Oct 29, 2020

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DEW Weapons and Crop Circles. Is There a Link?

This essay presents ideas some will attack as speculative. This is a fair criticism. Readers must use their discernment and decide for themselves whether these ideas have merit. 

Either all crop circles are created by people, or they are not.

If one crop circle, out of thousands that have appeared, was not created by a person or by a group of people, that event would be highly significant and would merit further crop circle research.

For over 40 years, many crop circle researchers have attempted to answer these difficult questions. Are all crop circles created by people? If not, then who, or what, is responsible for the origin of any crop circle not made by people, how are they created, why are they created, and do they convey meaning?


The Crabwood crop circle that appeared in August 2002 is unique among all crop circles. Arguably, it remains the most glaring example of just how difficult it would be for a person, or a group of people, to impress a massive image (390 feet X 240 feet) like this in a field of ripened wheat, in the darkness of night, undetected, that is so complex, and is devoid of errors.Well documented in aerial photographs (see Lucy Pringle https://cropcircles.lucypringle.co.uk/photos/2002/uk2002dl.shtml#pic2 ), the Crabwood image features a stereotypical “grey alien” holding a “disc” in its left hand during the era when CDs (compact discs) were the predominant means of digital information storage. This photo of the Crabwood crop circle was taken by Lucy Pringle.

Lucy Pringle also provided this close-up photo of the Crabwood disc detail. Crop circle researchers Eltjo Hasselhoff and Paul Vigay (also a computer programmer), realized and confirmed that this “disc” featured 1208 “bits” of binary 1’s (wheat left standing) and 0s (wheat laid down), representing 151 ASCII characters that create the  26 words displayed in the Crabwood disc’s message:     

This photo shows the details of the Crabwood disc.

“Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.” (https://www.cropcircleresearch.com/articles/alienface.html)

For 18 years, many have questioned who created this message in wheat, why this message was transmitted in this way, and what this message is intended to mean.

Does this message still have relevance today?

A Singular Method

Only this 2002 Crabwood crop circle, out of thousands[1], employed this singular method of using exactly parallel horizontal lines of constantly varying width, from left to right, to generate the observed shading effect. That shading, when viewed from above, creates the stereotypical image of the grey alien. That fact is remarkable. One crop circle, out of thousands.

We know some crop circles are created by people using planks and ropes. Staged demonstrations of this activity have been video recorded, even in the darkness of night. For many, these staged demonstrations have become generalized to imply all crop circles are created in just this way. Colin Andrews and other researchers have persistently maintained that over 80% of crop circles have been created by humans in this way – using ropes and boards.

Thoughtful consideration of the circumstances surrounding the creation of thousands of crop circles, the scant yet important scientific data that has been gathered, the singular method of shading used to develop the 2002 Crabwood image, and especially the message embedded in the 2002 Crabwood crop circle, give reasons to question Andrews’ conclusion. More about that further on.

“Boots on the ground” people employing planks and ropes?

Below are listed considerations and circumstances that must be addressed to come to satisfactory answers purporting to explain the who, what, when, why, and how of crop circles in general, and the 2002 Crabwood formation in particular.

