May 23, 2012

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A Message to the Extraterrestrials Visiting Planet Earth

May 11, 2012

Dear Extraterrestrial Visitors to planet Earth,

We are a group of Earth’s citizens who will assemble together in a cooperative attempt to establish and to develop an interactive, peaceful, and, hopefully, mutually beneficial relationship with one or more of the races of Extraterrestrial (ET) people who are visiting this planet. It has been made clear to us that ET people do in fact exist and are here observing this planet. Many highly credible individuals have reported to us of their experiences with ET people or your spacecraft, and therefore we now know that you are here with us while you are observing this planet and our civilization. There are many thousands of reports, collected over decades, which support this statement, and yet the human race remains largely unaware and without an acknowledged or meaningful relationship with any group of ET people. Our group feels strongly that such a relationship needs to commence, and that is our goal in this effort. This plan cannot unfold as an effective means of providing convincing evidence of your existence to our world without your willing cooperation in this effort. We are asking that your representatives come down out of Earth’s skies and meet with us. Like you, we oppose deception. Together, let us begin the process of developing a peaceful relationship, a friendship, between our people which will be based upon open and transparent communication between your civilization(s) and ours. In this communication we will describe to you our methods and our intentions, and it is our sincere hope that you will respond in kind.

The fact that you are capable of arriving here clearly implies that you hail from a more ancient and a more technologically advanced civilization. Certainly, for those of us who would be initially involved in establishing and nurturing a peaceful relationship with your people, this experience will potentially be a life-changing event for our individual selves. But, the exhilaration which will undoubtedly derive from our meeting with you, a separate and a clearly advanced intelligence, is not our purpose in attempting to establish this relationship with your people. None who are involved in this effort will be seeking publicity, fame, or fortune as participants in this experience. More importantly, we believe that a relationship with your people will be beneficial in that it may help to favorably alter the present course of human civilization, and thus positively affect the future well-being of Earth’s biosphere for which we are, by default, and for better or for worse, its stewards. As your people must by now be aware, our civilization is currently struggling to survive myriad and highly problematic issues concerning our stockpiles of thermo-nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction, our continued use of massive volumes of “fossil fuels” to provide the energy we require and the deleterious effects this practice is having on Earth’s ecosystems, and incessant wars resulting from political, religious, cultural, and racial, and /or economic differences and misunderstandings. We believe that by clearly demonstrating that your people exist and that you are here with us, that you are not hostile, and by encouraging the involvement of as many of our fellow citizens as we are able to muster in support of this mission of peaceful exchange with your people, we may be able to alter the direction of our civilization’s current heading toward its potential future destruction, and perhaps also that of Earth’s biosphere.

While we know that there are no guarantees that such benefits will accrue from a relationship with your people, we also know that our civilization’s current situation is not sustainable. On our present course, there is a high probability that we will experience an irreparable nuclear or other environmental disaster at some time in the relatively near future. Plainly stated, these concerns are of the most extreme importance to our civilization. Thus, we feel that a possibly effective recourse at this point is to reach out to your people and ask that you meet with us. We believe that this seemingly simple action has the potential to result in the crystallization of a host of important realizations and revelations for humanity. For many years you have been learning about us and our civilization. Perhaps now there are important lessons which we might learn from you if you are willing to cooperate with us in this effort.

This effort is intended to clearly establish a solid base of evidence that your people do exist, that you are peaceful and here with good intentions, and that we can engage in a meaningful and ongoing dialogue between our respective civilizations. What we might learn from this relationship, and then apply toward solutions which may help us to resolve some of the very serious problems with which we are currently struggling may prove invaluable, and perhaps indispensible, to the continued progress of our own civilization.

We will be attempting to document our interactions with your people through photographs and video. Should this effort prove successful, we will begin to inform our fellow Earth citizens about this growing relationship with your people when we have acquired a sufficient body of evidence which will attest to the fact of your existence and to your friendly and peaceful interactions with us. It is our intention to eventually bring along our entire civilization into this relationship with your people. If we are correct in some of our assumptions, we hope to collaborate with you in the design of a Crop Circle this summer which might be created in the fields of Wiltshire in the United Kingdom. Such an event would add further credibility to the body of evidence which we will be attempting to acquire. Each person who will participate in this effort will be an adult who will be asked to come to our meeting emotionally prepared to experience an interaction with your people, and each will be willing to personally confirm the details of our interaction with your people should you choose to participate in this cooperative effort.

In addition to this letter being broadcast as it is through our world’s internet, we will be attempting to communicate with you through our thoughts prior to and at the designated time that we are attempting to make contact with your people (see below). This is a process which many of us are only recently becoming acquainted. Telepathic communication between human beings and your people has been reported on many occasions (at the Ariel School contact incident, for example), and thus we believe that, should you not become aware of our intentions through this written internet communication, then hopefully our plans and our intentions, communicated to you through our thoughts, may serve as a means to alert you to this request.

