Nov 25, 2015

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BLACK KNIGHT DECOD3D: PepsiCo is Pushing Back!

November 25, 2015

If you have not seen this enigmatic video produced by Pepsi titled BLACK KNIGHT DECOD3D, then I urge you to take a few minutes to watch this:

What cannot escape our attention as we watch this video is its complete lack of any mention of a Pepsi product, despite this being a rather elaborate, and we can guess fairly expensive-to-produce Pepsi “uncommercial”. Nowhere during this video are we reminded to buy and consume Pepsi Cola. We do not see a can of Pepsi on a table, or a Pepsi advertisement glaring at us from Times Square. We do not hear the word “Pepsi” ever mentioned. Only with a very brief display of the Pepsi logo at the end of the video, as the credits begin to roll, do we encounter any clue that PepsiCo was involved in the production of this video. So what is the meaning of this? What kind of “advertising” is this? What is going on here?

Because I closely follow any and all information I can glean from the internet having to do with UFOs, crop circles etc., I have seen mention of The Black Knight (TBK) satellite before. Up until now I have not given TBK much attention. I will not be arguing here that TBK satellite is real and it is ET in origin, although perhaps this may be so. What I am convinced of, however, is that this video is not intended to be an advertisement for PepsiCo. Rather, this dramatic and well done video is a message intended to be a “shot across the bow” of the Deep National Security State, the shadow government that continues to lead our world down a dark and potentially very destructive path. The shadow government has been evolving and has been engaged in this process since the time of the Roswell UFO crash event of 1947. To understand this connection, you must be aware of an important event that just took place on November 21, 2015 in Washington, D.C.
The November 21 event to which I refer was a 4 hours-long presentation by Dr. Steven Greer, M.D., founder of The Disclosure Project and leader of the current-day group SiriusDisclosure. Now go make some popcorn and find a comfortable chair.

Dr. Greer has unflaggingly engaged in a truly heroic, 25 year effort to pry UFO Disclosure from the greedy hands of a cabal referred to by many, including President John F. Kennedy and Senator Daniel Inouye, as the “shadow government”. Dr. Greer refers to this polymorphic, international entity as the “Deep National Security State”. You will note that Dr. Greer’s epic presentation was delivered 3 days (note the video title spelling of “DECOD3D”) after the date that Pepsi’s video was published on YouTube, November 18, 2015. We can strongly suspect that this relationship is not a coincidence.

The bottom line here is that PepsiCo is now clearly aware that many if not all of Dr. Greer’s assertions regarding the “Deep National Security State” (DNSS) are factual. PepsiCo’s executives have apparently finally realized that they cannot sell Pepsi products to the scorched Earth that will result when the DNSS plays their final card and we all end up in an unwinnable war with the shadow government’s contrived and ultimate “enemy”, the ET races who are currently here and who are, at least for the time being, PEACEFULLY observing humanity. We can assume that many other trans-national corporations that are not in bed with the shadow government, each quite large and financially powerful in their own right, must now also be cognizant of these unpleasant realities. If you don’t believe this, then watch this video produced by Disney in 1995 called Alien Encounters.

Three very striking lines are clearly displayed in Pepsi’s video: “This is not science fiction.”, “This is real.”, and “This is only the beginning”. Well, if “this is only the beginning” I can’t wait to see what comes next. Hopefully we will begin to see many other large, non-cabal, trans-national corporations begin to realize that their continued silence regarding real Disclosure is an invitation to the Deep National Security State, aka the shadow government, cabal etc., to continue doing what they have been doing for the past 68 years and counting. That is, to suck huge sums of money out of our economy (8.7 trillion dollars according to Greer), to engage in illegal and unconstitutional mafia-style activities, to assassinate Presidents and movie stars, to intimidate and ridicule private citizens, to smuggle addicting drugs into our country for their own financial benefit, to murder 3000 American citizens, to develop unconscionable weapons of mass destruction, to lead us into wars that should never have been fought, to decimate the social structure of the Middle East, and to create rabid enemies of our country in every other country on Earth, as well as (potentially) in space.

If they will work together, a multitude of trans-national corporations have the means and the power to put a sudden and final stop to the illegal activities of the Deep National Security State / shadow government, and I am now hopeful that such a cooperative effort is underway. Let us hope that “This is only the beginning.” I think I will go have a Pepsi while I wait for Disclosure, driven by trans-national corporations that have apparently awakened to some inconvenient yet very real Truths!

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Founder, The Jesse A. Marcel Library (

  1. Thank you for posting Dr Greers talk!

    • Dear Deb,
      I am surprised that Dr. Greer’s presentation has so quickly become available for viewing on YouTube. Hopefully millions will eventually watch it, consider what Greer says, and eventually take action. Based upon what we see in this BKD video, I feel fairly certain that Pepsi has become convinced.

  2. Richard,
    I stumbled on this after Yahoo posted an article about your pictures. I think the Black Knight and Dr.Greer videos are hugely important and you ask all the right questions. I linked it on FB and have sent it to anyone who might be interested. The disinformation/psychological warfare aspect is something that has been discussed for years, but this just shows the issue in a really clear way. Many of his assertions are corroborated by other well documented sources such as UFO Hunters who did a show about the Bell, and the tie in is direct in support of Dr. Greer’s assertion as to where the Germans were at the end of WW2. His documentation is flooring and you have to wonder why his presentation was not front page news. Or not, if it interferes with someone else’s agenda. Great story.

  3. Clearly a tv series is being developed, of which Pepsi is an advertising sponsor — which means they have a vested interest in its promotion. It’s tv people. Stop classifying everything, including Pepsi – a soft drink, as somehow being involved in a mass conspiracy. Do you know how many people work for that company? This would mean the secret cooperation of hundreds, if not thousands of people — yet not one Pepsi employee has leaked a thing. Stick to science, not tv entertainment, as your source of proof of UFOs. All this does is validate that those who believe in UFO’s and life outside of Earth are crazy.

    • Kaycee,
      Is this video a promotional video for a TV series? If it is, then we should be hearing about it in the very near future. So far I have heard nothing about such an upcoming TV series, and we are now about 6 weeks out from BKD’s release date. Have you yet heard about such an upcoming TV series?

      Nowhere did I write that Pepsi has been in any way involved in the very real and decades-long conspiracy to cover up the UFO reality. However, I do think that this video hints that Pepsi may be now attempting to play a role in ending it. Time will tell us just what Pepsi’s motivations were when Pepsi became involved in the production of this video.

      Please alert me if you hear of the TV series that you believe this video is hyping.

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