  1. If humans using ropes and boards (IHURB), how and where do they learn and practice creating these complex and expansive images at full scale, in all types of crops, including corn? (In a corn field it is difficult to see over the tops of the plants, to know where you are in relation to others.)
  2. IHURB, after thousands of crop circles, why have (essentially) no perpetrators been arrested and prosecuted for trespassing and crop vandalism?
  3. IHURB, why are thousands of crop circles created for free?
  4. IHURB, why, in most cases, are there no credible claims of specific authorship?
  5. IHURB, how are these always created at nighttime, sometimes in almost total darkness?
  6. IHURB, how are crop circles created that are never discovered interrupted, or incomplete?
  7. IHURB, how are thousands of crop circles consistently created without apparent errors? 
  8. IHURB, how and why are these expansive and complex designs created in inclement weather?
  9. IHURB, why all this effort to create landscape art that is so temporary, with crop fields harboring crop circles often harvested, or even deliberately destroyed by angry farmers within days, and in some cases within hours (Crooked Soley, among others) after a crop circle is discovered?
  10. IHURB, how do we explain the appearance of “ghost” crop circles? https://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/trick-or-treat-considering-the-avebury-henge-cropcircle-ghost/
  11. IHURB, why eyewitness reports of fog, mist, or steam clouds forming over new crop circles? https://www.earthfiles.com/2009/10/15/woman-witnessed-1996-crop-circle-appearing-opposite-stonehenge-2/
  12. IHURB, why do plants exhibit expanded and/or exploded stem nodes, scorched seed heads, insects “welded” to seed heads and stems, enlarged cell wall “pits” under light microscopy, angled (but not bruised or broken) stems, crystallization and compaction of crop circle soils, and linearly decreasing concentrations of meteoritic iron deposited on plants and in soils from the center out, in a Beer-Lambert distribution? http://www.bltresearch.com/
  13. IHURB, why have a dead and desiccated porcupine (Canada), hedgehogs (UK), and a bird that appeared to have exploded (UK) been discovered within a few crop circles?  
  14. IHURB, why no footprints discovered in muddy crop fields?
  15. IHURB, how is it that some crop circles clearly demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of truly esoteric scientific discoveries and mathematical theorems? Closely examine these crop circles referencing graphene and solar energy (White Sheet Hill) http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/omg-another-prescient-crop-circle/, a specific Ho-Mg-Zn quasicrystal (Jubilee Plantation) http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/a-cropcircle-and-a-quasicrystal/ , and the obscure mathematical formula termed “Euler’s Identity” (Wilton Windmill) https://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/wilton-windmill-an-invitation-to-communicate/. The molecular structures of vitamin A, niacin, and melatonin have been accurately portrayed in crop circles. At Woolaston Grange, we observed a crop circle apparently referencing the Oldbury nuclear power plant in the UK that experienced a venting accident one year later; http://cropcirclesresearchfoundation.org/happy-holidays-2016-and-thank-you-for-these-gifts/. Listen to Dr. Jerry Kroth’s in-depth analysis of 4 crop circles in this interesting lecture. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weO3y9Kq-Tw  
  16. IHURB, why have “balls of light” and “dark columns” been filmed/observed over and within crop fields harboring crop circles. One video, filmed at Oliver’s Castle in the UK, displayed 2 balls of light creating a crop circle; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19AJk5mMTh4.
  17. IHURB, why eyewitness reports of UFOs and/or bright flashes of light precisely located over or around areas where crop circles have occurred?
  18. IHURB, why do crop circle seed heads uniformly bend in the direction of the swirl of the formation?   

David Flynn’s 2002 Crabwood Analysis

To fully appreciate the multiple layers of information referencing Roswell that were ingeniously encoded into this Crabwood 2002 crop circle, listen to David Flynn explaining his deep-dive analysis of this amazing glyph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbdro2KNoZc&list=PLzCpKOfzUCeIgyba1Ubqkz45o4uvYRI

To summarize only a portion of Flynn’s less controversial findings, the 2002 Crabwood crop circles informs us that:

  1. The formation displays 1208 binary 1s and 0s encoding 151 ASCII characters creating the 26 words of the Crabwood message, in English.
  2. The year of the Roswell UFO “crashes” – 1947.
  3. The number of days (184) from Jan 1 to the date of the Roswell UFO “crashes’” discovery on July 4, 1947.
  4. The latitude and longitude marking the center of the accepted Roswell UFO “crash” sites area.
  5. The distance, in miles (4983), from the Crabwood crop circle to the accepted Roswell, NM “crash” sites area.
  6. The distance, in miles (1208), from the latitude of the accepted Roswell UFO “crash” sites area to the latitude of the Crabwood crop circle.
  7. That 3 UFOs “crashed” in the accepted Roswell “crash” site area. (The 3 “UFOs” are displayed over the grey alien’s right shoulder).

Flynn’s analysis tells us that the 2002 Crabwood crop circle clearly referenced the legendary Roswell UFO “crash” – when it happened, where it happened, how many UFO craft were involved, and that “grey aliens” were involved – consistent with the claims made by Col Phillip Corso who saw the alien bodies. (See The Day After Roswell, a book writtenby Col Phillip Corso).

New Information

Today, thanks to To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science and to the New York Times, we are presently experiencing a semi-official UFO Disclosure Process. We now know UFOs are real and are not-of-present-day-human origin. If the reader is not aware of this, please take time to review the following articles recently published in the New York Times:

Note the phrases “Including off-world”, and “CONUS” (Continental US).

We now know that a concerted effort, one sanctioned and ordained by the 1952 Brookings Institute’s Robertson Panel, was instigated, and tasked to misinform, to distract, and to direct public attention away from the UFO phenomenon. Successful for 7 decades, its influence is still felt today. However, it is becoming increasingly clear that mankind has other Visitors, and this situation has likely existed for (at least) several centuries.

In 1486 (The Annunciation by Crivelli) and even in 1719 (The Baptism of Christ by de Gelder), the only near objects in the sky known to and readily recognized by people were birds. In 2020 we now know flying machines exist and UFOs are real. We no longer refer to UFOs as “The Holy Spirit”. We know that some UFOs are not produced or operated by present-day humans. When we consider both UFOs and the Crabwood crop circle today in 2020, we are better able to discern what is humanly possible, and what is not.                              

The Campaign to Misinform Was Complicated by Crop Circles

Threatening to upend this mendacious public programming effort to dissuade public attention away from UFOs, the crop circle phenomenon began attracting public interest in the early 1980s. People began taking notice of these enigmatic designs showing up in crops and were questioning who, or what, was creating these crop designs, how, and why? This crop circle (photo below, left) appeared in a wheat field in 1990 at Alton Barnes, Wiltshire, in the UK and drew further public attention when the popular rock band Led Zeppelin featured it on the cover of their Remasters album in July of 1990.

In the midst of the cold war, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI / “Star Wars”) was announced by President Ronald Reagan on March 23,1983. Reagan’s announcement was publicly televised. Reagan’s SDI proposal outlined plans to place US defensive anti-ballistic missile weapons in space, with the goal of defending the US and its NATO allies against a nuclear ballistic missile attack coming from the Soviet Union. The SDI proposal was soon criticized as contravening the previous Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT 1) that prohibited ant-ballistic missile weapons as a potentially destabilizing factor in the tenuous MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) nuclear standoff. Therefore, the SDI program was, allegedly, set aside. As we will see, SDI was never set aside. It went underground.

Throughout the 1980s the US military-industrial complex (MIC) was also deeply involved in attempts to reverse-engineer alien-derived UFOs recovered from Roswell and elsewhere. UFO whistleblower Bob Lazar informed us of this in 1989 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdUeavlbYGM.

After nearly 4 decades of post-Roswell duplicity, the US MIC had become habituated to and enamored with secrecy. Secrecy allows decisions to be made and money to be spent without oversight. The US MIC embarked on its newly appointed but now secretive mission to place an anti-ballistic missile weapon in space.

The “crop circle phenomenon” provided a convenient opportunity for those in the US military-industrial complex (MIC) to proceed with plans to place an anti-ballistic missile weapon in space – under the cover of crop circles. The methods, means, and practices employed over 3 previous decades to confuse the American public about UFOs had, since Roswell, become an entrenched and well-oiled machine used to cover-up all truth about Roswell and subsequent UFO events. Persisting public interest in UFOs since Roswell had never stopped and was re-kindled in 1978 when Major Jesse A. Marcel Sr. came forward with his admission that a UFO was recovered at Roswell by the US Army’s 509th Bomb Group. This renewed public suspicion could be easily “cross-pollinated” with the notion that it could be aliens who were responsible for the crop circles, as it seemed to many that crop circles were coming from the sky.

As we will see, this habit of duplicity and secrecy has allowed for a great number of actions to be undertaken without proper Congressional or media oversight, and these actions are now slowly coming to light. They will be discussed further on. Suffice it to say here that the then-growing controversy surrounding the source of crop circles was nurtured, and at every opportunity that pot was stirred.

Enter the beer-drinking pub buddies “Doug and Dave” (Doug Bowers and Dave Chorley) who claimed it was they who, as a prank, had been creating all crop circles since the mid-1970s. Then came “Team Satan”, soon followed by “The Circlemakers”.

A four decades-long debate had begun. People, aliens, mother nature, plasma vortices, and ley lines were all laid on the table to explain what could not be explained. Spreading as much public confusion as possible about the origins of crop circles was the name of the game. Only a few headlines like these shown above were required to discredit crop circles.

As a psychological operation, this campaign has been phenomenally successful in confusing anyone who dared to attempt to explain the crop circles. Adding further to this confusion, crop circles began appearing by the thousands, their possible connection to aliens from above sustained and used to provide the necessary cover required to secretly place a directed energy weapon (DEW) in space. As a result of this manufactured controversy, crop circles have never captured the widespread public attention these amazing works of landscape art merit – the 2002 Crabwood formation in particular. David Flynn’s analysis of the 2002 Crabwood crop circle, demonstrating its unique characteristics and hidden clues, gives us a compelling reason to pause and to question the widespread belief that all crop circles are of human origin. Highly likely, a precious few are not. This author believes Crabwood is one.

We Only Need One

As stated previously, we need only one crop circle, out of thousands, that is not of present-day-human origin to know we are dealing with an intelligence attempting to communicate with all of mankind through a crop circle. Crabwood is an excellent candidate to merit that status. There are a few others that may fit into this category as well.    

Subsets of Crop Circle Origins

To assume all crop circles are created by humans using ropes and boards stretches credulity to the breaking point. Clearly, we are dealing with 3 Subsets of crop circles:

  1. Those created by people using ropes and boards (a few, some).
  2. Those created by people, for military purposes, using directed energy weapons (many thousands).
  3. Those like the 2002 Crabwood crop circle, created by (other-than-present-day-human) beings herein referred to as the Visitors (a very few).

Invoking DEWs – Directed Energy Weapon(s)

Today, crop circle researcher Colin Andrews’ assertion that most crop circles (“over 80%”) are created by “boots on the ground” humans using stomper boards has been widely accepted. However, this method fails to satisfactorily comport with what we know about the crop circle data and in-the-field observations. Most crop circles are not produced using stomper boards, nor by the Visitors.

As explained below, it now seems very possible, even probable, that what we have been witnessing in the method used to create the majority of crop circles is a space-based Neutral Particle-Beam (NPB) weapon, generically referred to as a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), that is both powerful and very precise.

The US Department of Defense “Wants” a Space-based DEW Weapon

We now know the US DoD has, as recently as March 2019, expressed an interest in researching and developing a space-based DEW weapon. The DoD requested $304 million in the US 2020 defense budget to place a NPB/DEW weapon in space.



To add further confusion, the Pentagon is more recently walking that back: https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/09/04/pentagon-halts-work-directed-energy-beam-stop-enemy-missiles.html#:~:text=Pentagon%20Halts%20Work%20on%20Directed%2DEnergy%20Beam%20to%20Stop%20Enemy%20Missiles,-An%20artist’s%20rendering&text=The%20Pentagon%20is%20shelving%20a,missiles%20in%20their%20boost%20phase.

The Pentagon – Masters of Deception

The Pentagon has stated it wants a NPB/DEW weapon in orbit by 2023, expressing its concern that the US may be lagging Russia and China in the pursuit of developing and deploying NPB/DEWs in space. This series of confusing public pronouncements imply the US DoD does not already have at least one, or perhaps more than one, DEW (neutral particle beam, laser, maser, or muon) weapon platform that is/are presently functional and orbiting in space. As we see below, this is unlikely. Why, otherwise, would we now have a need for the new US Space Force? https://www.spaceforce.mil/

There are reasons to doubt the implication that a US / NATO DEW weapon orbiting in space does not already exist. Regardless, we are now assured that our US military leaders view a NPB/DEW space-based weapon as an imperative to bolster US / NATO defenses against a nuclear missile attack by Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or other nuclear-armed terrorist adversary. This goal had been previously stated by Reagan in 1983.

Given our present-day reality that all nuclear-armed countries are continuing down a path leading toward our own inevitable destruction (and all biota with us), one supposes that protecting ourselves from a nuclear attack, to the extent possible, is a supportable idea. Orbiting, space-based DEW weapons have already been and continue being developed to accomplish this goal. An orbiting neutral particle beam (NPB) DEW has the theoretical ability to discriminate up to 3 million false-target decoys at near light speed, making the NBP DEW a prime candidate for a space-based DEW to defend against an all-out nuclear attack. https://fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/lanl/dtic/ADA344854.pdf     

The October 24, 2020 ratification of the United Nations’ Treaty to Prohibit Nuclear Weapons may eventually help us change our present heading but, for now, we must continue to deal with the harsh reality of nuclear weapons while also contemplating why the Visitors have repeatedly disabled, and on fewer occasions activated the launch sequences of both US and Russian ICBM nuclear weapons. (Hastings, 2017) https://vimeo.com/ondemand/ufosandnukes If we continue to doubt the facts of these incidents, or worse, accept them as fact but continue to ignore them, then we are as ignorant as we are anthropocentrically self-absorbed. That the Pentagon has not made these incidents public knowledge is unconscionable. That the DoD is presently requesting fiscal year 2020 budget funding for a space based NPB/DEW weapon, and is informing the public about this now, is significant. 

Not the Pentagon’s Style

When we consider other, previous US Department of Defense (DoD) top-secret projects:

  1. the Manhattan Project
  2. the U-2 spy plane
  3. the SR-71 Blackbird
  4. the B-2 stealth bomber
  5. the (alleged) reverse-engineered TR3-B antigravity craft
Alleged TR-3B anti-gravity craft (Military.com)

(to name only a few) we realize the public was never informed about these DoD projects until each had been essentially completed and was “ready for launch”. Although we heard about the Strategic Defense Initiative in 1983, to now have the US DoD announce a specific, near-future plan to place a NPB/DEW weapon in space while making that announcement to US citizens, and to Russia, and to China, and to North Korea, and to Iran seems, well, out-of-step with its past practices. The timing does not fit. We must question what is going on here. 

The Missing Money

University of Michigan professor of economics Dr. Mark Skidmore, in collaboration with the George H.W. Bush administration’s previous assistant director of housing (HUD) Catherine Austin Fitts, recently reviewed US DoD budget’s “unsupported journal voucher adjustments” between the years 1998 to 2015. Their shocking discovery of 21 trillion dollars in unsupported voucher adjustments begs the question – on what was this simply colossal sum of money spent by the DoD? 

Given the DoDs not surprising interest in acquiring breakthrough technologies and weapons systems “for the competitive edge of the US military” (Col Phillip Corso) we must ask this question: is it possible that some, even most, of these gargantuan expenditures have gone toward DoD Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPs), with some of those projects directed toward (already) placing a NPB/DEW weapon in space? You are encouraged to ponder this question while reviewing Skidmore’s / Fitts’s alarming findings which have been compiled herehttps://missingmoney.solari.com/.  

Who Knew There Were BEARs in Space?

The DoD has announced they want an orbiting NPB/DEW weapon in space, implying that such a weapon does not already exist. There is a lot of missing money. Do we take all of this at face value? We should take nothing from our DoD at face value, ever.

Most US citizens are unaware that on July 13,1989 the Pentagon placed a NPB / DEW device in space, at an altitude of 200 km. The minimum altitude for sustained unpowered orbit is 150 km. This project was called “B.E.A.R.”, an acronym for Beam Accelerator Aboard a Rocket. The 1m long, 55kg nuclear particle accelerator was designed and built at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Perhaps UFO tattle-tale Bob Lazar may have worked on this project? https://fas.org/sgp/othergov/doe/lanl/dtic/ADA344879.pdf

The 1989 BEAR device

Shown above is a photo of the BEAR, a NPB / DEW device intended to be developed as a US defensive weapon against incoming nuclear missiles. This photo is borrowed from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum’s (SASM) website. LANL transferred this NPB device to SASM in 2006. It is now, literally, a museum piece. A relic.

By 2020, now 31 years later, what new NPB/DEW weapon(s) might the Pentagon (or Russia, or China) have already developed and positioned far above our heads in space, unbeknownst to the American people, to citizens of our NATO allies, and even, perhaps, to most members of the US Congress? What might these projects have cost if BEAR’s one or several replacement(s) has already been positioned aloft? Maybe the cost was a significant fraction of 21 trillion dollars? 

Shown below is a photo illustrating the destructive capability of a NPB weapon. Note the obvious heat

signatures. This photo was from a ground-based demonstration of a NPB device at LANL.

The experimental BEAR NPB device was placed in orbit and tested on July 13,1989. This “very successful” experiment lasted 11 minutes, with the BEAR NPB device (allegedly) functioning in space for only 4 minutes. The public was told that the BEAR device was soon recovered, and its post-flight functionality was subsequently tested and confirmed. And that was it? Even if this information is accurate, to assume the BEAR project marked the end of the Pentagon’s interest in a NPB weapon they had so successfully tested in space in July 1989 would seem, at best, naïve.

Cover Crops – the Crop Circle Numbers

When we consider existing statistics of crop circle numbers each season, we discover a marked and sustained increase in the annual number of crop circles – beginning in 1989 – coincident with the launch of the BEAR NPB device.

In 1988, 56 crop circles were recorded. In 1989, 152 crop circles were recorded. This sudden rise in the number of crop circles each year began precisely in the summer of 1989 and was sustained each year through 2005. LANL gave the BEAR NPB device to SASMuseum in 2006. Beginning in 2006, crop circle numbers each summer have shown a slow but steady decline.

For the years spanning 1980-1988 (9 seasons) there was an average of 28 crop circles recorded annually. For the period from 1989 through 1997 (9 seasons) an average of 270 crop circles was recorded annually – almost a ten-fold increase!

Complexity in Crop Circle Design

A more subjective assessment of increasing crop circle complexity, perhaps a yardstick of a purported NPB/DEW device’s overall capabilities, might be expected if a NPB/DEW weapon, deployed in 1989 or soon thereafter, was being evaluated and constantly upgraded or even replaced, perhaps with several iterations. Efforts to refine and enhance its functional capabilities – controllability, focus, beam coherence, beam divergence, aiming precision, energy scatter, and the power outputs required to penetrate Earth’s atmosphere and yield a measurable effect on a standardized target – in this case a crop circle in a crop field, would have been ongoing. As new trainees came onboard, these novice operators would need to be trained in its use.

Below, examine these scaled renderings of crop circle designs from the years 1990 and 2000, one decade apart. These annual crop circle compilations, useful for this comparison, were posted on Facebook by Raul Castellar. Castellar’s work and attention to detail are hereby noted and much appreciated.

These illustrations reveal an evolution in crop circle design complexity and show the increase in the absolute numbers of crop circles occurring over these 2 summer growing seasons separated one decade apart. These crop circles all appeared in the decade immediately following the launch of the BEAR NPB device in July 1989.

Auto CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) software became available to the public in 1982. Today, software used to create 2 dimensional, complex geometric designs is common place and available for free online (https://www.freepatternsarea.com/designs/laser-cut-free-wood-wall-clock-dxf-plan-files/). Here are some an examples:  

Software to create 2-D images like this is available on the internet for free today.

Does this data prove the Pentagon (and/or Russia, and/or China) has been creating crop circles from space while, under the cover of crop circles, testing, refining, and training operators in the use of a space-based NPB or other DEW device? No. Does this data strongly suggest this may be the case? Yes.

“Boots on the Ground”, or Shots from Above?

“Boots on the ground” humans creating most crop circles over 4 decades using rope and plank “stomper boards” does not fit the scientific data or the ground observations to explain what crop circle researchers have previously labeled “genuine” crop circles. The Visitors, yes (Crabwood, a few others). Humans, yes. Stomper boards, rarely. DEW space-based weapons – yes, many thousands of crop circles.

Invoking a space based NPB or other DEW device to explain the origin of most crop circles fits nicely with nearly every data point. Whether this NPB/DEW hypothesis would also explain the multiple reports of recently charged but then quickly drained camera and phone batteries in proximity of newly discovered crop circles remains unclear. If crop circles are created with a space-based, CAD assisted laser DEW, this seems doubtful. However, invoking a space-based, CAD assisted NPB DEW as the culprit could leave behind a crop circle that, for some period of time, would remain out of electromagnetic equilibrium as electron shells and atomic nuclei impacted by NPB “billiard ball” particles exhibit a temporary state of disarray in each plant’s molecular and atomic structures. This question is left to nuclear physicists to clarify. Would there be a residual, reversible electromagnetic effect from a NPB focused on an organic crop field area? If so, how long might such an effect linger?

All Nuclear Armed Countries Are in the Northern Hemisphere

Although crop circles are an international phenomenon, they have almost exclusively been limited to crop fields located in the northern hemisphere. This finding is also shared with every nuclear armed country – each and every one is located in the northern hemisphere. A spaced-based NPB/DEW weapon employed in US / NATO defense against any nuclear aggressor would be positioned to orbit and to function in space so that its destructive energy could be focused on nuclear targets launched from sites located solely in the northern hemisphere. Not surprisingly, “practice run” crop circles show up almost exclusively (>95%) in the crop fields of the US and our NATO allies. Australia is an exception but has also traditionally been a close US / NATO ally.

 MOD Lyneham is in Wiltshire


It is now apparent that “Subset 2” crop circles have likely been a joint military space-based DEW operation the US has shared with its NATO allies. Notably, MOD Lyneham is near Chippenham, Wiltshire, and within the epicenter of decades of UK crop circle activity. MOD Lyneham houses the regimental headquarters of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME). These fellows seem like a jolly group to be involved in developing and testing a space based NPB / DEW weapon.

The frequent question of why so many crop circles have appeared in the Avebury area of Wiltshire in the UK is answered when we consider that MOD Lyneman  is 17 miles (26 minutes on the A4) from Avebury, the area who’s crop fields were long ago chosen to serve as the standardized targets of a US / NATO space-based NPB / DEW weapon. With each new test shot, personnel from nearby MOD Lyneman could quickly be on the scene, well in advance of crop circle tourists, and able to obtain any required, uncorrupted data necessary to assess the results of new test shots as refinements were made in the functional parameters of the space-based NPB / DEW being tested.

Further crop circle research could focus on determining the latitude-longitude positions of previous and new crop circles in geo-spatial relation to nearby US or NATO military installations. Such a correlation certainly holds in the southern UK. Crop circle researcher Jeremy Northcote has explored the geo-spatial relationship of year 2002 crop circles in the UK. Northcote’s mapping demonstrated that fully 88% of UK 2002 crop circles fell within 4 southern UK counties (Wiltshire, Hampshire, Devon, West Sussex), all within close proximity to MOD Lyneman and thereby allowing quick access, via surface roads, to thousands of crop circle test sites.       

Meteoritic Iron, Iron-Rich Microspheres, and 9/11

Surprisingly, crop circles in general, and 2002 Crabwood in particular provide evidence that brings the official 9/11 narrative into question. This gets complicated.

By 2020, arguments that challenge the 9/11 “official narrative” fill volumes. Logically sound arguments that debunk the official government 9/11 narrative have been put forward by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth https://www.ae911truth.org/, author David Ray Griffin (The New Pearl Harbor), Pilots for 9/11 Truth  http://pilotsfor911truth.org/, and author Christopher Bollyn (Solving 9-11), among others. So far, the mainstream media has successfully kept these alternative explanations corralled using the all-too-familiar label of “conspiracy theories”, the same strategy employed over decades to dissuade the public away from the UFO phenomenon.

Iron-rich microspheres adherent to crop circle plants under light microscopy.

Biologist W.C. Levengood’s discovery of “meteoritic iron” and iron-rich microspheres deposited on “genuine” crop circle plants and in their soils is a discovery that may be consistent with a NPB / DEW device being involved in their creation.

This photo of iron-rich microspheres obtained from a crop circle is featured in Dr. Judy Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go? on page 333. (http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=

Curiously, these iron-rich microspheres are a finding crop circles share with soil samples obtained from the “ground zero” area surrounding the previous World Trade Center within days after 9/11. Admittedly, a prodigious amount of metal welding and grinding was required in the construction of the Twin Towers. Perhaps this accounts for the iron-rich microspheres found in soil samples obtained from the area surrounding the destruction of the Twin Towers. Perhaps. However, this shared finding may offer additional evidence that a NPB / DEW weapon has been involved both in the creation of the vast majority of crop circles, and in the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11.

A professor of structural engineering and materials science, Dr. Judy Wood has offered several compelling proofs that a DEW weapon was involved in the destruction of the Twin Towers on 9/11. Her book, Where Did the Towers Go?, presents a number of lines of evidence to support this “inconvenient” conclusion. To fully appreciate what follows, reading Dr. Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go, is indispensable.

What Does the 2002 Crabwood Message Mean?

Returning to the “Subset 3” crop circles – those “genuine” crop circles typified by the 2002 Crabwood crop circle and its amazingly encoded layers of information clearly referencing Roswell. What does 2002 Crabwood’s message mean? The binary-encoded message: “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain but still time. Believe. There is good out there. We oppose deception. Conduit closing.” could be telling us more than many of us will want to know. After 18 years we are now in a better position to understand its meaning.

Into the Weeds

The 2002 Crabwood crop circle was gone with that summer’s harvest. There is no possibility of getting that formation back for further scientific study. All we have to go on are the photographs, our intellects, our intuition, and our history. What is written below is an analysis gathered from all of that.

Crabwood was sent to us on August 15, 2002, ten months after 9/11 happened and during the first crop growing season that followed 9/11. August 15 was extremely near the date the Crabwood wheat field would eventually be harvested; therefore, Crabwood was deliberately created as close to the date of 9/11 as was possible. Given the Crabwood message, there can be no doubt Crabwood was sent to us to in reference to 9/11. Given Flynn’s analysis, Crabwood also certainly references Roswell.

There is a high probability that the US military and its NATO allies have been deceptively creating thousands of “false gifts” in crop circles utilizing a space based NPB / DEW weapon while also deceiving our world’s entire population about this, under the cover of crop circles, for decades. If so, this would not have escaped the attention of the Visitors. They were being implicated in this.

We would all take for granted that a US / NATO space-based DEW weapon, if it exists, would be used only for US / NATO defense against incoming nuclear ballistic missiles. However, the 2002 Crabwood crop circle tells us something different, something upsetting, and something entirely consistent with what the 9/11 truth movement and Dr. Judy Wood have been trying to tell us for years.

Since crop circles first came on the scene, the Visitors have been implicated in their creation – not by association, but rather by data and observations too confounding to be attributable to people, or at least to our people. Citizens, lacking a better explanation for the sudden and truly mysterious appearance of thousands of crop circles, gave voice to their suspicions and, operating in a void of truth, it became the Visitors who were sending us these “gifts”. Under the circumstances, that conclusion was as natural as it was predictable. Human beings have always looked to the heavens for answers we do not have. Today, UFOs are seen in that sky. UFOs that, we know, do not belong to us. Those who knew the truth of the crop circles’ DEW source did not speak it, but rather allowed this false explanation to fester for decades.

