Mar 24, 2014

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A Report From Grizzly Country

No sooner had I posted this article on the Crop Circles Research Foundation website than I received, via email, a notification from Richard D. Hall who produces and manages the website content of This email provided a link to Richard Hall’s most recent feature-length film production, titled UFOs and NATO – The Human Mutilation Cover Up, which can be found HERE. I would recommend that everyone watch the several parts of this video in its entirety. I have ordered a copy of Hall’s film for the Jesse A. Marcel Library.

Hall’s alarming video is a thought-provoking exposé that sheds new light on another possible reason, a reason perhaps more compelling than any other I have yet come across, that may help to explain the UFO / ET cover up (Truth Embargo). This film presents some (hearsay) witness evidence, evidence which to me does seem reasonably credible, suggesting that human beings may have been abducted by some race(s) of Extraterrestrials on several to many occasions, and may have been subjected to lethal surgical dissections in a manner very similar to, if not identical with, the well-described stereotypical mutilations which have been inflicted on cattle, horses, goats, sheep, elk, buffalo, deer etc. Such mutilation cases involving animals, we are fairly certain, number in the many thousands to tens of thousands of cases, and have occurred all over the world.

Estimated numbers of such human mutilation events are cited in this video exposé: one in Brazil, 9 in Russia, 24 in Australia, “several” in the U.K. and U.S. No reason is given explaining why these events may be occurring, but speculative opinions range from the possibility that these procedures are being carried out for some higher scientific purpose, to a more accurate statement of the obvious – we just don’t know why. What is stated in the film as being a certainty, however, is that one or more groups of Extraterrestrial Beings have been involved in these alleged wrongdoings. Hall’s 2 informants cite instances of encountering human body parts within the debris of crashed UFOs that have been brought to Earth via U.S. military laser-based weapons.

In my article of March 18, For Dr. Roger Leir, DPM, I wrote “We can all feel very grateful that human beings have not, as far as I am aware, been the “wholesale” victims of these mutilation procedures”. I deliberately inserted the word “wholesale” in that sentence because, on the day that I wrote that article, I was aware of only one possible case of ET human abduction/mutilation which had occurred in Brazil, and which suggested that a Brazilian male might have been the victim of a stereotypical Extraterrestrial human mutilation (surgical dissection). There is no doubt that the available photos of this individual, if those photos are real, are highly suggestive that this individual was, in fact, a victim of this malignant practice. Hall’s film suggests, and made me aware, that there may have been several to many of these cases; perhaps, according to Hall’s information, numbering in the 100’s of cases. We can guess that the true number is known only by our NATO, U.S. military, and/or intelligence organizations that have seen fit (unwisely, in my opinion) to keep this information away from the public. Equally disturbing, it is believed that these events may still be occurring.

It bears emphasis that if Hall’s information and numbers are correct, then we would classify these ET human mutilation events as RARE EVENTS, much more rare than, for example, Grizzly bear attacks on human beings that have occurred, just here in the state of Montana. Certainly these lethal ET encounters are much more uncommon, and in fact occur in truly miniscule numbers, when compared to how many times a day human beings deliberately kill and/or maim each other on this planet, every day, year in and year out, since the beginning of human existence. I am not attempting to justify what these ETs are doing (if, in fact, these events are occurring and if, in fact, it is eventually proven that one or more races of ETs are involved in this), but I am simply reminding us all that, if Hall’s information is correct, we are going to need to keep this in perspective and react, but not overreact, to this new information. The old saying “the pot calling the kettle black” comes to mind.

If Hall’s information is correct, I continue to stand by the following conclusions expressed in For Dr. Roger Leir, DPM which I emphatically state, in light of Hall’s new information, are made even more compelling:

A. Based upon the apparent relative numbers of human vs. animal mutilation events, the extraterrestrial race(s) involved in these mutilation events are making an important distinction between animals and humans, a distinction that we should all be grateful for, and one which we should definitely not take for granted.
B. We must do whatever we can do that will render their (the races of ETs involved in these alleged acts) justifications for engaging in these stereotypical mutilation procedures, both on humans and on animals, as null and void.
1. Evidence suggests that we can do this most expediently and most effectively by:
a)The removal and eradication of all nuclear weapons, and all other weapons of mass destruction, from this planet, unilaterally if necessary. Humanity has been given several warnings about these weapons on numerous occasions and at numerous locations (certainly here in Montana), and so far we have neglected to heed those warnings. It is imperative that we begin to take those warnings seriously, and that we take the appropriate action. We (the U.S.A.) must dismantle all nuclear weapons, and provide strong leadership for other nuclear-armed countries to do the same.
b)We must renounce mass killing as an acceptable strategy in the settlement of disputes among groups; be they races, creeds, religions, or nations. We must stop allowing ourselves to be justifiably viewed as animals. War must become anathema.
c)We must be told the truth about the ET engagement of the human race by our military/government – we must see an end to the UFO/ET Truth Embargo.
d)We must appoint leaders who will have the courage to meet with the various ET races and, utilizing diplomacy (“Exopolitics”), negotiate treaties with the ET races engaged in these alleged acts, demanding that an immediate HALT be put to these practices. We must stand together as the human race and say “Enough!”

Many will regard Hall’s film as a product of the overactive imaginations of some who have been gullible enough to accept that there is any validity whatsoever to the premise that our world is being visited/monitored by one or more ET races. In my opinion this view will be proven incorrect, and I invite all skeptics to pay a visit to the Jesse A. Marcel Library, review the available evidence yourselves, and then draw your own conclusions. In doing so I believe that, for many of you, your minds will be opened to a new reality. A new reality, I might add, that appears to hold much more long-term promise for humanity, and for the well-being of the biosphere of this planet, than the reality we are going to find in the direction that we are currently heading. Despite these horrendous acts described in Hall’s film, we can find reassurance that some race(s) of ETs appear to be “on our side”. WE can know this through the words that they have written in our crops: “Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception”.

It has always been, and it will always be, about Truth. With it, we can move forward. Without it, we are lost.

In summer, my wife and I regularly hike in Grizzly bear country here in Montana, and we do so with a heightened awareness that we could have a close encounter, perhaps even a lethal encounter, with a Grizzly bear. We enjoy seeing the pristine areas that these bears inhabit, so we go hiking. We know that the chance that we will have deadly encounter with one of these huge, powerful animals is low, but it is not zero. Every year, one to several hikers or hunters in Montana are either seriously injured or killed by a Grizzly. We pay close attention to our immediate environment. We don’t hike after dark. We make noise to let the bears know where we are. If we see a Grizzly bear, we admire him/her from a distance, and then we turn around. We do not mess with an intelligent animal that is much more powerful than we are. This planet we live on, and this Universe that we inhabit, are beautiful and wondrous, but they are an inherently dangerous place to live. An awareness that such ET-related human mutilation events may be happening is not the end of the world and must not result in mass panic if proven to be real. This is yet another challenge that humanity can and will face with courage, calm, and intelligence.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.

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