May 16, 2013

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A Letter To The Montana Wilderness Association

Before reading this letter, I advise everyone to watch this video:

May 15, 2013

From: Richard O’Connor, M.D.
PMB 2046
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59634
(406) 461-2823
E-mail:, or,

Dear Montana Wilderness Association,

My name is Richard O’Connor, M.D. My wife and I have for many years been financial contributors to the MWA. We both very much appreciate and support the work done by the MWA in its goal of preserving the wild and natural qualities which contribute to the beauty of Montana.

I am writing this letter in an attempt to draw the MWA’s attention to a matter that I believe could have very important implications with regard to how we will produce the prodigious amounts of energy which will be required to maintain human civilization into the future. We can all agree that the coal, oil, and gas industries which presently remain indispensible to the production of our current energy needs also together comprise, by far, the greatest source of threat to the integrity of Montana’s wild places. Just yesterday I saw an announcement from the Mauna Loa atmospheric observatory that measured atmospheric CO2 levels have now risen to 400 ppm for the first time in recorded history, yet there is no end in sight, no other energy technology, which holds promise to completely replace fossil fuels as the primary energy source of our civilization. This should be a matter of grave concern to all of us, and I am certain this is the case for those who provide the leadership of the MWA.

My goal in writing this letter is to introduce to the MWA a new awareness which I hope will spur a call to action. The “new awareness” of which I speak is that of the UFO. I believe that the UFO may hold the key to the discovery of a revolutionary new energy technology which could, in the very near future, lead to breakthroughs which might completely replace fossil fuels as the energy source of mankind’s future. In order for this to happen, we, all of us, must first come to realize that the UFO phenomenon is real, it is ongoing, and it is extremely unlikely that these manufactured craft are utilizing any form of fossil fuel to produce the energy required to arrive here. A significant number of civilian pilots, military pilots, FAA employees, CIA “whistleblowers”, and private citizens both from the U.S. and from other countries have recently come forward who have explained their first-hand experiences with the UFO phenomenon, thus making the argument that “there is no evidence of the existence of UFOs” increasingly indefensible. Ironically, the burden of proof seems to now be shifting towards non-believers. We can now know with a high degree of certainty that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis” is the “least objectionable hypothesis” which explains their frequent observances in Earth’s atmosphere.

Am I a believer in “conspiracy theories”? When it comes to the UFO, my answer is an unqualified “yes”. I have but only the slightest lingering doubt that the real existence of UFOs has been covered-up by our nation’s military for well over 6 decades and counting. Over that time, just what the U.S. military has learned about the operation of UFOs, and specifically about how they produce the energy required to arrive here we cannot know for certain, but I feel that it is imperative that we discover the answer to this question in the very near future. There can be little doubt that those “in the know” have already undertaken a serious scientific study of the UFO in pursuing their own perceived interests of our national security, but their definition of “national security” very likely differs markedly from my, and likely the MWA’s, definition of national security. My definition of national security would definitely include the preservation of Montana’s wild places, and this is a goal that cannot and will not be accomplished under our current fossil-fuels-for-energy paradigm.

What I hope to accomplish in writing this letter to the MWA is to encourage the MWA to become the world’s first major environmental organization to formulate and publicize a public statement which would include the following points:

1. It is very likely that the UFO phenomenon is real. This statement is supported by abundant witness testimony provided by dozens of reliable and highly credible people, NASA astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper being but two examples among many.

2. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the real existence of UFOs, which are very likely of interplanetary origin, has been deliberately and methodically covered-up by our nation’s military. CIA agent Chase Brandon, and more recently another individual previously employed by the CIA, have gone on the record in stating that the Roswell UFO crash did happen, and a UFO disc was recovered by our U.S. military in July of 1947. Strong evidence also indicates that an intact UFO was recovered by our nation’s military near Kingman, AZ in 1953.

3. There can be no question that our nation’s military would have undertaken an in-depth study of the energy and propulsion systems of these, and possibly other, recovered UFO craft through highly compartmented, “black” projects (Unacknowledged Special Access Projects) which are known to exist and are carried out in our national laboratories (Los Alamos, Sandia, and Oak Ridge National Laboratories, among others).

4. It is every U.S. citizen’s right to know the results of any scientific studies of UFO energy and propulsion systems which have been financed by all of us.

5. Any results of such studies which might be applicable to the development of revolutionary energy technologies must be made immediately available to the wider scientific community in an effort to determine their possible applications toward solving our current energy conundrum and obviating the need for combusting hydrocarbons to produce the energy we require.

It is my hope that the MWA will muster the foresight and the courage to take such a public stance in supporting a “truth out” movement regarding the UFO, thus providing an example to other environmental organizations around the country that will soon follow suit. Believe me when I say that there is a plethora of solid witness testimony which would be considered satisfactory evidence in any courtroom in this country, and which will be considered by any reasonable person to be adequate evidence to support the contention that the UFO phenomenon is real. The MWA, the Sierra Club, and The Nature Conservancy, all to which my wife and I financially contribute, can go on fighting what will be a losing battle with the coal, oil, and gas industries, or each can “step out of the box” which currently constrains the conversation. Instead, let us open up a whole new conversation about another topic, the UFO, which may potentially fulfill the role of replacing any and all currently proposed but inadequate-to-the-task energy “solutions” which threaten, and which will eventually annihilate, Montana’s wild places.

We seem to be living in an age of “coming out”. People, and nations, are feeling the need to “come out” to relieve themselves of long-carried burdens which weigh heavily upon their spirits and inhibit their social, spiritual, and intellectual development. The UFO is just such a burden carried by our U.S. military, and perhaps a very few individuals in mainstream government who have had a “need to know”. With a push from an informed citizenry, a momentum may be established which will result in our military finally unburdening itself of this heavy load, the UFO, which it determined so long ago it must carry in the interest of our nation’s security. Let us help them open up this conversation. Montana’s wild places, and indeed Earth’s entire biosphere, are in desperate need of a new and revolutionary energy solution. The UFO may provide that solution, but we cannot and will not know this unless we demand to hear the truth.

I can guarantee that this topic is going to eventually explode into our reality, and I believe that it is the responsibility of all environmental organizations which are truly interested in finding a way out of our current energy conundrum to help light that fuse. I would be most happy to work with the MWA in developing a statement which incorporates the points listed above, and I await the MWA’s response to this proposal. The MWA may publish this letter on its website, and I encourage this action.

This path has the potential to lead to a meaningful and much needed revolutionary energy solution which will relegate coal, oil, and natural gas only to the production of manufactured graphene, plastics, paints, and other myriad applications which future generations of Americans will need. Let us not continue the practice of combusting these hydrocarbons and throwing their pollutants into our atmosphere. Instead, let us turn our attention toward the UFO and determine just what it may have to teach us.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

  1. Bill Cain says:

    This a well-thought-out, articulate letter that should elicit a response from any rational person concerned with the world’s energy situation. But the average person is irrational, and because the letter includes a topic that is laden with potential social and professional stigma, it is ignored. Organizations which are sensitive to public perception of their image are not going to embrace anything that may frighten off potential doners and contributors.
    No amount of evidence is going to be enough to educate the uneducatable. A lesson in human nature is in order.

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