Dec 28, 2011

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An Invitation to the Extraterrestrial Beings Visiting Planet Earth

December 28, 2011

An Invitation to the Extraterrestrial Beings Visiting Planet Earth

Dear Extraterrestrial Visitors to Planet Earth,

I make the assumption that because your civilization has the required technology to arrive here, your people will also have the ability to intercept this message. My name is Richard K. O’Connor. I am a Caucasian male, citizen of the United States of America, living just outside of the city of Helena in the state of Montana. My home is located at 46 degrees, 33.25 minutes North latitude, 111 degrees 58.46 minutes West longitude. This is where you can find me. I am a physician, age 56 years, father of two sons who are, sadly, both deceased. I am the husband of Connie M. O’Connor for 30 years. I very much desire to meet with your people. I ask that your people, if it is possible and safe for you to do so, please respond to this invitation to meet with me. You have met with other human beings of your own choosing over a considerable number of years, and thus I surmise that contact with human beings is allowed. I therefore extend to you this invitation to meet with me.

It is quite apparent to me that you exist and that your people have been and are continuing to visit and observe this planet and our human civilization. Because of otherwise inexplicable Crop Circles that appear in the crop fields, and ongoing sightings of your machines (“UFO’s” to us) reported by so many of my fellow citizens who I firmly believe are factually reporting to us their very remarkable encounters with your machines, it appears as though you may be interested in more open contact with our civilization. It is my hope that this is so. For a variety of possible reasons, you have maintained a courteous and respectful distance from our civilization which has incorrectly judged itself to be isolated in this universe and possibly unique in its level of technological development. It is obvious that your people are highly intelligent and technologically capable. Our science cannot yet explain how you are able to arrive here, yet it is clear that your civilization does in fact have this capability because your remarkable machines are frequently seen and reported in our skies. I, one of many, am absolutely fascinated by the prospect of getting to know and developing a relationship with your people.

It has become entirely obvious to me and many others that your people exist and are, at various times, here with us as you observe the unfolding of life on planet Earth. I am as certain of this fact as anyone could be who has not himself had an actual physical encounter with your people or one of your machines. I have walked in one of your beautiful Crop Circles. I do not fear your people and I believe that the evidence shows that you are here without malice. For this reason I believe that I will be able to remain calm, focused, and engaged in a face-to-face meeting with your people. I greatly respect the manner in which you have gradually introduced an awareness of your existence to me and to our civilization. In my judgment yours has been a masterfully orchestrated method of introduction, gently applied over a long period of time with great patience, as you wait for a world that is under the erroneous assumption that we may be alone in this universe to finally and appropriately accept and acknowledge the reality of your existence. I am certain that your people have learned much about our world’s societies and the qualities of human beings all the while. I invite this relationship with your people of my own free will because I believe it is time for such meetings to occur between human volunteers and yourselves. I wish to become involved as one of a growing number of human emissaries acting between our civilizations as this new relationship unfolds. Your civilization may not be in need of this relationship, but I firmly believe that such a relationship will be of immense benefit to the human race, and hopefully thereby to millions of other species which inhabit this planet Earth.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that our own technological achievements, some of which may have come about through our ongoing contact with your civilization, have recently out-paced our sociologic development and that we are nearing a point where those very capabilities now threaten the extinction of not only our own human civilization, but the possible extinction of millions of other species which have evolved on this planet over eons of evolutionary time as well. There are many of us who desire a change in the direction of this path of destruction which the human race appears to be on. I and many others are hopeful that a relationship with your people may, in some yet unforeseen way, help us to make some much needed corrections in our current world-view which presently defines several fundamental concepts which our civilization mistakenly prioritizes but which are, in fact, in immediate need of revision. I believe that a relationship with your people and what we might learn from you, as teachers or mentors, may prove to be instrumental in helping us to make those corrections as we become better able to define, understand, and then prioritize those learned precepts which are, very likely, indispensible to a just, progressive, and sustainable civilization.

I ask that your people please accept this invitation and contact me directly at your earliest convenience. I look forward to this meeting, and I hope that it will contribute to a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship between or among our respective civilizations.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation

  1. Agreed wholeheartedly!

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