Jun 13, 2013

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A New Tool for ET Contact: Introducing Lone Signal

The Jamesburg Earth Station radio telescope will be used by Lone Signal!

The Jamesburg Earth Station radio telescope will be used by Lone Signal!

Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. is apparently not the only group which believes that it is time for humanity to actively transmit messages to Star Visitors. On June 18, 2013 it seems that Lone Signal ( www.lonesignal.com ), a crowd-funded effort which will employ the Jamesberg Earth Station radio telescope located near Carmel, CA, will go online. Users will then have the opportunity to transmit their own messages to Lone Signal’s selected star system, and I can assure you that CCRF will avail itself of this new tool to transmit our message/desire to meet with ET, in some fashion, at the Jesse A. Marcel Library (JAML) on Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM MST.

Those who read the last post on this website ( http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/dear-extraterrestrials/ ) know that yesterday evening’s attempt to gain the attention of ET via the internet, asking them to meet with us at the JAML once again and for the second time, was unsuccessful. There are many potential reasons explaining why this might be (see previous post). In my opinion, the most likely of these is that the Star Visitors may be protecting our internet from being overwhelmed by folks like us who would begin attempting to transmit their own message to the Star Visitors via the internet. With potentially millions, even billions, of messages being transmitted in this fashion, the internet upon which so much of our society depends to function smoothly, might have been overwhelmed. Additionally, there would be no way for the Star Visitors to keep up with the myriad number of requests from human beings who are starving for answers about who our Star Visitors are, how they arrive here, where they come from, why they are here, how do their spacecraft produce the energy they require, why have they tampered with “our” nuclear weapons, and many, many other questions we would all like to ask .

Yes, the lack of a response was disappointing. Yes, the following morning I will admit to feeling somewhat dejected, and perhaps even rejected. However, CCRF is not giving up. Incredibly, now Lone Signal suddenly and unexpectedly appears out of nowhere as a potential tool and a new avenue which we will use to transmit our invitation to any Star People in near-Earth orbit who may intercept our message and take action. Perhaps we will not be required to wait for a response until our message reaches that light-years-away star system at which the Lone Signal radiotelescope is aimed. Perhaps those groups of Star Visitors who have already found their way here and are not light-years, but rather are in fact only light-microseconds distant from our physical location, will intercept our message transmitted via Lone Signal’s radio telescope. CCRF believes that this strategy is worth a try. We will keep all informed of what happens. “AIM HIGH, SHOOT LOW” (from Yes; Big Generator)

Please check out the Lone Signal video.

  1. Bob Evans says:

    The fact my friend is that Alien Star Ship arrive in our system daily … whether you hear from them or not … has it ever been considered that they only talk to our leaders? … the supposed Silent Government … the former MJ-12 … NASA has a long record of recording their arrivals, but no one seems to be keeping track of them … http://api.ning.com/files/VrpMXk5gFE1CZQ*OXeOaMHZQXfneRdqF2aAAxAxeYBDH4EXicajeyXKKhqd3hbbP7khwpIsngXY*IJxy*PwLq3JN3*VQHF92/13061318.jpg They are not that hard to spot if you know what to look for … the ancient Sumerians knew what they were

  2. Bill Cain says:

    Radio waves are the modern day equivalent of smoke signals. ET’s travel and communiate via thought-assisted technology millions of years more advanced than ours. These radio transmitting facilities, which ostensibly are trying to make extraterrestrial contact, are PR fronts meant to pacify and otherwise convince the general public that attempt to communicate is serious and on-going.
    NASA has known about ET reality, and their abilities for decades.

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