Feb 20, 2011

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Could Human Beings Have Made These Crop Circles? We Don’t Think So.

  1. Yvonne Stewart-Taylor says:

    We are certainly not alone in my opinion. I was fortunate in 1976 to see a UFO, what I believe may well have been as wide as two dual carriageways including three grass verges, one on either side and the central one. It was motionless for a good ten minutes, and we, my Father and Mother, my sister and I were able to get out of our car and get a good look at it. There was no sound, no vapour trail and pannel lights in oblong formation around the rim. It was circular with a smooth undercarriage, rounded like an upturned saucer. When it did move it shot away at such speed that we only caught a last glimse of it as it moved over Benson Knott a large hill near kendal westmorland. I will never forget what I saw. I have since spoken to other witnesses of the same craft. I have no doubt that this is from another planet. One last observation was the lights and the colours of the oblong pannels, they looked like pastal colours, but different to our earth colour spectrum. My great Uncle described something very similar which he had observed in the 40’s in Scotland close to the Moray Firth, no we are certainly not alone. They are far more advanced than we are.

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