Aug 15, 2013

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Cattle Mutilations Continue in Nebraska and Missouri!

August 15, 2013

I have mailed the following letter to Nebraska rancher Alex Peterson, Kansas DVM Dr. Nathan Boyer, and over 300 veterinarians registered with the Montana Veterinary Medical Association. Mr. Peterson and Dr. Boyer were both involved in a recent investigation of 4 cattle mutilation events which have occurred over this summer on the Peterson ranch in Nebraska.

August 26, 2013
Dear Mr. Peterson,Dr. Boyer, and Montana Veterinarians,

My name is Richard K. O’Connor, M.D. I have worked as an anesthesiologist in many hospitals over the past 28 years, but most of my professional career has been at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, Montana. The fact that I work as an anesthesiologist is germane to the content of this letter. Having been a close observer of a wide variety of surgical procedures over many years, I know what surgery looks like. I know surgery when I see surgery.

For several decades now, various Montana ranchers have been host to the perplexing events which have been dubbed “cattle mutilations”. I am certain that many of you have heard of these events, and perhaps some of you may have been consulted to investigate one or more of these grisly scenes which have been very similar in nature to those which recently occurred this summer on Alex Peterson’s Windmill Ranch in Haigler, Nebraska. I became aware of these most recent cattle mutilations which occurred on the Windmill Ranch through the reporting of journalist Linda Moulton Howe, via her website, Earthfiles

Due to Linda Moulton Howe’s many reports about cattle mutilation events since the late 1970’s, those of us who have never personally witnessed a mutilated cow or other large mammal can well know what these look like. In my opinion this phenomenon, which Ms. Howe and the media refer to as cattle mutilations, would more accurately be described as rather sophisticated surgical dissections. These procedures respect fascial planes and repeatedly involve nearly identical excisions of specific animal organs and tissues. These procedures are bloodless, stereotyped procedures carried out with surgical precision. As far as I am aware, the surgical instrument which is evidently used to carry out these large animal dissections, leaving the cut edges of the animal’s hide cauterized and with an obvious and well defined serrated edge appearance (as seen in many of Ms. Howe’s detailed photographs) are not used in hospital operating rooms anywhere in this country. The commonly used “Bovie” electrocautery units ubiquitously encountered throughout hospital operating rooms in the USA leave a cauterized but straight edge incision, always. The same would be said for surgical steel (Bard-Parker) blades, surgical lasers, and harmonic scalpels. Neither of the latter two is commonly used for skin incisions.

That these extensive and complex mutilation procedures are carried out in rugged and remote areas such as those where so many of the past large animal mutilations are known to have occurred makes the use of high-tech, AC-electrically powered surgical instruments seem unlikely at best. The fact that oftentimes there are no tire tracks, human foot prints, hoof prints, blood on the ground (or on snow), or other signs of struggle encountered at the scene is curious and, in fact, alarming. At least one of Alex Peterson’s cattle appeared to have been dropped from a height, sustaining a spinal cord injury, and many other similar instances of large, heavy animals showing evidence of having been dropped to ground from a significant height have been described by Linda Moulton Howe. We are indebted to Ms. Howe that she has been so persistent in her pursuit of the Truth underlying the cattle mutilation phenomenon. Ms. Howe’s detailed reports of these events are leading us toward an astounding conclusion.

Ex-Colorado governor Richard Lamm allegedly stated that “the School of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University had concluded that cattle mutilations were caused by humans using knives”. In my opinion the forensic evidence (or rather lack of such evidence) thus far acquired through the study of this phenomenon is completely inadequate to firmly establish such a conclusion. The large animals most frequently discovered to be surgically mutilated, i.e. mature cattle and horses, are incredibly strong and powerful animals. They would need to be completely subdued in order to carry out these highly invasive and surgically precise mutilation procedures. However, these animals have not been discovered with lethal penetrating gunshot (or other sharp trauma) wounds which would indicate that the animals were killed with a firearm prior to these events. We must therefore consider other means by which the complete unresponsiveness and “cooperation” of the animal might be induced, and the obvious answer is through the use of anesthetic pharmaceuticals.

I am aware of only one study which has searched for traces of drugs (not toxins, but drugs) in biopsied tissue or serum samples obtained from these animals. That study concluded that a lethal dose of potassium chloride may have been utilized to kill the animal prior to its dissection. This suggestion is as unhelpful as the “humans using knives” explanation. High serum levels of potassium and chloride would be expected in animals which have been lying immobile on the ground for even several hours, due to the inevitable rhabdomyolysis (death of muscle cells spilling their high content of intracellular potassium and chloride into the animal’s bloodstream and/or tissues). Amazingly, no study of which I am aware has been carried out to look for residual tissue or serum levels of anesthetic or hypnotic drugs commonly used in either veterinary or human anesthesia practice. Perhaps the absence of such studies has been due to a lack of available funding, but in my view such studies would strongly suggest whether or not human beings have been /are involved in these large animal dissections. To wit, drugs discovered = human perpetrators; no drugs discovered = not humans. Given what is currently known about these large animal dissections, if and when such drug studies are carried out, my guess is that no drugs will be discovered. This statement brings me to my next point.

Both Nebraska rancher Alex Peterson and Missouri rancher Lyn Mitchell have openly vocalized the “unthinkable” question – i.e. are these procedures being carried out by a non-human intelligence? We are currently experiencing 4 phenomena on this planet which are all ongoing and which are all equally perplexing. These phenomena are the “UFO phenomenon”, the “crop circle phenomenon”, the “cattle mutilation phenomenon”, and the “alien abduction phenomenon”. The UFO phenomenon is, in my view, firmly established as real. This point is no longer debatable, and I can effectively defend this statement. We might legitimately debate the place of origin of UFO’s, or who or what the intelligence is which manufactures and operates them in our atmosphere, but we can no longer deny their real existence.

While working as an anesthesiologist in Helena, one surgeon with whom I had the pleasure to work and come to know well personally is Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr. It was Dr. Marcel’s father, USAF Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr., who recovered the debris from a crashed UFO outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947. Major Marcel Sr. brought those materials to the Marcel home in Roswell on the evening that they were collected, he displayed them to my friend (his son) Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr., and he plainly stated that those recovered debris materials “were not from this Earth”. This is a fact. Because I know Dr. Marcel quite well, I know that he is not a liar and I know that he is not prone to fantasy. Any account you may have heard over the years which proffers a different history about this important event is a lie and is intended to deceive you.

Most people with whom I have spoken who have had the courage to step out of the boundaries of accepted scientific dogma and who have taken the time and made the effort to review the great deal of evidence which surrounds these different, but I believe related phenomena, have come to the conclusion that the most likely explanation for what people are seeing and experiencing is that UFO’s are interplanetary spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. This is referred to as The Extraterrestrial (ET) Hypothesis. After years of reviewing all of the available evidence, this is my conclusion as well.

UFO’s have been a part of our reality for over 6 decades. Precisely why these intelligent ET beings have taken an interest in this planet and in our civilization we can presently only guess, but it is not difficult to produce a list of possible reasons of why this is evidently so. Thus far, the best responses we have been capable of mustering to their presence here has been for our militaries to act aggressively toward them, and for our governments to deny their existence through misleading statements (i.e. lies) to our world’s population. In my opinion these are not adaptive strategies to employ as we attempt to grapple with the new reality that, apparently, we are not alone.

Evidence continues to accumulate which indicates an increasing probability that we are indeed being contacted by highly intelligent ET beings who have their own agenda and who are evidently capable and willing to act very dispassionately toward other living creatures. This is not a condemnation of these beings. Their actions demonstrate little difference from our own with regard to our ultimate intentions toward cattle raised for beef, other livestock nurtured for that purpose, and, sadly, in many examples throughout the world, each other. What I (gratefully) find interesting is the apparent “favored status” which human beings have evidently enjoyed over many years of several hundreds of instances of these ongoing, nearly identical large mammal mutilations which have occurred on several continents and in many countries. I am concerned about how we might go about maintaining humanity’s apparent favored status of exclusion as the subjects of similar ET study.

I have little doubt that should these beings decide that they desire to study human beings in the same manner that they have been studying our livestock, they will be quite capable of doing this. Given what we presently know about UFO technology and performance, and what we know about the details of these mutilation events, we should not doubt this. I, for one, do not wish to be viewed by ET on a par with cattle, and I think we should do whatever we are able to insure that humanity continues to be regarded by ET in a different light than an Angus bull or a Hereford cow.

Many will regard this suggestion that human beings could possibly become the subjects of ET study in a manner similar to these ongoing, large mammal mutilations such as occurred recently in Nebraska and Missouri as ludicrous and unthinkable, but in my opinion this would be a mistake. We could take our apparent “favored status” for granted, but would such an assumption be justified? We now can strongly suspect that we are dealing with a non-human, highly intelligent, and technologically advanced civilization, but we know little else about them. Caution would dictate that we take whatever steps we might take in order to distinguish our own species from Earth’s other large mammals. We must demonstrate that the human species is indeed of a “higher order” and is deserving of a continued favored status with regard to the ongoing animal dissections which have thus far ( like the crop circles) been unstoppable for essentially four decades.

Here are my suggestions:
1. We acknowledge that these repeated large mammal mutilations may be perpetrated by a non-human agency.

