Aug 31, 2016

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A Requiem For Mars in a Shark Tank Universe

Conclusion: Dr. John E. Brandenburg’s hypothesis of a previous nuclear holocaust on Mars, if correct, radically raises the stakes when we consider the possibility of “The Mars Solution” being inflicted on Earth, either by ourselves or by a “second party”. We are now faced with solid scientific evidence that global nuclear destruction is a very real possibility on a nuclear-armed planet, and we must look no further than to our closest neighbor in our own solar system to understand that this can and quite possibly did happen on Mars. Additionally, there is now a plethora of good evidence suggesting that Earth and our civilization have been under the close scrutiny of a “second party” for decades, if not centuries. Where they come from is not relevant. That “they”, whoever “they” are, are regularly reported in our skies is highly relevant. A subset of that evidence can easily be interpreted to be warnings – warnings about nuclear weapons and nuclear war. Three examples of such evidence are described below. Brandenburg’s conclusion, if correct, informs us that it is no longer appropriate to ridicule and deny this evidence. “Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL ‘citizens” would seem to be very sound advice. In the face of this, and considering all we have to lose (everything, forever), the imperative to proceed conservatively but with haste toward world-wide nuclear disarmament becomes obvious and pressing. Let us hope our leaders will find the wisdom and the courage to take this appropriate and, I believe, very necessary action. With our nuclear weapons we have been hurtling through space on a ticking time bomb and under what may have been, all along, a false assumption. That assumption: that it was only us who could pull the trigger.
To Wit:
Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD (Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC) has been invited to present a research paper at the upcoming American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space 2016 conference to be held in Long Beach, CA September 13-16, 2016. The information Brandenburg will be presenting, if his hypothesis is proven correct, is stunning.

Dr. Brandenburg claims his research indicates that planet Mars was, in its remote past, subjected to 2 very powerful atmospheric nuclear blasts that were intentionally carried out and appear to have been an over-the-top, deliberate attempt to sterilize Mars of all life.

Brandenburg’s theory does not address who might have done this or why this was done, but he does claim that his theory is the only explanation that satisfies all of the data he has uncovered through his reviews of Mars atmospheric data and aerial photographs of 2 specific, northern hemisphere regions of Mars’ surface – areas surrounding Cydonia Mensae and Galaxius Chaos.

What makes this story even more interesting is Brandenburg’s claim that he presented his data and his conclusions to the Pentagon and, after 6 months of waiting, received a “go-ahead-and-publish” notification from the Department of Defense! This is an auspicious beginning to a series of possible actions that may turn a planet and its people onto a safer heading once again.

In a recent interview with journalist Linda Moulton Howe, Brandenburg explained his findings. This interview is worth your time:

To see and hear Brandenburg present his findings, this You Tube video is also worth a look / listen. Brandenburg’s opening comments make it clear that he is no government patsy, but his mantra of God, Guts, and Guns make little sense in the context of a now apparent shark-tank universe that is ancient and mostly unknown to us.

Brandenburg has not commented, as far as I know, on whether or not the 2 nuclear blasts he postulates destroyed all life on Mars might have resulted in dramatic changes to Mars’ atmosphere as well, changes that persist today, but I include the following link that speaks for the possibility that it may have:

When we acknowledge that Brandenburg’s qualifications as a nuclear / plasma physicist appear to be genuine, that he has been cleared by the Pentagon to make public (disclose) his conclusion, and when he states that his conclusion is “the only conclusion” that matches the available data, we can realize that his arguments are clearly worthy of our close attention.

Given the stakes involved, it is my opinion that we should:

    presume that Brandenburg is correct unless and until proven otherwise.

The stakes in this are so high, in fact, that it would be irresponsible to avoid taking this admittedly uncomfortable position. So, if we accept Brandenburg’s conclusion as valid, what then follows?

Please consider the following points:
The most important question we should be asking is this: Why was there an apparently successful attempt to sterilize the entire planet of Mars using thermonuclear weapons?

Was this was a last-ditch effort to control a universally fatal and extremely contagious infectious disease that could not be allowed to spread from Mars? This seems unlikely, but if so, such action could have been taken by the Martians themselves, or by a “second party”. Alarm bells. Did the Martians do this to themselves as we too are presently poised to do – in a global nuclear war? Alarm bells.
Were the Martians wiped out in a nuclear confrontation between their civilization and a “second party”, one that I will call “The Watchers”? Louder alarm bells.

If a “second party” was involved in the nuclear holocaust that destroyed life on Mars, who were/are they?

Either they were human beings (our ancestors), which seems very unlikely for obvious reasons, or;
they were a technologically advanced but separate non-homo sapiens sapiens species that evolved here on Earth and have managed to evade our awareness, which also seems unlikely, or; they were a separate, intelligent, technologically advanced ET race from somewhere else – perhaps Sitchin’s Annunaki. Given Brandenburg’s Mars evidence, in conjunction with other current evidence that strongly suggests that this planet is under surveillance by a separate, non-human, technologically advanced intelligence (tens of thousands of UFO reports, thousands of crop circles, thousands of cattle mutilations, and ever-increasing whistleblower testimony – do your homework), we must consider this possibility, now more than ever, to be a real possibility. When considering that evidence and the now apparent high stakes involved in these considerations, we can perceive a need to act very cautiously and conservatively, unless and until we have more information. In this case, acting cautiously and conservatively will mean presuming that a separate, highly intelligent and technologically sophisticated group, possibly The Watchers, did this to Mars and to its people for a reason yet unknown to us. That they (or their descendants) remain with us here on Earth, or near Earth, today has been indisputeably proven for those who will take the time and trouble to look at the evidence with an open mind.

Does Brandenburg’s hypothesis strengthen the argument that our own civilization is currently experiencing Contact with one or more highly intelligent but separate civilization(s)?

Brandenburg’s hypothesis, if true, does strengthen the argument the we are currently experiencing Contact because it proves that at least one other intelligent, nuclear-armed species and civilization did, at one time, independently evolve – either on Mars, on Earth, and/or somewhere else in our universe.

If ANY possible scenario invokes the participation of a “second party” in the nuclear destruction of Mars (it does), and given the pervasive evidence that our own planet is currently under surveillance by an advanced but non-human intelligence, how should we respond to this?

Given our limited understanding of all of this we should presume that they or their descendants still exist. We should presume that they may be one and the same group as The Watchers, and we should take this potential association very seriously, unless and until proven otherwise. We should presume that our own civilization has also been under the close “second party” scrutiny of The Watchers, at least since the beginning of our atomic age.

Why would they have done this to Mars and its inhabitants – and why might they do the same to us?

We currently believe that Darwinian evolutionary principles apply throughout nature and throughout our universe. Living organisms of all descriptions struggle for their own long-term survival, and that struggle never ceases. Clearly The Watchers, if they did this, must have considered the inhabitants of Mars to be a threat – for some reason. The threat of a highly contagious infectious disease seems unlikely, although it could be argued that war-like tendencies combined with nuclear weapons of mass destruction might be considered by The Watchers to be an infectious disease. We must consider the possibilty that the inhabitants of Mars were developing or had developed nuclear weapons, that they were at a similar level of technological development as we are today, and they may have been inherently war-like. Like us. It is interesting to note that the Roman god of war was none other than – Mars.

Why might they now consider mankind a threat?

UFOs have been reported in our skies in increasing numbers since the dawn of our nuclear weapons program. Have we ever threatened The Watchers with our nuclear weapons, or otherwise? Perhaps The Watchers may consider the very existence of our nuclear weapons to be a threat to them for reasons unknown to us. That aside, there is plenty of evidence to show that we have done this, and we must question whether the primary rationale (of those “in-the-know”) for maintaining these obviously senseless weapons of mass destruction could now be, after the Cold War, another MAD (mutually assured destruction) strategy directed at The Watchers, rather than at Russia. This strategy would seem to involve an estimate that we can somehow “outgun them”, as Brandenburg seems to rather flippantly propose. Would our use of nuclear weapons against each other somehow pose a risk to The Watchers? I don’t know, but it seems inconceivable that they would not interpret the present situation as one of unprovoked aggression toward them. There is a reason they are called “weapons of mass destruction”, and it is very likely that The Watchers might value this planet as much as we do (or should).