It is our hope, over time, to involve many of our fellow citizens in this effort. If we are able to present persuasive evidence to our world of a growing, peaceful, and friendly relationship with your people in a humble yet convincing manner, it is likely that others will become interested in knowing your people and will also become willing to participate in this effort with us. We realize that it will be of the utmost importance that we convince our fellow citizens that your people are not hostile, and that you represent no threat to us either as individuals, to our nation, or to our collective civilization. We make the assumption that some Crop Circles have been your gifts to mankind, and they have made this logical deduction possible. We acknowledge the brilliance of these gifts as a means of the gentle and non-threatening introduction of your civilization to ours. Our heartfelt thanks to you for these gifts.

It is our sincere hope that you will respond to this invitation for an initial contact between yourselves, or your spacecraft, and our group in whatever manner is most appropriate and with consideration for your own safety. Perhaps millions of human beings have viewed your spacecraft, and these are, according to all reports, magnificent machines. To have this experience would be wonderful but, what we are most interested in achieving with you is more than this. We are seeking an ongoing relationship with your people, an exchange of information, and eventually some level of “friendship”, if this word has meaning to you. You have our assurance that we will do all that we are able to protect your emissaries from any harm at those times when you are in our presence. Any cooperation from your people in this effort will be seen as a great favor which you bestow upon us, this planet, and our civilization, and will by no means be viewed by us as an unwelcome meddling in human affairs here on Earth.

We propose that we meet at the newly established Jesse A. Marcel Library, 11 Ponderosa Road in South Hills area of Helena, Montana, USA. The library is a bright red metal building and is located at the following coordinates:

Latitude: 46 degrees, 33.23 minutes North (of Earth’s equator)
Longitude: 111 degrees, 58.48 minutes West (of Greenwich, U.K.)
Elevation: 4390 feet above sea level

The building has a large garage door, 12 feet wide, which opens with a view to the East directly toward azimuth 90 degrees relative to Earth’s North Pole. Our group will be meeting together at this location, and we will be watching for your arrival in that direction.


Our most sincere thanks for your cooperation in this effort, and we look forward to meeting with your people’s representatives in the very near future.


The Contact Group of the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. Raland Strom says:

    I for one know “they” are very real. They began showing me thier craft in 2005 at night time and in 2009 my daytime sightings began.They are highly telephathic and extremely spiritual. This is an “introduction program” they are doing world wide. Its been the most eye opening experiance ive ever had and never expected to ever experiance anything like it in my life time.Your letter is very appropriate in my view.

    • Dear Raland,
      You have been privileged to have had these experiences you describe. It has been my feeling that the past many decades of ET Contact with individuals like yourself have been, as you say, an “introduction program” designed to awaken our world to a new reality while causing the least disruption possible in the day-to-day function of an entire planetary civilization. This is clearly a daunting task and requires the greatest discretion and judgement regarding the rate at which this new information can be safely absorbed. Whether or not it is time for this yet as far as ET is concerned I cannot say, but in my opinion open Contact between ET and humanity needs to happen soon. Humanity presently sits on a knife edge for our own survival, and the biosphere of Earth sits there with us. The insights we might gain from a realtionship with a more ancient and a more experienced civilization may be requisite for our own survival.
      In my opinion we would be much farther along in the process had our society not been deliberately mislead into believing that Contact experiences such as yours were not real and were only due to your over-active imagination. This disingenuous, decades-long strategy needs to end, and that is the reason that I am attempting to organize what I hope will become a citizen-led effort to develop an ongoing relationship with one or more ET races who are coming here. Should we meet with success on June 5, we will not be reporting this to the U.S. Air Force or to the lamestream news media, but will instead invite friends, neighbors, and relatives to come out, see for themselves, and join us in a grassroots effort to develop a meaningful dialogue between human beings and our ET visitors. Our goal will be to open up a dialogue through which we may discover how our respective civilizations might mutually benefit from a relationship which will be based on honesty and trasparency. Please meditate with us at 8 PM MST on June 5 where ever you are – it may help us to meet with success in this effort toward Contact. We will see what happens.

  2. I would also like to add that many of our leaders have been corrupted by greed and for the most part they do not carry out the will of the people but that what suits there own needs best, out education system is being controlled corrupted and manipulated for reasons to keep us ignorant and the masses really are programmed to think in one dimension, this is destroying the planet at an alarming rate, religion is also a tool of control and oppression and indeed aggression, as you stated you know there is good out there we also know there is good out there in the cosmos, although we also know there is bad and manipulating species with agendas not good for mankind, we need wisdom and true leadership, the veil of lies needs to be lifted and a blanket of truth applied, we truly need your help and wisdom and this I believe is the will of the people

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