“The Letter”

 July 19, 2010

A Letter to the “Circle Makers” From the People of Planet Earth.

Dear “Circle Makers”,

We the undersigned have been led to the carefully considered conclusion that a subset consisting of the most interesting, intricate, and beautiful designs that our civilization refers to as “Crop Circles”, predictably and predominantly appearing each summer in the crop fields of the country that we refer to as England, are produced by you, our Visitors. We now understand that you are highly intelligent beings from elsewhere who are as yet widely unknown to us. We have become well aware that you have been observing planet Earth and our human societies for at least many decades, and more likely many centuries. 

Evidence indicates that you have utilized what we recognize as highly advanced technologies to bring you to planet Earth and to produce your Crop Circle designs in our crop fields. We suspect that your technologies may be capable of detecting and intercepting this message that we are sending you via the system we refer to as our World Wide Web, and we feel reasonably confident that through this means you will receive and understand this message.  We insert the key words “Extraterrestrial” and “Aliens” here once, and only once, as keyword search terms.

 While we hope that your observations of our civilization have been interesting, enlightening and/or entertaining, we suspect that at many times and places the events you have witnessed might justly and regrettably be characterized as nothing less than horrifying. Hopefully, with our civilization’s growing awareness that you are observing the decisions we make and the actions we take, the better traits of a human being will, in the future, more frequently shine forth. By now you may know us better than we know ourselves.  

We have recognized that the methods and technologies you have utilized to produce certain intricate and complex Crop Circle designs with such excellent and elegant precision, and the conspicuous absence of error in your always completed designs, display a capability transcending our own. That your designs come to us without copyright protection, for free, and without any expectations of monetary gain or any claim of authorship by a human being of discoverable identity, are highly uncharacteristic markers of an Earth-based explanation for the entire Crop Circle phenomenon. Repeatedly, summer after summer, your designs are produced within a few hours of nighttime darkness, and often in inclement weather. The changes we have observed in plant morphology on both macro- and microscopic levels, the electromagnetic anomalies which have been demonstrated within and about your Crop Circles, the absence of demonstrable human activity, and many other unique characteristics described in more detail within the content of this and many other Crop Circle related websites (see “Suggested Sites”) are among the evidence to date that have led us to the logical conclusion that your Crop Circle designs are not of human origin. We surmise that your Crop Circle designs are the physical evidence you have deliberately introduced into our reality with your intention of informing us of your existence and of your interest in the planet Earth, its biosphere, and in our human civilization.

Through this communication to you we are now responding. We comprehend many, but perhaps not all, of the profound implications that this new reality will bring to our world and to our civilization, and yet we are eager to explore our civilization’s future with you as together we strive to put forth our combined efforts to manifest and amplify the goodness of this universe we share.

We suspect and we are hopeful that your mission here is of a peaceful, non-hostile nature and with a complete absence of malicious intent. Your actions have given us no reason to suspect otherwise. At those times when our militaries have demonstrated aggressive intent toward you, it is apparent that you have acted defensively by quickly distancing your spacecraft from those aggressors. We applaud the wisdom you have shown in these would-be confrontations. 

We believe that establishing a relationship with your civilization will be not only beneficial for our civilization, the planet Earth, and its biosphere, but that in fact such a relationship may be requisite for our species’ own continued survival and progress. Until recently, your existence here has not been a part of our civilization’s majority world view. We desire to change this situation through a change in the dynamics of our relationship with you. We desire to establish an open, peaceful, and mutually beneficial relationship with you. In short, we wish to communicate with you.

We are making the assumption that you, our Visitors, have formulated and implemented the Crop Circle initiative with the intention of gently and respectfully introducing your civilization to our conscious awareness through the medium of your Crop Circle designs. We are grateful for your beautiful designs and for your cautious and measured approach to our civilization. We applaud your methods of introduction as a subtle, effective, and non-hostile means to that end, and we are awed and inspired by the decades-long respectful courtesy and patience you have shown us in order to unveil this new reality to us. Our most sincere thanks to you for your efforts and your remarkable patience as you have persisted in this quest through repeated productions of the physical evidence of your existence, the Crop Circles, for at least three decades (and perhaps much longer).

