Oct 28, 2012

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A Message For Neil deGrasse Tyson.

If you can believe it, the conversation surrounding UFOs appears to have changed very little when we listen to statements made by a brilliant, accomplished, mainstream scientist being interviewed back in the 1950’s. In this video, recorded in 1952, German rocket scientist Willy Ley explains why he believed that UFO’s could not be interplanetary spacecraft.

Ley’s reasons:
a) UFO’s seen and reported in the 1950’s were, according to Ley, too small for interplanetary travel,and;
b) they were (and often still are) reported to be noiseless as they move through Earth’s atmosphere.

Now, over 52 years since Ley made these statements, very little has changed regarding how mainstream scientists approach, or rather refuse to approach, the UFO conundrum. Scientists continue to justify their rejection of the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) because they remain incapable of framing an explanation of the ETH in terms of currently understood scientific principles. Scientific research utilizing the time-honored scientific method to probe physical systems which lend themselves to ever more precise measurements have, over the past centuries, served as a structured, reliable, and accepted methodology which has been repeatedly applied toward the goal of attaining new and valid scientific knowledge. The scientific method remains the accepted strategy for the study of systems which conform to discoverable laws of nature. But, by 2012, it has become obvious that this scenario is not what we are confronting when we are dealing with UFO’s.

Although The Hessdalen Project serves as a present-day model which clearly refutes the notion that the scientific method cannot be applied toward a methodical study of the UFO, there remains an intractable resistance among mainstream scientists to approach the study of the UFO. Over half a century has now passed, yet we have made little to no progress in bringing mainstream scientific thinking “out of the closet” when it comes to attempting to explain the origin of the 5% of UFO sightings which remain consistently unidentifiable.

In the video below, astrophysicist Niel deGrasse Tyson misses yet another opportunity to properly address the question posed by an intrepid soul in the audience, “Do you believe in UFO’s or extraterrestrial visitors”?

Tyson is an engaging, animated, and charismatic speaker, rather more like a poised politician than a scientist. As we listen to Tyson’s less-than-insightful response to this question, we can see that Tyson is clearly unable to disengage from his predictable, but misinformed, alignment with those in mainstream science who continue to discount the credibility of eyewitness testimony coming from individuals who courageously report their personal encounters with UFO’s and extraterrestrials. Tyson flatly states that the eyewitness testimony of “someone who sees a light in the sky” is notoriously unreliable, it is the lowest form of evidence in existence, it cannot be trusted, and in fact it is never worth the time required to even listen to it. Tyson’s response makes it very clear that, indeed, he has never taken the time to listen, and he seems to be incapable of empathizing with the individual who has experienced such a reality-changing event. It is good that Mr. Tyson is an astrophysicist. Clearly, his apparent inability to empathize would not make for a very good physician.

Tyson explains that people who report UFO sightings and then associate the event with the ETH are engaging in “an argument from ignorance” due to their compelling need, as human beings, to explain that which they do not understand. Tyson states that the “U” in UFO means “Unidentified”, and that this is where any conversation or conjecture about the origin of a UFO should stop. He jokingly offers us his advice that the next time we might find ourselves aboard an alien spacecraft as an abductee, we should secretly tuck away some alien artifact which we might then present to scientists as “something interesting which flew across the galaxy” and which could be studied by scientists as a genuine artifact of extraterrestrial origin.

Mr. Tyson’s missed opportunity to respond appropriately to this individual’s valid UFO question reveals several stereotypical characteristics of scientists of today. First and foremost, Tyson’s view that eyewitness testimony is always unreliable simply cannot be a true statement, but it is one which we might expect to come from an otherwise brilliant scientist with a superiority complex. If I witness a vehicle streak through a red light at an intersection and cause a hit-and-run traffic accident, I may not be able to identify who was driving that vehicle or the exact year, make, or model of the vehicle, but I will be able to say whether it was a car, a pickup, a panel van, or an 18 wheeler, whether it was a bright color or dark, whether it appeared to be of an older or newer model etc. I will probably be able to describe its color, and I will have some idea of how fast it was going. People are not the entirely incompetent observers that Mr. Tyson would have us believe.

