Jan 23, 2013

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A UFO Descending: Remarkable Video!

This is an incredible video taken with a cellphone at full zoom from a distance of 200 meters. Many claim that video evidence of the UFO reality, like this, is worthless as valid evidence that our world is being visited by an ET alien intelligence. I do not agree with this position, and I believe that many such claims are in fact propaganda spread by those who have been working hard, behind the scenes and for over six decades, to dissuade people from the conclusion that we are, in fact, being contacted by ET. I can totally see myself reacting in much the same way as the individual who recorded this video – with subdued astonishment. My thanks to the videographer and to Richard (and his website Educating Humanity) for bringing this video to my attention. This is worth watching!

  1. I am very suspicious of this video .

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