We regret the fact that it has taken such a long period of time and so many incredible examples of your Crop Circle designs for us to at last become consciously aware of your existence. Other’s of our race, occupying positions of leadership and authority, and perhaps fearing the changes that our too-abrupt conscious awareness of your existence might bring to the economic and social order of our civilization, have deliberately and quite successfully obscured the truth of your existence from us. Their efforts to obfuscate this truth continue through the present, unabated and without apology. However, despite their mendacious efforts, the truth of your existence and your presence here with us is coming through to us. We have always assumed that our respective governments, our military organizations, and our news media would always tell citizens the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, especially about a subject so important as the reality of your existence. We now realize that this is no longer a valid assumption.

Through this direct communication to you we are bringing an end to the prolonged period of latency of our response to your efforts to awaken our civilization to the reality of your existence.  We refuse to continue to sit idle, dumbfounded, as mere observers of the evidence you pour forth each summer into Earth’s skies and into our crop fields. We refuse to continue to be participants in the hypnotized state of denial that has permeated the consciousness of our civilization regarding your existence here. We refuse to continue to honor the social taboo that has been carefully and deliberately crafted surrounding our acknowledgement of your existence and your presence here as planet Earth and its biosphere continue to be polluted, and ultimately poisoned, by our destructive use of petroleum to power our civilization. Together we, the undersigned,  will work towards encouraging a careful introspection, analysis, and the initiation of appropriate modifications of a social structure that has allowed the motivations and methods utilized by world leaders over the past six decades to obfuscate the truth of your existence from an entire planet’s people. We will do this in order that we may all learn and understand how we find ourselves on the destructive path we are now on, but we will not look backwards to seek retribution towards specific individuals who have had to make difficult decisions surrounding our civilization’s treatment of this profound new paradigm. To wit, we resolve that we will abandon our naivety and we will instead be proactive seekers of truth. We will, in the future, settle for nothing less than truth.

An additional and important factor contributing to our slow appreciation of your messages to our civilization has been the degree of “noise” introduced into your “signal” resulting from the claims made by some of our people that all Crop Circle designs result exclusively from human mischief. It remains unclear if their disingenuous acts have been carried out to deliberately create confusion intended to divert our attention from your message to us, or are simply the misguided actions of some who are ignorant, ego-driven vandals deluded by erroneous estimates of their own importance and capabilities. It is clear that they derive a smug satisfaction through their efforts to sustain “the mystery of the crop circles”, but they ignorantly fail to appreciate the very important reasons why “mystery” is inappropriate given the grave circumstances presently confronting planet Earth and our own civilization. The human “circlemakers” activities in the crop fields have been an enormous deterrent to our civilization’s widespread realization and understanding of your messages to us. Largely due to human “circlemakers” unlawful vandalism in the crop fields, the majority of our people have been unwilling to focus their attention on your messages long enough to discern that the Crop Circle designs of your making involve methods, technologies, and motivations which are beyond human capabilities at this time. We will work to discourage misleading and mischievous vandalism in the crop fields by human “circlemakers”. Our actions will be directed at educating those involved in these deceptive acts of the serious consequences of their unlawful actions, as they directly undermine the very important work of establishing contact between your civilization and ours and thus delay a most important revelation – that your civilization(s) exist and are here with us.               

We recognize that you are likely of a more ancient civilization, having evolved to acquire technological capabilities of which we can perhaps only imagine. We assume that you have an understanding of the rate at which this new reality can be safely introduced to a fledgling civilization such as ours, and we are reassured of this by your past and present actions and restraints. We ask that you will continue your efforts at making your existence known to us, as those of us who have or will soon become aware of the truth of your presence here become engaged in the monumental task of re-educating all of our relations about the reality of your existence here with us. For this task we will need additional time. We ask for your continued patience and participation via ongoing confirmations of your existence, coming to us in the form of your beautiful and complex Crop Circle designs, and the revelations we receive in the frequently reported sightings of your spacecraft in our skies.