In many UFO cases, although an eyewitness may not know exactly what they are looking at, they are certain that what they have seen, although Unidentified, was far, far beyond the pale of anything with which they are familiar. To be fair, the generic scenario (a light in the sky) from which Tyson’s argument derives does describe the vast majority of UFO sightings and, admittedly, these are of little value. But, there exist numerous eyewitness accounts from credible people which simply cannot be assailed from this direction. Cited here we have an incident which occurred earlier this month , and here is yet another recent event which involved an amateur astronomer who photographed, through his telescope, an Unidentified object which stayed in the same high altitude airborne location for approximately 2.5 hours. These incidents have both occurred within only weeks prior to my writing this essay, yet they are typical of many accounts coming from credible people who have seen not just a distant “light in the sky”, but rather they have clearly witnessed a silent, structured, airborne craft, or something, which has been seen from a perspective that can only be described as nothing less than “up close and personal”.

Sighting descriptions such as these two must be added to the growing pile of such accounts which have continued to accumulate over the 52 years since rocket scientist Willy Ley was interviewed (above). Evidence which has continued to amass over the past 5 decades should have, by now, persuaded scientists and the general public to look up above their heads and start thinking, but this has not happened. Such reports simply cannot, and must not, be minimized by referring to them as simply “lights in the sky” and tossing them into the round file. To do so is not only  a disservice to mankind, but it is also disrespectful the the men and women who have had the foresight to recognize that the UFO is an important anomaly which needs to be studied, and they have spent many hours of their own time and financial resources to do the work that mainstream scientists have refused to do but which should most certainly have fallen within their purview.

For example (and these are just off the top of my head):

1. Ed Walters of Gulf Breeze, Florida has taken numerous clear and close-up photographs of UFO’s. These photos have been evaluated by an optical physicist (Bruce Macabee) and have been determined to be authentic photographs of a UFO.

2. Sixty (60) children attending the Ariel School of Ruwa, Zimbabwe reported a UFO on the ground in front of them and two alien beings which apparently communicated with them telepathically. Their stories all meshed, and the pictures that they drew of the craft and these beings were all quite similar.

3. Hundreds of residents of the city of Phoenix, including ex-Arizona governor Fife Symington, witnessed a gigantic, yet silent, structured craft moving slowly and at low altitude in the night sky over their heads. Symington has stated publically that his belief is that this UFO was of ET origin.

4. U.S. Army Captain Lawrence Coyne and his crew experienced a UFO on a high-velocity collision course with their helicopter when the UFO suddenly stopped on a dime, directly over their helicopter’s cockpit canopy, and moved along with them in unison for several seconds before leaving them at an altitude which was 1500 feet higher than they were prior to the encounter, and with a magnetic compass which was rendered useless. Eyewitnesses on the ground exactly confirmed Coyne’s account of the event.

5.  A glowing UFO was reported hovering just off the ground and just outside the entry gate of a nuclear missile site at a time when its arsenal of nuclear missiles was simultaneously rendered inoperable.

6.  Military security officer James Penniston reported inspecting a UFO on the ground, which he touched with his hands, over a period of 45 minutes,. Penniston drew sketches of this craft in his notebook. Several eyewitness accounts corroborate Penniston’s story.

7. U.S. Army Colonel Phillip Corso wrote a book, The Day After Roswell, in which he told us that not only are UFO’s interplanetary spacecraft, but that they are operated by ET beings which he viewed with his own eyes.

8. NASA astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell have both plainly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real and that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is the explanation for their existence.

I could cite many additional cases of credible and well documented UFO incidents along these lines, and yet our mainstream scientists continue on with their by now clearly ridiculous assertions that “eyewitness testimony is basically worthless” and “ET cannot get here from there”. The level of denial among mainstream scientists regarding the UFO phenomenon has truly reached the point where it is an incredible level of denial, and I believe that in the year 2012, Mr. Tyson’s response to the question “Do you believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors” amounts to an unreasonable, even pathological, level of skepticism regarding the UFO and what it represents.

There is something else at work here, something unspoken but very real, which dissuades scientists from seriously engaging with the UFO. At work here is the well known “fight or flight” response of human beings when we are confronted with an unknown which is perceived, correctly or incorrectly, as a threat. The UFO is a threat to scientific dogma, it is a threat to the scientific ego, and it is a threat to the professional status of the scientist who seriously engages with it. These attitudes must be changed. These are not the attitudes which we should expect from our scientists of today. What we should expect from scientists is for them to address important scientific challenges that need to be addressed and clearly the UFO, in my view, should be at the top of that list. What we are going to learn when we finally dedicate significant resources toward the serious study of the UFO is going to change this world in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

Mr. Tyson, you really seem like an accomplished, reasonable, intelligent man, but a man who is quite simply afraid to take a bold step towards freeing humanity from its state of ignorance surrounding the UFO. Here I will offer what I believe would be , in 2012, a much more appropriate response to the question you were asked by that courageous individual “Do you believe in UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors”? The next time you are presented with such an opportunity to enlighten our world, please consider responding to this question as follows:

“It is now an undeniable fact that the UFO phenomenon is real. There do exist a residual of about 5% of UFO reports in which unidentifiable objects are observed in our atmosphere that are clearly not of human origin, that display operational characteristics which appear to defy the laws of physics as we presently understand them, and that cannot be explained in terms of any known, conventional mechanism. The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is the least objectionable hypothesis which might explain these 5% of UFO unknowns, despite the fact that such an explanation appears to be inconsistent with our current level of scientific understanding. We find ourselves at the frontier of an unprecedented subject of study which brings with it its own, possibly superior, intelligence, its own self-awareness, and its own agenda, and this is truly unexplored ground for human science. But, despite these and other obstacles, it is now time that serious scientific research of this 5% of UFO unknowns be undertaken by the scientific community, and it is time that all true scientists inure themselves to the potential for ridicule and demand that adequate levels of funding be provided that will enable us to begin, in earnest, the research which will be required for us to arrive at a clear understanding of the UFO. It is time to bring the ridicule and derision which has been associated with the serious consideration of the UFO to an abrupt end. The knowledge which may be gained through the scientific study of the UFO may, and very likely will, propel humanity into a new era of terrestrial transportation, space exploration, energy production, and a host of other areas of which we cannot presently conceive or predict. As citizens who are informed and concerned about the myriad challenges facing our civilization today, I ask all of you to support such an effort by writing to your congressional representatives and requesting that funding for scientific research of the UFO phenomenon be made available to qualified scientists immediately”.
Mr. Tyson, I will bet that if you utter these words you will receive a standing ovation. Everyone but you and Seth Shostak seem to know that UFOs are real.


  1. chuck kinney says:

    Very good !

  2. Christine says:

    Thank you. I went online seeking someone qualified to respond to Mr. Tyson’s statements on UFO’s, which I too felt were tired arguments and extremely dismissive of thousands (millions?)of individuals who have encountered the UFO and alien phenomenon and had the courage to speak up. Together these individuals represent a class which has been systematically and cruelly ignored, marginalized, and mocked. For a figure of prominence in the scientific field, purporting to educate and engage the public in scientific inquiry, as Mr. Tyson generally succeeds in doing– for him to parrot such shallow and worn out arguments is shocking to those of us who accept the reports of our fellow citizens as honest, truthful, and often traumatic. Yes. It is time to stop the denial and mockery and begin to face this issue with the seriousness of purpose and the rigor we apply to the study of astrophysics, medicine, philosophy and other subjects important to human knowledge and advancement. The message above to Mr. Tyson is exactly what is needed at this point. I would love to see this debate brought into the open in public forums on national TV. After all, what if we really are dealing with a far superior race of beings who doesn’t want to be seen and observed, except as and when it chooses, and is able to pursue its own agenda and interests without interference? Failure to acknowledge or make a reasonable response to this phenomenon which presents as waking reality to large numbers of ordinary competent people is the true meaning of ignorance.

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