Jul 17, 2012

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Brandon: “That Information Belongs To The CIA”

Ex-CIA operative Chase Brandon tells us "Roswell happened"

“Ex” – CIA agent Chase Brandon was recently interviewed on The Steven Nolan Radio Program. I say “ex” because Brandon has implied that he, at times, still works for the CIA “under contract”. Brandon has not backed away from his claim which he originally made on Coast to Coast Radio on June 24, 2012. During that first interview, and in the one below, he states that he personally viewed evidence held within the CIA’s Historical Intelligence Collection (HIC) which “validated for him” his long held belief that “Roswell happened”. Brandon has claimed that these historical artifacts (whatever they were – he will not tell us) “validated for him” that a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, and alien bodies, were recovered  by the U.S. military from the Roswell crash site in July of 1947. He has repeatedly refused to describe the precise nature of the evidence which he viewed within a box at the CIA’s HIC, stating that the information contained within that box “doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the CIA”. I take issue with Brandon’s viewpoint on this, but I am not surprised that a man who spent a good portion of his career with the National Clandestine Service of the CIA believes in the righteousness of this secrecy. The information which Brandon viewed in that box belongs to, primarily, the American people, and secondarily, to all citizens of Earth.

Does the CIA, the U.S. military-industrial complex, or anybody else who is privvy to the truth about the existence of technologically advanced ET civilizations who are visiting this planet have a right to own that information and to deliberately do whatever they can to obfuscate the truth from all Earth citizens for 65 years? I do not think so. How do you feel about this?

Please have a listen to this very important interview. Pay close attention to Brandon’s statements from the 9’45” mark on to the end of the interview. For the time being, this is what “Official Government Disclosure” sounds like.




  1. Hello,Well I was clandestinely contacted buy the CIA a couple of days ago.Now keep in mind that,the CIA does not,come up to you and say,”I work for the CIA,and I am recruiting you”like in the movie the Recruit,.Now in my circumstance,and I am sure others as well,they,the CIA, have to see if you are Intelligent enough to be a were that they,are contacting you.In my case I was under the impression that,I was working for them.Just imagining that and it was a game,in no way did I at anytime,believe they would contact me,Truthfully.So I am abit perplexed about it.The situation is the reason that I did contact them on the Web,was in regards to Extraterestrials,also commonly known as Aleins!So now I am really intreged about just where I goe from here.The fact is that I have detailed knowlage about them as well as those in the government who are a were of them,the Aleins.

  2. Hello,I did receive the message.Thank You.

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