About “The Petition”

CCRF applauds and supports the suggestion of Leslie Kean, author of UFO’s Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On The Record, that a well funded UFO research agency needs to be established, aimed at gathering and analyzing UFO sighting, radar, photo, video, and ground trace data in an effort to gain a much deeper understanding of the UFO phenomenon. Because the UFO phenomenon is an international phenomenon, CCRF favors an already established international agency, the United Nations, to organize, fund, and coordinate this international effort. CCRF is therefore submitting “The Petition” on this website, aimed at gathering the names and contact information of every person who supports the idea of establishing the United Nations’ International UFO Study Group.

CCRF’s goal is to eventually submit five hundred thousand (500,000) names of individuals like you and ourselves to the United Nations, who understand that the UFO phenomenon is real, it is important, and until we as a civilization address it through scientific study and analysis we will continue to remain ignorant about what may be the most significant unfolding of events in the history of the human race.

While CCRF believes that the UFO phenomenon and the Crop Circle Phenomenon are inextricably linked, we believe that the research activities of the International UFO Study Group should be initially focused solely upon the study of the UFO phenomenon. The UFO phenomenon is occurring world-wide, it is pervasive, and its understanding may, and we believe will, eventually allow us to come to a more complete understanding and appreciation of the Crop Circle phenomenon.

Because our understanding of the UFO phenomenon may lead to breakthroughs in energy technologies, thus allowing our civilization to abandon the use of fossil fuels and nuclear fission for energy production, the technologies which may derive from our intensive scientific study of UFO’s may prove to be immensely beneficial to preserving the integrity of “our” (Earth’s) biosphere. In addition, understanding the UFO phenomenon may carry with it highly significant implications with respect to civilian aviation safety.

Every politician’s hands are tied with respect to initiating or promoting any action regarding the UFO phenomenon. Politicians cannot and will not take this initiative, yet it must be taken. Any action in this direction must take the form of a grassroots effort with its origin in people like you who understand why UFO’s, and whoever or whatever manufactures them and freely operates them in “our” (Earth’s) atmosphere, are long overdue in receiving our attention.

Please join with us in this effort to prompt the United Nations to take action in forming the International UFO Study Group by signing your name to “The Petition”. Your information will not, under any circumstance, be transferred to any third party other than the Secretary-General of the United Nations (presently Mr. Ban Ki-moon).

Thank you for supporting this effort by signing your name to “The Petition”.

Richard O’Connor, MD
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation