About “The Letter”

About the Letter to the “Circle Makers”

I am Richard K. O’Connor, a currently practicing physician / anesthesiologist at a small, nonprofit, community hospital in Helena, Montana, and the Executive Director of Crop Circles Research Foundation Inc., formed June 28, 2010.  Like most of you, I have never seen a UFO or visited a Genuine Crop Circle. I have, however, based upon a review of a great deal of what I believe to be valid and reliable evidence, become convinced beyond reasonable doubt that planet Earth and our civilization are being visited by the “Circle Makers”. It appears highly likely that the “Circle Makers” are of a separate, other intelligence which may represent an entirely different planetary civilization(s), attempting to gently inform our population of their existence and, hopefully, of their desire to establish a relationship with our own civilization. I, and I know many of you, believe that the Genuine Crop Circles may be the key to opening this door to a new future for mankind.

 The Letter is a sincere message to the “Circle Makers” from those People of Planet Earth who embrace its content and support its purpose. It is also an experiment. The Letter is definitely not intended as a joke or a prank.

That the “Circle Makers” have arrived here and repeatedly produced for us the remarkable art forms that we refer to as “Genuine” Crop Circles implies that their civilization utilizes technologies that are above and beyond those with which we are familiar. While the The Letter is our sincere communication to the “Circle Makers”, it is also an experiment to determine whether or not direct communication between the “Circle Makers” and the People of Earth can be established, initially in at least in one direction, through the Internet. This assumption is based upon the fact that our Internet communications are sent out into space via satellite transmissions, and presumes that the advanced technological capabilities employed by the “Circle Makers” that have allowed them to arrive here will, as well, allow them to intercept a (this) message sent through the Internet and, through some means, respond to it.

As the number of People of Planet Earth who support The Letter grows, at some point we will represent a sufficient majority of Earth’s population indicating our desire to establish a relationship with the Circle Makers. In that sense The Letter should also be regarded as a referendum and a petition. Please, if you read The Letter and agree with its content, sign your name to The Letter at the location provided on our CCRF home page. None of us can do this alone.

Richard K.O’Connor, MD

Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation