May 26, 2019

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Can You Really Be Sure All Crop Circles Are Fakes?

Psychologist Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. has collaborated with 20 other scientists in detailed analyses of 40 crop circles. His resulting Kindle e-book, Messages From the Gods: A Scientific Exposition on the Extraterrestrial Origin of Crop Circles (, is enlightening. Presented below is a video in which Dr. Kroth examines 3 of the crop circles addressed in the book, walking us through the logic he has applied toward gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of those crop circles. The interpretation of the intention or meaning behind crop circles requires consideration of both their objective observables and their surrounding circumstances, and Kroth has done an admirable job of ferreting out and exposing those details in a way that is understandable and entertaining.

  1. kdm Dharmapala says:

    Crop circles are kind of summons gazetted by universal supreme God ‘s kingdom.I trust 100% about the Messages because I can understand the truth.

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