inspected, along with his father Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr., artifacts his father personally recovered from the site of an extraterrestrial UFO which crashed to Earth outside of Corona, NM, in July of 1947 (commonly referred to as “The Roswell Incident”). Dr. Marcel’s claim has remained dormant in the consciousness of the public majority, however a gradual but steadily increasing number of other highly credible individuals from NASA, the U.S. military, the CIA, the FBI, aerospace industry, as well as tens of thousands of private U.S. citizens are now stepping forward, telling their own stories of their involvement with this phenomenon. Similarly, credible individuals from several other nations (Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev) are now coming forward with their own accounts which corroborate Dr. Marcel’s claim that “we are not alone”. Those who continue to parrot the tired admonition that “there is no evidence” are either grossly misinformed or in denial. Knowing Dr. Marcel as I did for many years, I can personally guarantee you that he was not a liar.

The recent and unique circumstance of instant communication via e-mail, texting, and the social media will serve to greatly accelerate the spread of this new awareness among all of our world’s populations. When this happens it may, and I believe it likely will be a relatively sudden event – a tipping point. I am certain that there are those in our own U.S. military-industrial-intelligence complex who are well aware of this and who are closely monitoring and actively managing this situation. Those individuals are now, apparently, taking a more permissive stance with regard to what those involved in the study of UFOs refer to as “Disclosure” of the UFO reality. Thus, it appears increasingly certain that the entire world is going to become fully aware of the ET/UFO reality in the relatively near future. As this completely new paradigm unfolds, it is my opinion that it will become important for citizens to have a place to access reliable, non-sensationalized information that will help them make the transition from a world-view in which we could be alone in the universe to one in which not only are we certainly not alone, but we are in fact being engaged by perhaps myriad races of extraterrestrial species who are technologically more advanced than humanity, yet they have unknown agendas. For the vast majority who have remained uninformed, misinformed, or in denial about this, this new reality will be unsettling to say the least.

In my own approach to the UFO phenomenon I have come to realize only a few, but nonetheless important, conclusions:
1. The contact of more primitive civilizations (us) with older and therefore more technologically advanced race(s) of ET species is inevitable and is a part of the natural order. Corollary: our Universe holds more surprises than we can possibly imagine.
2. The races of ET beings visiting here appear to perhaps be benevolent or neutral, and are certainly not overtly hostile. If any were hostile, I would likely not be writing this letter. There are many other reasons that we can presume these visitors to be non-hostile, based in part upon lessons drawn from previous up-close-and-personal military and civilian pilot close encounters with extraterrestrial UFOs.
3. There has been a U.S. led, world-wide cover-up of this reality, apparently now rescinded, since at least 1947. The implications of this realization for American society will be profound, and the management of the societal impact will require citizen voices willing to speak out in defense of our government’s handling of Disclosure – a one-off, unprecedented revelation for which there could be no rehearsals. This is a role for which the Jesse A. Marcel Library could well qualify in carrying on with the legacy of 2 individuals who were “whistleblowers”, alerting us about what will come to be regarded as the most important revelation in human history. These two men, one from Montana, were also, without question, true American patriots.
4. The “alien abduction” phenomenon is, very likely, real. This will quite predictably be the single most socially unsettling aspect to the forthcoming revelations surrounding the ET/UFO phenomenon, and is likely one of the primary reasons why Disclosure of this reality has been held in check for so long. It is my intention that The Jesse A. Marcel Library will serve as a repository of reliable information housed in an atmosphere that is calm, reassuring, and conducive to intelligent civil discourse about the UFO and related phenomena. Such a venue will prove to be invaluable in providing proper orientation and perspective to citizens when the tipping point is reached and the UFO reality becomes fully embedded and accepted within our society’s prevailing awareness.
5. Naomi Klein’s recent book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate expresses the premise that Global Climate Change renders the current “business-as-usual” practices of modern-day capitalism as defunct; an untenable path to follow toward our civilization’s future. However, energy systems derived from the study of extraterrestrial UFO-derived technologies could play a pivotal role in allowing mankind to completely divest ourselves from combusting hydrocarbons for energy, thus significantly ameliorating the negative impacts of present-day and future energy-intensive capitalistic ventures on Earth’s climate/ biosphere. Diligent scientific study of the UFO could guide us toward the realization of previously unanticipated insights into energy technologies capable of producing the prodigious amounts of energy required by human civilization now and into the future. Take a look at energy estimates derived from the study of a 1986 incident involving a UFO landing event near Dalnegorsk, Russia. This single craft was estimated to produce power equivalent to the power output of 10,000 of our current 1 Gigawatt nuclear reactors. (1)
It is possible, and I believe it to be certain, that significant progress toward understanding UFO energy technologies has already been made within U.S. black budget, multi-billion dollar, highly compartmented research programs of our nation’s military-industrial complex. If this is indeed the case, then American industry should be made aware of this, and actions immediately taken to expand such research into universities and research laboratories around the world. Our world needs a paradigm-changing solution to our global energy conundrum today. The UFO could, and I believe it will, provide a previously unanticipated path forward toward such a much-needed energy solution in the very near future.

Senator Tester, I have written this letter to inform you about the existence of the Jesse A. Marcel Library in our great state of Montana. As far as I am aware, this library is the only one of its kind in the world. I hope that I have helped make you more cognizant of what I perceive to be the current situation with regard to the ongoing UFO Disclosure, and I hope that I have managed to impart to you an awareness that The Jesse A. Marcel Library can serve a potentially unique and important role in helping to guide our citizenry through what will predictably become a very tumultuous period for our nation as UFO Disclosure proceeds. If you should care to meet together sometime for a more personal conversation about this topic, I would be delighted to meet with you at a time and place of your convenience.

It is my hope that accelerating UFO Disclosure events will unfold in an orderly manner that will result in the least disruption in the day-to-day workings of our society. I will be working toward that goal through The Jesse A. Marcel Library. Opportunities may present to you, through your public office, to direct much needed financial support for the expansion of The Jesse A. Marcel Library and its mission to help educate the public and guide our fellow citizens through this coming transition period in human understanding. Funding from public or private sources has been non-existent for support of this important enterprise, and I have personally spent many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in establishing and sustaining the Jesse A. Marcel Library over the past 2 ½ years. Any public funding you may be able to direct this way to support the future of The Jesse A. Marcel Library and its important mission will be greatly appreciated, carefully managed, and dedicated solely to the benefit of our nation.
Thank you for your efforts in service to our country. Please come visit the Jesse A. Marcel Library at your convenience. Admission is always free.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.

(1) Potter, Paul – Gravitational Manipulation of Domed Craft, 2008, Adventures Unlimited Press

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  2. James Lough says:

    An excellent letter. Hopefully, Senator Tester will respond. He seems to be an independent leader who will appropriately address the subject to the best of his abilities.

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