Jul 10, 2012

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A Second Letter to The Sierra Club

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.

PMB 2046

1 Jackson Creek Road

Clancy, MT 59634

July 10, 2012




Dear Sierra Club,


Listed below are 10 very credible people who have all made important contributions to the progress of human civilization, and who have made public statements, some very recently, telling our world that the UFO phenomenon is real. This list could be much longer. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan could be on it. I challenge each of you reading this letter to check the veracity of these statements.


  1. Most recently, Chase Brandon, a 35 year veteran of the CIA, who for 25 of those years was assigned to the CIA’s National Clandestine Service. On June 23, 2012, Brandon publically stated on the Coast to Coast radio program that “with 100 % certainty, Roswell happened, a UFO and cadavers of non-Earth origin were recovered”.
  2. Edgar Dean Mitchell, Sc.D. (MIT), pilot and Captain USN, NASA Apollo 14 mission astronaut, and the 6th man to walk on the moon, has publically stated on many occasions, “Roswell happened, a UFO of non-Earth origin was recovered”.
  3. Gordon Cooper, aeronautical engineer, NASA Mercury mission astronaut, NASA Gemini mission astronaut, orbited Earth 27 times solo, came home as an American hero to a ticker-tape parade in NYC. Cooper has stated that he witnessed UFO’s flying in formation from his airplane’s cockpit over West Germany, and later in his career was present at Edwards AFB when a silent UFO landed on a dry lakebed and was filmed by a film production crew. He saw the film, and sent it by courier to the Pentagon. He attempted (unsuccessfully) to bring the UFO phenomenon to the attention of the United Nations.
  4.  James McDivitt, NASA astronaut Gemini 4 mission, piloted the Gemini capsule during the U.S. first manned space-walk, saw and photographed a UFO from the Gemini capsule over Hawaii in June of 1965.
  5. Fife Symington, previous governor of Arizona, who personally witnessed, along with thousands of other Phoenix citizens, a very large and silent UFO which flew low and slow over the city of Phoenix in March of 1997. “I believe that, unless proven otherwise, it was extraterrestrial”.
  6. John Callahan, former head of the Accidents and Investigations Division of the FAA, investigated the eyewitness (3 pilots) and radar documented UFO close encounter of JAL flight 1628, piloted by eyewitness Kenju Terauchi, in November 1986. “It was a UFO”.
  7. James Penniston, USAF Staff Sergeant, investigated the landing of a UFO outside of Bentwaters RAF base in December of 1980. Penniston did a walk around the craft, touched it, and drew pictures of signage which was engraved on the surface of the craft.
  8.  Yves Sillard, former Director General of CNES (France’s equivalent of NASA): “The objective reality of unidentified aerial phenomena, better known to the general public as UFO’s, is no longer in doubt”… “The climate of suspicion and disinformation, not to mention derision, which still too often surrounds the collection of reports, illustrates a surprising form of intellectual blindness”.
  9. Major General Wilfried DeBrouwer, former Head of Operations of the Belgian Air Staff: “Formally investigating reliable UFO reports would create an atmosphere of openness and transparency, and motivate other witnesses to come forward with their experiences”.
  10. NASA physicist Paul R. Hill, PhD (deceased): “Because of my career as a research scientist, in several instances such as the present one pertaining to UFO maneuvers, I have had advanced knowledge of UFO technology but was effectively muzzled by the NACA (now NASA) policy laid down by its director, Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, that UFO’s are non-existent. This policy impacted me in the form of specific orders from the front office to say nothing implicating the NACA with the UFO”.


There can no longer be any doubt that our U.S. military knows that the UFO phenomenon is real. In light of the devastating environmental consequences of our civilization’s continued use of fossil fuels to produce our ever-growing need for energy, we can no longer afford to doubt this fact, or to brush this awareness aside. The recent June 23 statement by previous CIA agent Brandon Chase stating that “Roswell happened” (above) tells us that it is a virtual certainty that the U.S. military has known about this “new” reality at least since at July of 1947. Chase Brandon, a man who was career CIA and who served as a CIA Presidential briefer, would not make such a public statement were it not the truth. What we do not know is just how much basic scientific research has been done by the U.S. military, and very likely the Russian military, to discover how UFO’s operate and, more specifically relevant to the mission of The Sierra Club , how UFO’s produce the energy required to travel (presumed) interstellar distances to arrive here.


We can make an educated guess that when the reality of the UFO phenomenon was long ago realized by the U.S. military, it was also recognized that if the UFO technology could be understood, the military advantage to the country which could first reproduce this technology would be enormous. It is highly likely that the U.S. military has devoted a great deal of scientific talent, time, money, and effort into basic UFO research with a goal to understand and to reproduce the means by which the UFO’s operate in our atmosphere. It is time for us to know just how much is in fact presently understood about the function of these exotic machines, and what additional work must be done to fully understand and then capitalize on what has the potential to become a planet-saving (and thereby a civilization-saving) technology.


