Jul 3, 2012

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(Another) Notice to the Extraterrestrial Circle Makers

A portion of the proposed design dated June 5, 2012.

Dear Extraterrestrial Circle Makers,

This is another notification which is attempting to obtain your attention regarding the ( potential) crop circle design which is on display at the Jesse A. Marcel Library, at the rear of the building next to the large white garage door. The bright red-roofed building is located at latitude 46’33.23″ North, longitude 111’58.48″ West. I am asking you to please reproduce this design in a crop field of your choosing, hopefully in an area where it will be noticed and photographed from the air and publicized through the internet. Your cooperation with this plan would help to provide the evidence we need which will help to prove that it is your efforts which are responsible for some of the crop circles which we find in the crop fields throughout the world each summer. Should you choose to cooperate in this project, I will make every effort to publicize, as widely as possible, the truth of this evidence. On this you have my word.

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