2. We formulate a strategy to prove or disprove this hypothesis;
a. All states in which these stereotypical “mutilation” events are repeatedly occurring should mandate and fund forensic pathological studies which should include tissue (especially brain and liver) and serum analysis for the presence of hypnotic and/or anesthetic drugs commonly used in veterinary and human anesthesia practice: hypnotics (propofol, pentothal, etomidate, ketamine), opiates (morphine, fentanyl, sufentanyl), and paralytics (curare, pancuronium)). Add to these your own list of commonly used drugs in your large mammal veterinary surgical practice. In my opinion, if such drugs are not discovered and there exists no other evidence of lethal gunshot wound or other lethal sharp trauma, then we can strongly suspect that human beings simply cannot be responsible for these acts.

3. Document all cases which involve spine, long bone, skull and/or pelvic fractures which would suggest that these animals may have been dropped from a significant height.

3. I suggest that journalist Linda Moulton Howe be invited to speak at next summer’s AVMA convention in Denver Colorado July 26-29, 2014 . Ms. Howe has accumulated a great deal of forensic evidence over the many years she has been investigating this cattle mutilation phenomenon, and it is time that veterinarians across the U.S. be made aware of what she has discovered about these nothing-less-than-incredible events. (I have no business connection to Ms. Howe and she is not selling anything other than her detailed knowledge about the nature of these events).

If we as a civilization can find the will and the courage to finally approach this inscrutable phenomenon head-on, engaging in forensic studies from a “perhaps these acts are being carried out by ETs” perspective and using the tools of science, it is my hope and my belief that we will begin to better understand the agency responsible for these shocking procedures and, perhaps eventually, why they are occurring. Through such an approach we may continue to be regarded by those ET civilizations that have apparently arrived here as being an intelligent, higher-order species which warrants being regarded as separate and apart from the cattle and the horses which I believe they surgically dissect whenever their perceived need, whatever that need may be, arises.

We are being deliberately provoked toward the serious consideration of an ET etiology of cattle mutilations. These animals are left behind for the rancher to find in the condition that they are discovered for a reason. After 30+ years and hundreds of these mutilation events which have occurred in many states, in many countries, and on at least 4 continents, modern veterinary medicine has offered no other reasonable explanation for how and why these events are continuing to occur. No arrests have ever been made in connection with these heinous acts. It is time that we all begin to seriously consider the unthinkable.

Please feel free to forward this letter to any of your colleagues. I welcome your comments, criticisms, and/or ideas.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Dept. of Anesthesiology, St. Peter’s Hospital, Helena, MT
(406) 461-2823

  1. Hello, with respect to these points:
    “I, for one, do not wish to be viewed by ET on a par with cattle, and I think we should do whatever we are able to insure that humanity continues to be regarded by ET in a different light than an Angus bull or a Hereford cow.”
    I think it is naïve to think that an ET or other being with a vastly different sentience than us would treat us any differently than humans treat animals that we share this earth with. It reminds me of the old adage ‘I didn’t stand up for the Gays, Jews etc… when the Nazis came to get them because I was none of those, but now they are coming for me I wish I had. I say we should walk the walk, treat all beings with equal respect and perhaps the ET will be merciful and follow our lead. Being Vegan is the best place to start when proposing true peace for all.

    • I cannot argue that being vegetarian is a more enlightened, compassionate path. In my opinion, being vegan is an extreme to which I would not go. I would like to see an evolution in the ethics and standards of animal husbandry such that the animals that would provide human sustenance via milk and milk derivatives, and eggs, would be housed, communicated with, and fed in such a way that they truly received some measurable benefits through their relationship with their human “employers”. Thus, we would be talking about a real relationship, where both parties involved would realize gains in the quality of their lives via such an arrangement. This is really no different than the human employer – employee relationship, other than the animals involved would not have the option of “quitting their job” due to the fact that they have an extremely narrow “skill set” (producing milk or eggs) and very limited mobility. Just my opinion.
      There are other social issues which accompany a vegan lifestyle which complicate arrangements at family gatherings, holidays, etc. and make double work for the host / hostess. In my experience, vegans will almost never break with their principles and consume what is kindly offered during times of these special circumstances. Cooking for large numbers of people while simultaneously dealing with the vegan factor can make life more difficult for those hosting the event. Vegetarians can almost always find something in the mix that they can eat. Vegans – not so much. In Montana, where wind chills can drop to -50 degrees and stay there for days and the ground can remain snow covered for months, I would rationalize that a cow or a chicken would gladly surrender some milk or an egg if they were provided with good food and a relatively warm area to stay out of the wind. I think that these are the goals we should be aiming for in our relationships with these animals that have the unique ability to provide very nutritious, and enjoyable food for human beings. I do think we need to evolve toward treating all animals with more respect.

