Apr 1, 2011

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“Completely Ridiculous Associated Piffle” – Michael Shermer

“It just means that more work needs to be done to bring these anomalies into the accepted paradigm.” – quoting Michael Shermer and taken from his recently published review in Scientific American of author Leslie Kean’s book UFO’s: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record. You can read Shermer’s review at http://www.scientificamerican.com/article.cfm?id=ufos-uaps-and-craps.

Mr. Shermer’s article goes on to define phenomena which may be, and very likely are, associated with the UFO Phenomenon (the crop circle phenomenon, the cattle mutilation phenomenon, and the abduction phenomenon) as “CRAP’s”, which Mr. Shermer defines as “Completely Ridiculous Associated Piffle”.

Mr. Shermer’s statement underlines a problem with “modern” science which apparently continues to harbor the same basic mindset that existed at the time of Galileo. If observed phenomena, reported by honest and credible people, do not fit into their existing scientific paradigm, Mr. Shermer and other “scientists” of his mindset will simply attribute it to “the residue problem in science” and label it as “CRAP”. How simple (minded). They will continue to work hard to fit these square pegs into their round holes (hopefully) in order that they will not have to admit to themselves and others that (this will come as a surprise to them) they do not yet understand everything about this universe in which we exist.

Mr. Shermer, you have been an unrelenting, effective, passionate, and unfortunately widely-publicized naysayer regarding the significance of the UFO, Crop Circle, and related phenomena for years. Your efforts have, without a doubt, persuaded many who might have developed even a casual interest in these remarkable events to look away and disregard them as the “piffle” that you claim them to be. Through your statements you effectively ridicule and insult those individuals who have shown us the courage to come forward with accounts of their experiences to a world which is only too full of people like you who are ready to assail their experiences and label their observations as “CRAP”. You are not truly a scientist, and in my opinion your inflated ego is surpassed only by your apparent inability to comprehend how unimaginably expansive and diverse our universe truly is.

Everyone else, please enjoy this excellent film reviewing many of the Crop Circles which were created for each one of us during the 2010 Crop Circle season. Mr. Shermer is not invited.

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