All of you will agree that the biosphere of Earth is sustaining deleterious changes resulting from our current energy paradigm, and that these changes are placing every species, and our own civilization, in a situation of increasing peril on a daily basis. There is no technology extant today, or on the horizon (of which I am aware), that has the potential to yield the prodigious energy requirements which our civilization presently and necessarily obtains from our combustion of fossil fuels. When one considers the well-described operating characteristics of UFO’s (see Paul R. Hill’s book Unconventional Flying Objects, a scientific analysis, Hampton Roads Publishing, ISBN 1-57174-027-9) one can realize that it is very likely that UFO technology has that potential, and it is up to all of us to demand to know, and to be brought up to speed, concerning the reality of the UFO phenomenon and what is, and what is not yet, understood about UFO technology.


The Manhattan Project resulted in the production of atomic weapons (another sore subject) in relatively short order. I have no doubt that if our world’s sharpest scientific minds could be intensively focused upon research intended to understand UFO technology in a no-holds-barred effort to analyze and then reproduce their energy system(s), that our civilization could be producing and utilizing “UFO energy”, perhaps within only a few short years. But, we cannot and will not know this unless we demand to know this, and this we must do through our President Obama and through our Congressional leaders. Only through our unrelenting insistence will our nation’s political leadership be compelled to confront and to pressure our military into revealing the UFO truth, and this is the arena in which The Sierra Club, if it is serious about making a difference in our current situation with regard to global warming, could be a credible, effective, and positive influence. The Sierra Club could be the world’s first public organization calling for the initiation of such a UFO research program, and it would be entirely appropriate for an environmental organization, like The Sierra Club, to instigate and motivate such action in Washington.


On a recent summer day a record number of high-temperature marks were broken. Ocean temperatures are steadily increasing, and sea-levels are rising. Glaciers and ice-caps are rapidly melting. I understand that the U.S. Navy wants to engage in a sonar research program which their EIS indicates will kill thousands of dolphins and deafen many thousands more whales and dolphins. We have nuclear weapons pointed in every imaginable direction. The path upon which our civilization, and along with us the biosphere of this planet, are heading is screaming out for radical change. If we can become able to wrap our minds around the reality of the UFO phenomenon, embrace this new reality, and study it in earnest, it may provide the solution we are looking for and one of which our civilization and the biosphere of this planet are in desperate need.


I will now get to the point of this letter and explain why I am writing to The Sierra Club about UFO’s. I suggest and request that The Sierra Club issue a widely publicized statement which incorporates the following points:


  1. There exists adequate eyewitness testimony and expert opinion to conclude that the UFO phenomenon is real and that the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is, by far, the most likely explanation for its existence. We do not need UFO hardware to know this.
  2. The U.S. military-industrial complex knows that the UFO phenomenon is real.
  3. President Obama and the U.S. Congress must hold open Congressional hearings which will attempt to discover what is presently known by the U.S. military-industrial complex regarding the UFO phenomenon.
  4. Many U.S. tax-payer dollars have been utilized to fund our military’s research of UFO technology for over 6 decades, and therefore U.S. citizens have a right to know what has been discovered regarding UFO technology, and what applications of these discoveries, if any, currently exist.
  5. In light of prevailing scientific opinion regarding the devastating, world-wide environmental consequences of continuing on in our current mode of dependency on fossil fuels to produce the energy that our civilization requires, and with no promising alternative solution in sight, all world citizens now have a need to know what has been discovered regarding UFO technology and what applications of these discoveries, if any, currently exist.
  6. A call for an intensive and world-wide research project, to be carried out and funded through the United Nations, which will expand upon the U.S. military’s previous research of UFO technology, with the goals of nothing less than obtaining a complete understanding of UFO technology and of developing its potential to provide the energy applications which our civilization requires.


If The Sierra Club will instigate a widely publicized campaign to this effect in a determined effort to bring the UFO phenomenon to level of public awareness which it deserves, and not back down, I believe that the American people will fall squarely behind the leadership of The Sierra Club. At the present time many Americans already strongly suspect that the UFO phenomenon is real, but thus far we have only the testimony of highly credible and courageous individuals (who to my way of thinking are true American patriots) who have risked their reputations, and perhaps their lives, to tell us the truth. It is now time for us to finally accept this truth, and to make a concerted effort to determine whether or not this truth may provide to us solutions to problems which are becoming increasingly threatening to the continued well-being and progress of human civilization and to the integrity of the entire biosphere of Earth. These problems are, arguably, otherwise insurmountable problems given our current state of technology and our world’s current rate of population growth. Something has to give.


Radical change is called for in these current times, and in my opinion the UFO phenomenon may have the potential to provide some very urgent answers to our civilization’s energy conundrum. I would be most happy to provide whatever assistance I may be able to provide in helping to move this proposal forward.


I would truly appreciate a thoughtful response to the content of this letter from the governing board of The Sierra Club. If I receive such a response, regardless of the nature of the feedback expressed within it, I will re-join The Sierra Club. My deepest thanks to all who will take the time to read and to consider this proposal.



Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.






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