Nov 3, 2013

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Cameras Over the Jesse A. Marcel Library

2 cameras over JAML 003These two cameras are monitoring the airspace over the Jesse A. Marcel (UFO) Library (JAML). The JAML is located in the South Hills area on the outskirts of Helena, MT. The two cameras are pointed toward the south and southwest from the JAML. Both of these cameras are motion activated and are programmed to record a series of 99 photos in rapid sequence if and when a motion activation occurs. “Triggering” these cameras will require an approach of an airborne object to within approximately 60 feet of the cameras. Position coordinates of the JAML are 46 degrees 33.228 minutes N latitude, 111 degrees 58.448 minutes W longitude, elevation 4327 ft ASL. For those with GPS guidance, the JAML’s physical address is 11 Ponderosa Road, Montana City, MT. The building is bright red in color.

Plainly stated, the point of these two cameras is to record up-close, unambiguous photos of the craft of our Star Visitors, similar to those past photos obtained by George Adamski and Eduard Meier. “Lights in the sky” videos, which are so prolific on the internet are interesting, but these have not provided the compelling evidence adequate to the task of breaking down the Truth Embargo – and this is one of our goals.

The JAML has been established as not only a repository of information concerning our Star Visitors, but also as a place where those who are increasingly curious, or perhaps have experienced firsthand a “UFO” sighting, or even direct contact with the Star Visitors, will have a safe place, free of judgment or ridicule, where they can openly explore their interests, exercise their curiosity, and discuss their experiences.

It is our hope that the races of Star Beings who are here visiting Earth and observing our human civilization will eventually take notice of the JAML’s existence and begin to acknowledge its potential as a site where an escalating program of Contact between our respective peoples could occur. The JAML could serve as a bridge connecting our civilizations and bypassing the Truth Embargo which has effectively derailed the natural and proper succession of human awareness and understanding.

It is possible and we believe likely that obtaining unambiguous photographs of the craft of Star Visitors over the JAML on numerous, successive occasions will, over time, draw the attention of an increasing number of Earth’s citizens who share our belief that developing a transparent and peaceful relationship with our Star Visitors will result in several profound changes in our collective understanding. Such changes will have the potential to positively influence the evolution of human societies, clarify where we came from and the direction we need to go, open channels of communication between humanity and these visiting races, and enhance both the short and long term viability of Earth’s biosphere. This is our hope.
Note: Camera photos reviewed 11/19/2013. No anomalous photos obtained.

The JAML is open to the public each Tuesday evening from 7-10 PM. Generally, a documentary film is presented beginning at 7:30 PM, followed by a group discussion of the video. Between 7 PM and 7:30 PM those who come to the JAML but do not have time to stay for the presentation will still have the opportunity to borrow books and/or DVDs from the JAML and take these home to read or view at their leisure. Also, visitors are free to come and go during the presentation, as their needs require. Admission to the JAML is free. A voluntary donation box is placed at the entrance for those who desire and are able to financially support the JAML.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

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