Mar 25, 2016

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A Letter to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

In January, 2016 I  sent this letter (below) to the American Veterinary Medical Association, to the Montana Veterinary Medical Association, and to the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association. I have not received any replies to this letter from any of these professional organizations.

Why are veterinarians continuing to ignore the incredible and ongoing enigma that has come to be referred to as “cattle mutilations”?

Dear American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA):

I am Richard O’Connor, M.D. and I have sent the following letter to the Montana Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)  as well as to the Kansas Veterinary Medical Association (KVMA).  All points I make in this letter apply to all three organizations.

I have worked as an American Board of Anesthesiology certified anesthesiologist for 30 years. I have participated in many thousands of surgical procedures over that 30 year period on an almost daily basis and, as a result of these experiences, I feel that I know what the result of a surgical procedure looks like. I state here, without equivocation or hesitation, that the ongoing phenomenon popularly known as “cattle mutilations” are, in fact, surgical procedures being performed on these unfortunate animals. By whom or for what purpose I have no definitive answers, but there is no question that these procedures display the “earmarks” (pun intended) of skilled surgical procedures. The sharp precision of the hide incisions, now well-documented in many detailed photographs, the highly unusual serrated appearance of incised wound borders, the attention to fascial planes, and, most importantly, the stereotypical repetition of these same, nearly bloodless dissections focused on the eye, ear, upper and lower mandible, tongue, rectum, and genitalia are all unmistakable characteristics of precise surgical procedures being perpetrated over and over again. I encourage you to go to the website to view good quality photographs that have once again documented this phenomenon (twice), most recently in the state of Kansas. ( Now in March, 2016, more new cases have taken place in AZ). Montana ranchers have experienced their share of these incidents as well.

I have maintained a persistent interest in this phenomenon and therefore I do periodically check for new cattle mutilation reports posted at journalist Linda Moulton Howe’s excellent website, As you may know, Linda Moulton Howe has become our nation’s go-to expert for ranchers who have suddenly encountered and want to report a mutilated animal discovered within their herd. According to Ms. Howe’s most recent report, this has happened twice quite recently (over the past month) in the state of Kansas, as well as recent reports from the country of Argentina. Perhaps you may also be aware that many thousands of these cases have been reported and continue to occur throughout the USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, the UK, and elsewhere over the last 5 decades.

I called AVMA yesterday and spoke with a woman, asking her whether or not AVMA has any official policy regarding cattle mutilations, or has issued any official statements concerning this ongoing phenomenon. I was informed by her that AVMA continues to regard these events as being solely the result of animal predation or natural death, followed by animal scavenging. She reported to me that the FBI had once investigated cattle mutilations and had apparently come to this (wrong) conclusion years ago, and that the FBI’s assessment has been accepted and parroted by AVMA since the time of that investigation.

I could understand why, had these incidents of cattle mutilation ceased years ago, that AVMA might choose to simply ignore this phenomenon and sweep it under the rug – apparently still AVMA’s present-day policy. However, given that these incidents have sporadically but relatively frequently continued to occur through the present day, I cannot understand why AVMA (MVMA, and KVMA) does not give due attention to this very enigmatic phenomenon that has been quite costly to some U.S. ranchers. I feel certain that local veterinarians, when called upon to evaluate these incidents in the field, and if they are honest, will always find themselves at a complete loss to explain what they are looking at, using any conventional line of reasoning.

Therefore, my question to AVMA (and MVMA, and KVMA) is, why are these professional organizations continuing to ignore this phenomenon, while also continuing to explain it away as if there is nothing truly remarkable going on here? There is something very remarkable going on here, indeed something incredibly mysterious, and by now the only thing we can be reasonably certain of is that these stereotypical murders of cattle, horses, and other large (and physically powerful) animals are not going to stop happening.