  2. patrick Mchenry says:

    Dr. O’Connor may not be aware of Ted Oliphant’s research conducted while a police officer in Fyffe County, Alabama. He has reported that lab analysis showed the presence of human pharmaceuticals in test samples taken from some of the mutilated cattle he investigated. Also the former NIDS of Las Vegas, NV, in their study of three mutilations in Utah, which they particularly were interested in because of the relatively short time elapsed from the time of the animal’s death, mentioned the possibility of some chemical having been used. In Canada, Barbara Campbell reported a chemical(not sure of the name maybe THAA?) found in a mutilated bull. It is probably not aliens who are wholly responsible for this. They may be helping or lending technology, but as Ted Oliphant and some other investigators theorize, it is probably some agency of the government assisted by the military using a technology we the public are unfamiliar with, to carry on a contagious disease sampling program. At least some of the findings support such a theory.

    • Patrick,
      In modern day animal husbandry the administration of pharmaceuticals to animals is routine. Many animals raised for food or otherwise receive “human pharmaceuticals” at one time or another. Antibiotics and anti-parasitic drugs would be the most prevalent examples. Mutilated (surgically dissected) animals should be tested SPECIFICALLY for the presence of narcotics, hypnotics, and/or anesthetic drugs commonly used in both veterinary and human anesthesia practice. If these are not found, and if there is no other evidence that the animal was killed prior to the procedure (which in almost every case there isn’t), then human beings can be ruled out as playing any role in the perpetration of these procedures. I am not familiar with THAA.
      If our government / military were carrying out infectious disease research on farm animals, it would not be done in this completely bizarre and clandestine manner. Required tissue samples for such an investigation could be and would be easily obtained at slaughterhouses from randomly selected animals.
      I would be very surprised if our military / national security agencies were not extremely aware of and very interested in the cattle mutilation phenomenon. We can bet that they are trying to learn all that they can about what is happening in these cases. They should be very interested in these cases, but they would definitely not want you or I to be aware of their interest, as this would rightfully be interpreted as confirmatory that the phenomenon is real and that they (our government / military) do not have a handle on the who, what, when, or why of this phenomenon. Thus, it is not at all surprising that unmarked black helicopters have been seen and reported in association with the cattle mutilation phenomenon. We should expect this.
      If the cattle mutilation phenomenon is one day proven to be of non-human origin, then the “wall of secrecy” (read ridicule, disinformation, and obfuscation) surrounding the UFO phenomenon will crumble in a hurry. It will then become obvious to everyone that if a non-human agency is behind the cattle mutilation phenomenon, that agency must also be responsible for the UFOs that are being reported with increasing frequency in our skies. In order to maintain UFO “secrecy”, it is in the interest of the government / military to have you believe that they may be involved in these cases, because that view helps them to maintain the UFO cover-up. In believing that the government / military is behind this phenomenon, you are right where the disinformation specialists want you to be.

      • Pat mchenry says:

        Dear Dr. O’Connor, thanks for replying. What puzzles me is the “inhuman” character of the crime. The animals are left mutilated in plain sight without a sign of respect for the dignity of the animal that civilization has honored through the ages. Contrarily, a technology more advanced than that which we are familiar with is evidently used.

        • Pat,
          I understand your confusion about this and I share your sentiments while also acknowledging that we know next to nothing about how these beings reason or how they justify their actions. Mutilated animals are left where they will certainly be found with injuries that are as horrifying as they are enigmatic. I have sometimes wondered if these procedures are being carried out for no reason other than to gain our attention and prompt us to ask the obvious question, “Who is responsible for this, and why?” It has become obvious to those who look that these procedures cannot be done in the way they are done by humans, and therefore the only possible conclusion is that there is another intelligence involved as the perpetrators. One would think that a race of beings advanced enough to arrive here and carry out these procedures would value all life more than they apparently do, but their reasons for being involved in these actions may be more complex than we can fathom at the present time. We just don’t know.

  3. Barb Campbell’s research into Bovine and other animal mutilations is really first rate, the televised presentation which included her work stated that laboratory tests of mutilated cattle carcasses indicated the presence of a Tryptophan derivative Hydroxyanthranilic acid. This might be present due to the use of an advanced form of chemical laser, far surpassing our deuterium fluoride lasers, further supported by the lack of heat scarring associated with common lasers. The situation is in some ways quite similar to pre Chinese Tibet, pre colonial Africa, or the 15th century Americas, when a better armed civilization encounters- in this case,us. Reading the late Ingo Swann’s work “Penetration” would indicate that some of these bio removals seem to be performed by biological androids; in these instances the culprits may have been in our proximity for longer than most would think.

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