Jul 30, 2013

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CCRF Supports the Crop Circle Access Pass!

Important information lost forever? We will never know.

Important information lost forever? We will never know.

This crop circle is a “casualty on the field”. It has fallen victim to a frustrated farmer’s mower before high quality aerial photographs of its design details could be obtained. The failure to document this Crop Circle’s original design is a tragedy – one which will repeatedly occur unless a new strategy is adopted that will help to insure that every new Crop Circle is quickly documented, AT LEAST via professional-quality aerial photographs. The CROP CIRCLE ACCESS PASS (CCAP) is that new strategy, and CCRF applauds Monique Klinkenbergh and those who have collaborated with willing farmers in designing this new program. This Indiegogo crowd-funded campaign is an effort to provide a source of financial compensation to frustrated U.K. farmers who experience real monetary losses due to crop circles which are discovered in their fields and the damage done by tourists who come to witness them.Today, CCRF has purchased a 2013 Crop Circle Access Pass in support of the CCAP initiative. Even if you will not be personally going to the U.K. to experience this summer’s Crop Circles yourself, we ask that you consider supporting the CCAP initiative by purchasing a CCAP. To learn more, go to the CCAP website.

Below is a brief video presentation obtained at a recent Crop Circle Lecture Series in Devizes:

We are now seeing the consequences of the escalating frustration of U.K. farmers as many resolve to destroy new Crop Circle designs discovered in their crop fields. Who could blame these farmers? Farmers work hard to produce the food we eat, and their efforts are subject to the vicissitudes weather, market conditions, and crop diseases. Their risk for loss is high from the start, and that risk of loss is further increased when throngs of plant-smashing tourists begin showing up in their fields with each new Crop Circle discovered. Monique Klinkenbergh explains the concept of the Crop Circle Access Pass:(click on the Crop Circle to view Monique’s presentation)

I have commented before that if it is accepted that all Crop Circles are made by humans (which they are not), then it appears as though U.K. law enforcement agencies have completely abdicated their responsibility to protect U.K. farmers against acts of trespass and vandalism. Theirs is an abject failure to even attempt to enforce these laws. Why this situation might exist has been addressed in other posts on this website. Essentially, it is this; people do not make all Crop Circles and the U.K. military/government knows this but does not want the people to know this. Therefore, they do not even attempt to enforce laws against trespass and vandalism, and they allow and encourage the “mystery of the crop circles” to continue. My sympathies lie with the farmers whose fields are not volunteered, but rather are selected, to host a new Crop Circle.

To erase any Crop Circle prior to obtaining aerial photographs of it is just wrong. The debate about the origin of all Crop Circles has not been settled! If some Crop Circles are indeed gifts to humanity from a separate, non-human intelligence intent on assisting our civilization to ascend to a more enlightened plane of awareness through the medium of Crop Circles, then we have no business immediately destroying these beautiful creations before they have, at the very least, been photographically documented from the air. Hopefully, the Crop Circle Access Pass will serve as a means of pacifying farmers who have been losing an estimated 500 -1000 BPS per Crop Circle. In the case of U.K. farmer Tim Carson, this amounts to a loss estimate of perhaps $120,000 USD over the years!

CCRF believes that the Genuine Crop Circles are of immense importance to the process of awakening our world to a new reality. They are WAKAN. Therefore, each and every Crop Circle, whether of man-made or of paranormal origin, must be documented via aerial photography before it is inevitably destroyed. While on-the-ground documentation of the detailed features of Crop Circles is also extremely important and should be routinely and methodically carried out only by coordinated teams of qualified, vetted, and dedicated Crop Circle researchers, high quality aerial photographs must be the first priority. It is imperative that such photographs be obtained before any Crop Circle is destroyed by a frustrated farmer and the information conveyed through that formation is then irretrievably lost.

The concept of the crowd-funded Crop Circle Access Pass (CCAP) is a much needed and long overdue measure. As is evident in the bar graph above, it is struggling to raise funding in its first season of existence. CCRF encourages all persons who understand that the Crop Circles are perhaps the most important true phenomenon happening in our world today to lend their financial support to this fledgling funding effort. Should the CCAP become wildly successful in its fund raising efforts and find that excess funds become available, CCRF encourages those in control of the CCAP purse strings to consider the following suggestions:

1. Funding could be made available for paying pilots and professional photographers for their efforts to obtain detailed aerial photographs of each and every new Crop Circle.

2. Funding could be made available to provide farmers with sophisticated night-shot video surveillance equipment, enabling them to video-record any nocturnal activity in their fields. Widespread application of this approach might have resolved the man-made vs. paranormal debate long ago. If U.K. law enforcement agencies refuse to enforce the law, then video-surveillance equipment could be used to acquire the required evidence needed to identify and apprehend human vandals. A paranormal source of the Genuine Crop Circles might be captured using this strategy.

Please support the Crop Circle Access Pass initiative!!

  1. Matthew Williams says:

    Moniques scheme was ill thought out as farmers have been threatening to cut out crops en-masse for the last 20 years. Only since this scheme came into action this year and Monique was acting like she was in charge of the farmers fields without their blessing that they said “enough is enough” and actually cut out lots of circles. It is no good Monique saying that “they said next year they will cut them” and making out she is helping – she is intefering. She isn’t from the area and doesn’t know the history. Crop Circles have survived nicely without interference from foreigners like Monique and the farmers will probably cut out even ,ore next year because they dont want to be told who they can or cant have in their fields – especially when she is taking money from the public to pay “all farmers” and then she ends up **only** paying the ones who allowed access. So digging the knife in even further and this is proabbly why there wont be many circles in the main area next year because of intefering people like Klinkenbergh… in my opinion.

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