We must acknowlege an inconvenient Truth: that mankind collectively, willingly, and unconscionably threatens the very existence of each other and, perhaps more significantly to The Watchers, that of Earth’s biosphere; minute by minute, day after day, in our vain efforts to advance “our” geopolitical goals, our religious dogma, and/or our economic interests with the ever-present threat of actually using our nuclear weapons. This cannot be considered rational behavior by any advanced civilization and could rightfully be regarded as a disease. Such behaviors would necessarily be considered by The Watchers as a severe flaw in the ethical / moral fabric of our species, and an indication that we simply cannot be trusted to “do the right thing”. Sadly, they appear to be correct, and I believe they would consider our character flaw to be of great relevance to their own longer-term survival. We can be certain that humanity will not be allowed to “run with scissors” indefinitely. Over the 250 million years since Brandenbug postulates “The Mars Solution” took place, we can be certain that the technological development of The Watchers has not stood still. In short, we have no idea what we are dealing with.

Is there any evidence that the human race has been warned by The Watchers about anything, in any way, at any time?

Yes, there is. A crop circle of unknown provenance seems to carry what can easily be interpreted as a message of warning.

The message "No More War" is encoded in this crop circle.

The message “No More War” is encoded in this crop circle.

Additionally, multiple interventions involving both ours and Russia’s nuclear missiles have occurred over decades, and these are well documented through the work of UFO researcher Robert Hastings. To fully grasp this you will need to watch Hastings’ documentary UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed. This will cost you a $5 rental fee at, but do it because you need to see this.
To completely grasp this picture, I also recommend that you watch the testimony of Dr. Robert Jacobs:

Finally, in an alleged telepathic message to “CJ” described in detail at Linda Moulton Howe’s website,, everything is essentially spelled out for us in no uncertain terms. The message CJ received, and its decoded interpretation, is shown below.

The binary message CJ claims to have received.

The binary message CJ claims to have received.

CJ's binary message, decoded

CJ’s binary message, decoded

**Please make special note of the phrase “Advancement Imperative for planetary survival

If these apparent warnings to mankind are from a very technologically advanced but separate intelligence, i.e.The Watchers, should we take these warnings seriously?

Until we have more data, we should take these warnings very seriously. Presently, presuming that Brandenburg’s hypothesis about what happened on Mars is our most prudent course of action. And, we simply cannot afford to ignore the well-documented instances when UFOs have tampered with ours, and Russia’s, nuclear missiles. It is quite possible that we have received a warning message about war through a crop circle of unknown provenance. That most people continue to believe that all crop circles are somehow made by other people, based only upon what is simply an assumption, gives me no comfort when I consider that mankind’s future and the biosphere of this planet, our only planet, may be at stake. We are operating in very high risk but unknown country in all of this. We have no idea how The Watchers would choose to communicate with us, or for what reasons. The Watchers appear to be, with regard to their technological development, much more advanced than our civilization. If Brandenburg is correct, we may now have a marker in time as an indicator for just how long The Watchers’ civilization has existed in a technologically advanced state, and it borders on being inconceivable. We are basically clueless about what kinds of technology we may be dealing with, but we are no longer completely clueless about what may have happened on Mars.

It is very possible that we now find ourselves in a “fight or flight” situation. It seems decidedly unwise to “fight” The Watchers with their technologies that are seen in our skies and reported by our fellow citizens. Under present circumstances, what would “flight” look like?

We have established that wisdom lies, at this point in our understanding, in presuming that Brandenburg’s hypothesis is correct, while also recognizing and acknowledging that our world is experiencing Contact with The Watchers. We are under surveillance by perhaps the same group, or the descendants of the group, that did this to Mars. It is entirely reasonable to suspect that our civilization’s stockpiles of nuclear weapons are The Watchers’ primary focus of concern, and therefore we must honestly confront the obvious question; will Earth sustain the same or a similar fate as Mars, unless we take action?

What action should we take, and when?

