Dec 19, 2014

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Christmas, Crop Circles, and Modern-Day Miracles In Holland

This is a Native American Pictogram.

This is a Native American Pictogram.

This was drawn by Robbert's friend, Stan.

This was drawn by Robbert’s friend, Stan.

It’s almost Christmas, and I am happy about that! While I cannot claim to be a church-going, Bible-reading Christian, I was raised as a Catholic, I attended Catholic elementary school, and I do appreciate the moral foundation that this upbringing helped to instill in me. I admire and I respect the work that Jesus Christ accomplished over his too-short life here on Earth, and I celebrate Christmas as a day that commemorates the birth of this man who attempted to show mankind, through his own thoughts and deeds, how we must all “do unto others as we would have them do unto us”. This is the essence of Christ’s teaching and , if we all followed the “Golden Rule” we would not, for example, kill one another. Wars would be anathema and human caring and kindness toward one another, and toward all life on Earth, would rule. Christmas reminds us that, if we and our progeny are to ever live together in a just and peaceful world, we should and we must continue to strive toward incorporating Christ’s example into each of our lives.

Many in our society readily acknowledge and affirm as Truth a number of alleged miracles performed by Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. None of us were actually there to witness these events, yet millions of Christians throughout the world proclaim their belief that Christ’s wide variety of alleged miracles – walking on water, parting the seas, making the blind see, turning water into wine, re-animating the dead, multiplying loaves and fishes out of thin air, rising from his tomb and ascending into heaven etc. – actually and factually did happen.

If so many people, then, can so strongly believe in Christ’s alleged miracles, why can they not seem to relate to the modern-day miracles taking place within the crop fields, each and every growing season, around the world? Why does the Catholic church remain silent about the ongoing Crop Circle phenomenon? Why doesn’t Pope Francis speak up about this? Why do the Catholic church and other Christian religions not dedicate some portion of their considerable resources toward the documentation and scientific study of these nothing-less-than-miraculous Crop Circle events?

THIS IS A LINK to a recent article written by Nancy Talbott concerning ongoing and truly miraculous Crop Circle events unfolding in Holland and involving the life of Robbert van den Broeke.

A crop circle forms at Robbert and Stan's feet!

A crop circle forms at Robbert and Stan’s feet!

My “Christmas Wish”, my prayer, is that something will happen soon that will help all of us to fully understand what is happening all around the world as manifested through both the Crop Circle and the UFO phenomena. There can be no doubt that we are being Contacted by some intelligence, yet the nature of this intelligence remains an intriguing enigma. It is my hope that, in 2015, this intelligence will finally and clearly reveal to the human race the who, what, when and why that I, among many others, can so clearly discern as being of the utmost importance to mankind. If we can all finally and appropriately focus our attention on these ongoing, modern-day miracles, then perhaps that much-needed revelation will come. That is my hope, and this, too, is my prayer.

  1. James Lough says:

    Happy Holidays to Richard and all who support the Museum’s efforts. While I live too far away to come by to see the Museum, I enjoy the posts and support the Museum’s mission. I particularly enjoy the book recommendations. Both Joan Bird and Ardy Sixkiller Clarke are excellent writers who have expanded my knowledge with their writings. Adding Pay Pal makes it easier to support the Museum and I hope all who enjoy its work will pitch in to help.

    • Dear Jim,
      Thank you for your endorsement of The Jesse A. Marcel Library. I plan on attending the 2015 IUFOC and hope that I will see you there. Your support of the JAML is very much appreciated!

  2. Dear Richard,
    I am delighted to finally know of you, and I am amazed that I haven’t known of you before this. As a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and regression therapist I have conducted regressions to at least 2300 encounters with ETs that 1700 individuals have experienced. I am totally convinced of the reality of a large variety of extraterrestrial races, and the many procedures they do with the people they visit and work with. In looking into this phenomenon in depth since 1991, I am impressed with the largely benevolent motivations and services of most of these beings. My current focus is on the ET-human hybrid people who are living among us and giving excellent service and upgrading of consciousness to us human beings. This will be shared liberally in my forthcoming book, Meet The Hybrids, co-authored with Miguel Mendonca, released by late 2015.
    I am saying all this for you to know that I am totally trusting that the UFO and ET phenomena are real, and my opinion is that we should all be told the truth about them. In the meantime WE are the disclosure, by writing, lecturing, being interviewed about these subjects and by sharing in every way we can.
    I am also a dedicated crop circle researcher and educator, having visited crop circles in England each summer since 1991, having personally visited hundreds of crop circles, having written the book Crop Circles Revealed, and having given numerous lectures on this subject. I am gratified that you are so respectful of this phenomenon, as I am, and recognize the significance of the beautiful symbols which are loaded with messages from our space beings.
    I see that you have been to the International UFO Congress, and I hope you will attend the February, 2016 Congress where I will be speaking on Meet The Hybrids, and introducing to the audience at least five genuine hybrids who are wonderfully serving humanity. I hope to meet you there.
    Bless you for your excellent work and your inspiring attitude,
    Barbara Lamb

    • Hi Barbara,

      I do plan to be present at the 2016 IUFO Congress and will definitely attend your presentation. I look forward to learning more from your human-ET hybrid associates. I am curious to learn about how they are integrating into our society, what challenges they face, and how they are working on this planet to help humanity move away from what, for many, still continues to be a rather brutal life experience and toward a world in which human beings can live in a just and peaceful coexistence with each other, with our ET visitors, and with planet Earth.

      Thank you for the work you are doing to help our world come to some important and very necessary realizations.

      I hope to obtain a copy of your new book Meet the Hybrids to place on the shelves of The Jesse A. Marcel Library here in Helena, MT, so please let me know when the book becomes available.

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