We will go about this unprecedented educational effort with the same patient determination and persistent action that your civilization has so graciously demonstrated toward the Earth and its inhabitants. We will each take action to dissuade our political leaders and our world’s militaries from any further hostile or malicious actions toward yourselves or your homes that we refer to as your spacecraft, and we extend our deepest apologies for any past malevolent actions our militaries have attempted to inflict upon any of your people. These fear-based, reprehensible acts of aggression that have been directed towards your people have clearly been the shortsighted responses of a more primitive world view and social order that we will to do our best to positively modify as we move forward in our relationship with you.

As for us, the undersigned, we are asking for an escalating schedule of open contact with you.  We recognize that human civilization needs for this to happen. It has become obvious to us that the path our civilization is on is unsustainable and has become increasingly destructive to the ecosystem of planet Earth and the life it brings forth. We denounce the use of war as a tool for achieving political and /or corporate ends. We are sickened by the fact that our military and political leaders have willfully chosen to hold planet Earth and all of its life hostage, and potentially threaten its complete annihilation, through our continued production and maintenance of ever more sophisticated weapons of mass destruction including chemical, biological, and most importantly, thermonuclear warheads. We are aware of several occasions when you have taken action to warn our race of the dangers of deploying these weapons on this planet, going so far as to disable Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles while still in their launching silos and during their test flights. We can only be grateful for the wisdom you have attempted to impart to us through your actions, and we will each do what we can to persuade our political and military leaders to heed your warning and rid planet Earth of all nuclear weapons and the systems which support them. Thank you for all you have done in this respect.

The technologies we currently use for the production of the ever increasing energy we require to sustain our civilization are primitive and are gradually poisoning Earth’s biosphere, and these technologies are controlled by entrenched corporations that have shown little interest in taking a new direction. It is clear to us that the energy source you have utilized to come here and that are employed to power your spacecraft are an energy source yet unknown to us but one that we, and the biosphere of planet Earth, urgently need to acquire. You, and we, realize that when your existence here with us is widely known and accepted by our civilization, our scientists will then become focused on understanding the nature of your spacecraft’s propulsion methods and means of energy production. When your existence with us here is widely known and accepted, we will all then know that such technologies exist today and are employed by your civilization, and that they are indeed a part of the reality of a universe which we apparently do not yet completely comprehend.  

We do not ask that you simply give to us the knowledge required for us to understand the methods of energy production your civilization employs. This knowledge, as it likely was for your civilization, should be for us to study and try to understand. Our widespread awareness and acceptance of your existence here with us will not obviate our need to prove, in accord with the laws of evolution, that we as a species must merit our own continued existence. We do ask that you continue to be here with us, and that you let your existence be known with zero uncertainty, to all of our civilization. It is our awareness of this truth which will set mankind down a new path of discovery and innovation. The result, hopefully, will be a better future for planet Earth and all of the life it brings forth. As members of the human race who seek a more rational and enlightened path than that which our civilization has chosen heretofore, we resolve that when we obtain these new means of energy production, we will work to insure that these energy technologies are never employed in the production of offensive weapons of mass destruction.           

We are elated that you are here with us. Simply our certainty of your existence here with us gives us the insight, hope, and the inspiration we need to know that we can move in a promising new direction and away from our use of petroleum to produce the energy we require, weapons of mass destruction, and corporate interests that operate at the expense of planet Earth and its biosphere. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to learn more about your civilization(s), your mission(s) here, and the innumerable unanswered questions that our awareness of  your existence here with us will bring about.

We anticipate that you will eventually inform us of your vision of how the future may unfold as together we evolve toward the development of a mutally beneficial relationship between our respective civilizations built upon a foundation of truth, honesty, transparency, and concern for the biosphere of planet Earth and all of the life it brings forth.       

Please stay with us in ever more obvious and open communication to such an extent that is safe for you and for the viability of our own civilization. The reality of your existence and your presence here with us is the most profound, hopeful, and exciting news to our civilization “since we discovered the wheel”. 


The Crop Circles Research Foundation and The People of Planet Earth

Richard K. O’Connor, MD.  Montana City, MT.  July 19, 2010