Given all this, prudence would suggest that we rid our planet of all nuclear weapons, and we do this NOW. This can begin here in Montana, with Governor Bullock and our Montana state legislators declaring that Montana will be a “nuclear-free state”, to start the ball rolling. Clearly, the U.S. government / MIC (military-industrial complex) should Disclose any and all facts known about The Watchers. This demand is plainly stated in CJ’s message: “Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL ‘citizens.” With the publication of Brandenburg’s research and his hypothesis concerning what happened on Mars having been approved by the Pentagon, perhaps we can hope that this is exactly what we are seeing. If our civilization and the Earth are under threat, citizens deserve and need to know this in order to meaningfully participate in this decision-making process.

While attempting to achieve world-wide nuclear disarmament, attempts must be made to develop an open, transparent, and non-hostile dialogue with The Watchers. There will be much for mankind to learn, and we should not cease in these attempts until Contact is made. Our commitment to nuclear disarmament with serious intention will be evident to The Watchers and will perhaps help to precipitate the Contact we seek. Clearly, other scientists must become involved in studying the question “what happened on Mars?” – we need to know if Brandenburg’s hypothesis is correct.

However, we should not wait for this confirmation before taking the necessary actions to rid our world of all nuclear weapons! We have no idea how close we may be, temporally speaking, to a similar intervention (“The Mars Solution”) being inflicted on Earth. With Brandenburg’s Mars hypothesis, suddenly the “shit’s gettin’ real”. The stakes are too high to continue to trifle with this potentially unfolding disaster any longer. At risk is the entirety of mankind’s future, forever, as well as the biosphere of this jewel of a planet, also potentially gone forever. I don’t mind taking a gamble at times. But, nickels and quarters are one thing – an entire planet is another. Ban nuclear weapons.

I look forward to the comments of others.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.

  1. Yesterday I watched a documentary about the crop circles occurrences in many countries. Then today I found your freshly written article. Unfortunately, I have more questions than suggestions so far.
    Thanks for posting.

    • Dear Andreia,
      I have made some changes to the article this morning that I think are improvements. I would be grateful if you would share this article with others through all means at your disposal. Our world needs to wake up. Thank you for your attention to this.

  2. Very intersesting!

  3. Another lucid and sobering essay Richard, Thank you.
    I wanted to point out that the Circlemakers (Watchers?) have urgently promoted the message of peace this year in two recent formations:
    First the formation of Aug 17 at Nursteed Farm, nr Devizes, Wiltshire appeared to my immediate reaction as 12 Peace symbols.
    Then on Aug 27 the formation at Cook’s Plantation, nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire was an image of a Buddhist swastika–a symbol of peace and love.
    My hope is our intelligence agencies are taking this phenomenon seriously despite the absence of any coverage in the main stream media.

    • Thanks for reading John, and thanks for pointing out that many of the crop circles we receive are of an uplifting and positive nature. This is so true, and I believe that those are the ones that will be our “parachutes” as mankind falls from the pedestal upon which we have placed ourselves for so many centuries. When everyone finally realizes the truth – that we are not alone, we are not that special, and there are civilizations “out there” millions of years beyond us who have successfully gone through all this before. Those that couldn’t are no longer around. We are at a crossroad, learning how “to be” if we want our civilization and this planet to survive. For those who have already caught on, watching the process is frustratingly slow and often emotionally painful, and at this point there is no guarantee of the outcome. Let’s not be like Mars!

      I, too, hope that some of those who are running this show(DoD, NSA, CIA, NRO, AFOSI, DHS and on and on) are paying close attention to these signs. It would really be nice to have some reassurance that this is so.

  4. Ban nuclear weapons and the nuclear industry, too. The nuclear industry behaves too irresponsibly: Fukushima, & etc., etc., etc.

  5. Very well written Richard. Thanks for the discussion on this.

  6. Suzanna McDougal says:

    Richard, I so appreciate your work and attention in this area. Your sharing is very important and I hope many more people have an opportunity to read this.

  7. You’never get the Russians to comply or be sympathetic to this idea. They test there new long life nuclear powered warhead’s and spew Chernoble amounts of radiation across their 11 time zone continent and population,and eventually the whole world. Many test failures as well put huge amounts of radiation in the biosphere. Insanity.

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