Jun 4, 2019

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Crop Circles: Cling to Them!

Before proceeding, please listen to this short interview between Fox News’ announcer Tucker Carlson and Luis Elizondo, previous director of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP):

If you have not been following the (drip, drip, drip) series of very recent UFO disclosures coming semi-officially from the Pentagon, here is a summary of what we have been told so far:

  • UFOs are real.
  • UFOs “may represent a threat” to our national security.
  • UFOs have been captured and recorded on both FLIR and radar systems on many occasions. So far, we have been allowed to view 3 of those recordings (Tic-Tac, Gimbal, and Go-Fast videos, recorded on both coasts of the US by US F-18 SuperHornet fighter jets).
  • The US military has been aware of, and interested in, UFOs since at least 1947 (i.e. since the time of the “Roswell UFO Incident”).
  • UFOs are a world-wide phenomenon.
  • UFOs are being encountered by both US military and civilian pilots very frequently – at times daily.
  • “Near misses” of UFOs with our military aircraft have occurred on multiple occasions, and fewer with civilian aircraft.
  • UFOs operate, at will, in the near presence of our most advanced Navy aircraft carrier strike groups (USS Nimitz, USS Roosevelt).
  • UFOs are unlikely to originate from a terrestrial source – there is a “low probability” UFOs are the result of any US, Russian, Chinese, Indian, or other country’s space or military programs. Spelled out, UFOs are, most likely, of extraterrestrial origin.
  • UFOs exhibit capabilities in lift, propulsion, low observability, trans-medium travel (from atmosphere to ocean), and velocity that far exceed our most advanced fighter jets. Our finest pilots cannot engage, but are allowed to come close enough to see and to recognize that these machines are like nothing they have ever encountered before.
  • UFOs have the capability to access highly encrypted information known only to pilots and to aircraft carrier based air traffic controllers. They knew the airborne lat-long coordinates of our pilot’s rendezvous location and could arrive there long before our pilots.
  • The US military has recovered debris form UFOs and is currently studying those debris intensely, through (at least) multi-million dollar R & D projects centered at Bigelow Aerospace. (We should all be asking how this came to pass.)
  • Robert Bigelow has publicly stated in a televised interview he knows, for certain, there is an ET presence around Earth.
  • Select members of Congress have recently been briefed about each of these facts by Navy pilots, by previous AATIP Director Luis Elizondo, and by previous Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon, and likely by others in-the-know.
  • A female, active duty, “high-ranking officer”, Navy pilot has gone on the record, through the History Channel’s program Unidentified: Inside America;s UFO Program, stating the details of her airborne encounter with a UFO. As an active duty, USN officer, she would not have spoken of this publicly had she not been given permission by those in charge of managing UFO information.

We are presently undergoing the process of UFO Disclosure through this series of revelations UFO researchers and activists have been calling for for many decades. This is happening now. As this process proceeds, and as citizens finally begin to internalize the full realization that “we are not alone”, some may feel anxious or frightened that a technologically superior intelligence, and one that is very likely non-human, is now insinuating themselves into our consensus reality. We cannot be absolutely certain whether these beings will be friend or foe. To approach this question, we must consider the decades-long and relatively benign history of the UFO phenomenon in general and, perhaps more importantly, the apparently benevolent features of the also long-standing crop circle phenomenon. For those who may begin to feel anxiety or fear about what is happening, the crop circles can offer some well-founded reassurance that we have nothing to fear from the beings “behind the wheel” of the UFO phenomenon, be they human (i.e. time-travelers, or from an ancient but “broken away” human civilization that evolved on Earth long before the beginning of our historical records), or otherwise. For a variety of reasons grounded in the history of the UFO phenomenon, not the least of which are my many face-to-face conversations with my friend and medical colleague Dr. Jesse A. Marcel who was directly involved in the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, I strongly suspect it’s otherwise. That is to say, I strongly suspect these beings are non-human.

They, the intelligence behind UFOs, have bestowed these incredible gifts, the crop circles, to mankind for now over 4 decades. Crop circles have been raining down in crop fields throughout the world, every summer, in all weather, created over night in darkness, and without an interruption in any single growing season. Amazingly, they are always completed, never interrupted, always beautiful and perfect in form, now numbering in the many thousands, created for free, with no claims of authorship by any person (excepting a few) and, on occasion, several have become manifest at locations far distant from one another in a single night!

Crop circles have been presented to mankind in preparation for precisely this moment in time.The crop circles can serve as a parachute for the free-fall many are going to feel as this process of UFO Disclosure moves forward and their previous worldview begins to unhinge.

In the crop circles we can see that the intelligence behind them shares our appreciation of form, balance, beauty, and excellence. Now knowing that we have been deliberately misled about the real existence and extraterrestrial origin of UFOs, we are also informed that we have been, by the same methods, deliberately misled about the true origin and significance of the crop circles – and for all the same reasons. Like UFOs, crop circles have been maligned and disrespected, portrayed as “pranks with planks” for decades, as a mendacious strategy to prevent people from asking probing questions – questions like “Who’s creating these magnificent works of art in our crop fields?” Those who long ago decided to adopt this strategy of “information management” (i.e. misinformation / disinformation) regarding UFOs and crop circles had their reasons for doing so, right or wrong. I am not interested in making judgments about those decisions, at least not for now.

What I do feel important, at present, is to point out to people that the crop circles are also very real and have been no less mystifying than UFOs. We have already received a couple this spring in the UK (see photo). It is not our fault that some leaders, behind the scenes, became determined to hide the truth about these phenomena from us. We depend on our nation’s leaders, military and otherwise, to guide us down the most appropriate path for the benefit of our nation, our citizens, and hopefully, for this planet as well. It will remain to posterity to determine if, with regard to UFOs and crop circles, they have faithfully fulfilled this obligation. The more pressing issue, at present, is that we all transition into this new and very different worldview as peacefully and with the least disruption in “the doings” of our society as possible. Of the following I am relatively certain. Crop circles, those beautifully created works of art imprinted into the landscapes of this world for decades, have been gifts to mankind all along. If we can allow this concept to firmly take root in our consciousness, we will find the consolation, the reassurance, and the courage that will be required to face the unknown. The crop circles portend a future that holds great promise for all mankind. Declaring war on these highly intelligent and technologically advanced beings does not. To do so will constitute a grave error.

To those beings who have had the generosity of spirit and the prescient wisdom to preemptively bestow these gifts to mankind in preparation for this moment in time I say Thank You! May we learn to live together in peace while together we work to make manifest and multiply the goodness of this universe we share!”

Richard O’Connor, MD

  1. Kirk D Johnson says:

    I think like Jacque Valee that these beings are hyper-dimensional; like now deceased Dr. Chuck Missler, Dr. Tom Horn, L.A. Marzulli, etc., believe. Hyper dimensional beings appear to cover both types of biblical beings, termed as “Messengers” in Hebrew, and ‘angelos’ in old Koine Greek.

    • Perhaps they are hyper-dimensional beings. I don’t know exactly what that might mean. Have they learned how to translocate themselves between dimensions? Might human beings be able to do that as well, if we can learn how? We need to make Contact! We must try to have direct interaction with these beings, that we can begin asking important questions, the answers to which may be imperative for the survival of our civilization and all species on this planet. Step 1 is to end the UFO cover-up. Hopefully, that is happening now.

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