Feb 12, 2011

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An Appeal To The Sierra Club

The Sierra Club needs to step up to a new reality.

Michael Brune, Executive Director
The Sierra Club
85 Second Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Mr. Brune and The Sierra Club,

I read your article in the September / October 2010 issue of Sierra magazine titled Beyond BP “Restoring the gulf will take decades. But we can start getting off oil now”. In this article you describe the sad state of the Mississippi coastline that has been negatively and severely impacted by the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the devastating effect which you observed it has had on the marine environment there.

I just returned from a trip to Maui, Hawaii, where my wife and I enjoyed snorkeling in five different bays around the island. I can assure you that the coral reefs and fish life that we observed are also in sad shape compared to what existed in Hawaii when I was last there with my family 20 years ago. On this most recent trip we observed no fan coral, no brain coral, and I would estimate that 70 percent of the coral that we did view, in each and every location we snorkeled, was dead. There was a quite noticeable decrement in the number of reef fish that we observed as well.

Mr. Brune, the biosphere of Earth is either already dead or in the process of dying, and our civilization’s (mis)use of fossil fuels, petroleum and coal, is largely responsible for this widespread devastation of the biosphere of this planet. Electric cars are not going to be the answer to this problem, when the electricity required to power them is produced through the combustion of coal. We as a civilization must transition quickly to a radically different means of obtaining the energy that we need, and, as we might expect, the key to that change is going to be through a process that will shake the very foundations of our civilization. We must begin to take seriously the now well established fact, corroborated over and over again by many highly credible people, that there are machines which operate in our atmosphere and evidently utilize a form of energy for their propulsion which clearly does not rely on any fossil fuel for its production. I am referring to UFO’s, and whoever or whatever the intelligence is who are guiding them here to Earth.

Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell has told us that this is real. Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper has told us that this is real. Colonel Phillip Corso has told us that this is real. Colonel Charles Halt has told us that this is real. Major Jesse Marcel Sr., and Colonel Jesse Marcel, Jr. have told us that this is real. Sargeant James Penniston has told us that this is real. Dr. Steven Greer has told us that this is real. Several of my personal friends have described their own up-close sightings of these UFO’s in our atmosphere. I am by now absolutely, 100 percent convinced that the UFO Phenomenon is real. I am just as convinced that if we wait for the day when we will hear our U.S. President make this announcement to our world’s populations, we will have waited too long. Our government and our military are not in the business of spelling out paradigm changing news to our civilization, and they will not take this step until they are compelled to do so. It is us, those who care deeply about the biosphere of this planet, who must provide the impetus for change. We must be the irrepressible force calling for an end to UFO secrecy, and we must provide the mandate for our government to divulge all that is known about the UFO’s and their energy source. When this information is brought forth into the light of day, our world’s brilliant scientific minds will take it from there, and we will be on to a new means of cleanly producing the energy we require. Fossil fuels will then be used solely for the production of plastics and the many and various other materials that we manufacture from petroleum.

There is no longer any doubt that we are being visited by one or more civilizations that most of us continue to believe should not exist in our reality but quite obviously do exist. These visitors have evidently discovered a means of providing the power required to run these silent vehicles that many, many people are observing in our atmosphere. Our civilization continues to deny, repress, ridicule, and ignore the reports of these courageous and highly accomplished individuals that are telling us that this phenomenon is real, and we continue this pattern of behavior at the peril of planet Earth and of our own civilization. This situation must change in the very near future if we are to truly make progress toward saving the biosphere of planet Earth from the devastation which will occur if we continue down our present path.

I ask you, Mr. Brune, as the Executive Director of The Sierra Club, to guide this organization in a direction which will enable TSC to fulfill its mission. I ask The Sierra Club to provide a loud and strong political voice calling for UFO Disclosure, that we may at once begin the process of re-engineering our civilization’s infrastructure away from the use of fossil fuels and toward a future utilizing the power source of the UFO’s. I cannot be absolutely certain that this will provide the answer we are looking for, but we know that the many consistent eye-witness descriptions of the performance characteristics of a UFO simply scream out for further investigation. UFO’s may provide the energy answer we are looking for and which the biosphere of Earth so desperately needs, and too much is at stake for our world to continue to ignore this phenomenon which has been ongoing now for well over six decades.

Please direct The Sierra Club to go public with a loud and clear demand calling for UFO Disclosure from our U.S. military. This, and only this, may provide our way out of this mess we have created.

This letter is posted on the website of the Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. (http:/cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org).

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

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