I realize that it is not within AVMA’s (or MVMA’s, or KVMA’s) purview to act as forensic crime investigators, but it is well within AVMA’s (and MVMA’s. and KVMA’s) list of responsibilities to alert veterinarians to the reality of this ongoing phenomenon, to help in educating them about what is known about this phenomenon, and to suggest means by which meaningful data might be gathered that will expedite getting to the bottom of this enigma. To that end I would like to offer the following suggestions:

  1. Inform AVMA (and MVMA, and KVMA) members that the ongoing cattle mutilation phenomenon is real and that it remains unexplained.
  2. Set up a taskforce with access (subscription) to Linda Moulton Howe’s website’s archives to review all data she has gathered over the many years she has been personally investigating this phenomenon, and submit a comprehensive report on this to AVMA (MVMA, KVMA).
    1. Members can then suggest, from the knowledge base of veterinarians, how to better approach the study of this phenomenon and formulate a formal study protocol.
  3. Invite Linda Moulton Howe to present her information at an AVMA (KVMA, MVMA) conference. I guarantee that her presentation will be well attended and very interesting. I have heard Linda speak about this subject at other venues and will attest to the fact that she is a capable and accomplished public speaker and very knowledgeable about this subject. Much more knowledgeable, in fact, than most veterinarians.
  4. Upon gross inspection, these stereotypical events are easily recognizable for what they are. From my own reading about this subject I would suggest that AVMA (and MVMA, and KVMA) advise member veterinarians about the importance of documenting the following, if possible, when called upon to assess one of these immediately recognizable events in the field.
    1. The presence (or absence) of detectable blood and/or tissue levels of drugs commonly used in veterinary anesthesia.
      1. In one recent case in Kansas such drugs (I believe) were tested for, but were not detected.
          1. If such drugs cannot be detected, then we are dealing with an agency capable of completely subduing large and powerful animals through a means completely unknown to us. This conclusion would warrant further intense investigation to determine who, how, and why.
    2. The presence of hypodermic needle injection sites found anywhere on the animal.
    3. Evidence of either blunt or sharp trauma (especially bullet wounds) to explain the animal’s proximate cause of death.
      1. Many previous cases have not revealed wounds from sharp trauma, blunt trauma, or bullet wounds.
    4. Evidence of leg, rib, spine, and/or pelvic fractures.
    5. Evidence that the animal may have been dropped from above ground level.
    6. Obtain good quality photographs of surgically dissected tissues.
      1. Especially, close-up photographs of incised wound borders.
    7. Measure lengths of observed hide incisions.
    8. If eyeball missing, document presence or absence of blood pooling in orbital space.
      1. See the recent Kansas report at
    9. Open the animal’s thoracic and abdominal cavities to inspect for missing organs.
      1. Previously documented cases of large organs removed through laparoscopic-sized incisions.
    10. Document the presence or absence of blood on the ground and surrounding area.
    11. Inspect the immediate area for signs of struggle, human footprints, and/ or tire tracks.
    12. Obtain sample hide margins surrounding hide incisions for detailed microscopic inspection and photographic documentation.

In summary, Linda Moulton Howe has, through great personal effort, provided very convincing evidence collected over what has become decades that clearly demonstrates cattle mutilations to be a very real and ongoing phenomenon, and one not possibly attributable to natural deaths or to animal predation. This phenomenon remains entirely unaddressed by those who should have a vested interest in coming to a full understanding of why these events are happening, who is carrying them out, how they are being carried out, and how they might be stopped. Ranchers are being financially impacted by these events, and some official organization needs to step up, proclaim that this is real, and take the lead on this. AVMA (MVMA, and/or KVMA) could and should play important roles in alerting veterinarians to this reality and to the importance of approaching these field investigations from a new and better-informed perspective. Veterinarians are the individuals best positioned to obtain the kind of high quality, on-site evidence that will be required if any further progress is to be made in getting to the bottom of this. If you have any questions about this, I suggest that you contact Linda Moulton Howe at her email address:


Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.,

American Board of Anesthesiology Certified Anesthesiologist

Is this what is happeneing? We need to find out!

Is this what is happening? We need to find out!


  1. jack Sullivan says:

    Hi Richard, As you are aware, Linda Moulton Howe has been reporting inexplicable animal mutilations on her Earthfiles website since early 1999, (see her Archives) and very many Vets have examined the events over the intervening years. The AVMA has to have been long aware of the phenomenon and the repeatedly abnormal/paranormal features involved, as also must have been various Government Agencies world wide. Their ongoing obfuscation and non response to requests for official investigations such as your January 2016 letter will I believe continue. They dare not admit that powers and abilities beyond our control exist on our planet. This attitude is but an extension of what has been and still is the case in relation to UFOs and Crop Circles.
    The mutilation phenomena has been around far longer than most of us recognise. See the Google pages for the 1903 event in the UK under the heading of “The Great Wyrley Outrages”. The best of the articles is on the Google page 2 headed” When Conan Doyle played Sherlock Holmes in Wyrly etc.”
    BBC Television staged an excellent Docu/Drama in 2015 based on this story, this is mentioned in the Google reports.
    Thank you for your continuing efforts to elucidate the many paranormal incidents of our times,in the face of the often ridiculous debunking of hard evidence by our democratic governments.
    Best Regards, Jack Sullivan

    • Thanks for your comments and input Jack Sullivan. I have still received no reply to my letter from AVMA. As you say, AVMA has to be aware about what has been happening, but this professional organization is apparently honoring a mandate handed down from some group who have apparently declared the cattle mutilations to be out-of-bounds for serious scientific study. It’s the same situation with UFOs and crop circles. So frustrating! Hopefully our population will soon wake up and start demanding that these subjects receive the serious attention they deserve. At some point this will happen, and I hope it is sooner rather than later.

  2. Hi Dr. O’Connor, this is Chris from Alberta, Canada. I recently one of yourYouTube videos, please forgive me as I can’t remember the title of it…but in it you interviewed two Montana sheriff’s about cattle mutilations and UFO’s. As I watched it I was overcome with emotion, as my heart broke for you and the two men who have spent a partial life time diligently searching for answers and for the truth behind what/who is causing this.

    As I watched I saw the weariness and even hopelessness in the sheriffs body language and also saw it their eyes which broke my heart. I agree with their summation; I’m not entirely sure where you stand but what is occurring is not by human hands. It may have been fortuitous that I had been previously watched a youtube video by researcher LA Marzuli on this very phenomenon.
    But after watching the video it gave me hope for answers for you, the sheriff’s and may others (including myself). The video, and subsequent blogs take a biblical prophetic narrative. That may sound absolutely wacky too you, not knowing what your religious beliefs are, if you have any or have even considered this perspective…but please have a read of these blogs:

    I’m not trying to convince you or others of anything…I just want to submit to you another perspective and some hope.


    • Hi Chris,
      I appreciate your words, your concern, and that you have clearly given this really strange phenomenon the attention that it deserves rather than just ignoring it the way most people seem to do. Just what the explanation for animal mutilations will eventually be revealed to be I do not know. I do not rule out a supernatural cause that could explain what has been happening, but that explanation is not my leading hypothesis. I do believe that some race of ETs are involved in these happenings, but that’s as far as I am willing to go for now. IMO going further than this as we try to understand this weird phenomenon is all simply speculation, including my own thoughts below. It seems reasonable to me that the very ET group(s) giving us crop circles may also well be the group(s) behind the animal mutilations, both phenomena representing the yin and yang extremes of actions that might be taken by a race of ETs intent on awakening our own race, that is mankind, to the reality of their existence and the fact that their existence has been deliberately but wrongfully obfuscated and covered-up by those in power for at least 7 decades, and perhaps even for 1000’s of years. I know some refer to them as “fallen angels” because that explanation fits into the Judeo-Christian world view, but I simply feel that we are, as of yet, far from a clear understanding of why these acts are being repeatedly carried out. It does not seem unreasonable nor illogical to postulate that, in a world filled with nuclear weapons that has teetered on the brink of self-destruction for so long (basically my entire lifetime, and yours), that the sacrifice of a few lives of animals in an attempt to gain the world’s attention, while not directly interfering in “the doings” of our civilization, might be regarded as justifiable and appropriate. That these animals are not carried away and hidden, that they are clearly intended to be discovered, and they are clearly intended to be shocking, makes it clear that the perpetrators want our world to know that there is an intelligent, highly capable, but non-human agency involved in carrying out these actions. It is almost unbelievable over how long and how many times this has to happen before our world finally begins to give the animal mutilations and the crop circles the close attention these phenomena truly merit, starts to ask the right questions, and starts to undertake serious investigation to explain who, what, and why. It is quite possible that, if it is an ET race(s) at the bottom of this, they may not like carrying out these actions either but have assessed that this will be the only way to prod our people into eventually waking up and starting to think about a lot of the very important issues confronting our civilization.

      Thank you for your kind note, and thank you for being one of those who are paying attention.
      Richard O’Connor, M.D.

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