Then came 9/11, the event in which a NPB / DEW weapon, previously and busily employed in creating “false gift” crop circles, was now turned against the American people as the opening shot of a military agenda; another “shot heard round the world”. Through the 9/11 event a “new Pearl Harbor” was created and US citizens were rendered malleable and easily cajoled into supporting the ensuing US / NATO wars in the Middle East. These wars led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents, wars whose justification was unlawfully manufactured through the use of a weapon that once produced gentle and beautiful crop circles, “gifts from the Visitors” – or so we were allowed, perhaps even encouraged, to believe.

If we can put ourselves in the Visitors’ place, their statements in the 2002 Crabwood message will take on a clearer meaning.

But for perhaps a few (Crabwood in particular), the NPB / DEW-created “false gifts” of crop circles do not come from the Visitors. Those astute few who were giving their attention to crop circles were allowed, even led to assume this – but it has never been true.

That the Visitors would take offense at the truth of their real existence, and their motives, being deliberately twisted to create and sustain this illusion should not be surprising. This had happened before with Roswell. Three of their people died in that event. Through Crabwood they have attempted to “set the record straight”. Through Crabwood they stated, very clearly, “We oppose deception”. We can guess that with Roswell, and now with the crop circles and 9/11, their implied “roles” in these situations had grown, for them, into an ethical dilemma; their silence becoming complicity. Through Crabwood they took action to resolve this dilemma, referencing both Roswell and 9/11 in the Crabwood image and in its message.

In their calling out of those who continue to hide truth, the Visitors mention “broken promises” – and that is chilling. We were told to ‘Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises”. The promises that were broken came with 9/11 and the turning of a NPB / DEW weapon on the American people. Broken promises to protect and to defend American citizens, and our US Constitution, will remain painful in the hearts of those whose trust has been shattered for years to come. Those hearts are our hearts, and they will be difficult to repair.

In the 2002 Crabwood message we are urged to “believe” and we are told “there is good out there”. These words are hopeful words to remember as our relationship with the Visitors continues to unfold.

Finally, the three words that should give us all pause; “but still time.” Time for what? These words seem to infer an action we must take – before we run out of time. The Crabwood image and its message, in its entirety, clearly refers to Roswell and to 9/11. It calls our attention to two Big Lies that came out of a military-industrial complex that has grown beyond our control and has demonstrated a worldview and a mindset in which the ends always justify the means. It has become precisely what President Eisenhower warned us about.

The US military has become a powerful and autonomous war machine with goals it perceives as so immutably important that it will stop at nothing, apparently, to achieve them. Its currencies are US dollars and human lives. That this military is armed with nuclear weapons and a NPB / DEW that we now know must exist should be a matter of grave concern to every world citizen. US citizens, in concert with our 2020 tattered government, must somehow regain control over this.   

Recall that the “Tic-Tac” UFO was aware of US Navy pilot Commander David Fravor’s Black Aces’ CAP location and was waiting for them there. The Visitors, especially if they are human time travelers from our future as theorized by Dr. Michael Masters (https://idflyobj.com/), would likely know their own history – in detail.


Dr. Judy Wood’s book, Where Did the Towers Go? https://www.drjudywood.com/wp/

Dr. Leroy Hulsey’s U of AK sponsored study proving that office fires could not have caused the sudden, global collapse of WTC 7. http://ine.uaf.edu/wtc7

Crop Circles Merit Our Attention

The US DoD now has a US Space Force. Why is this?Clearly, the US and its NATO allies have at least one existing, powerful, and extraordinarily precise space based NPB / DEW weapon presently orbiting in space. Certainly, the destructive capabilities of this weapon have been enhanced since its power was demonstrated for the world to witness on 9/11. The proof of this is what we witnessed on 9/11, what we see in the crop circles, and what we were told in the 2002 Crabwood message. It is imperative that every world citizen become aware of and engaged with all of this. Each one of us has, presently, a powerful and very precise “Sword of Damocles” passing over our heads with this weapon’s every orbital transit. Those with their finger on the trigger apparently cannot be trusted.  

Where Do We Go from Here?

The recently ratified United Nations Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/10/1076082offers mankind a way out of this conundrum. This treaty will enter into force on January 22, 2021. Nations failing to honor the treaty will be designated as rogue nations operating outside the constraints of international law. It is left to the citizens of every nuclear-armed country to force this issue and insist that our respective nation’s political and military leaders comply with this international mandate.

The organization International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize, has been instrumental in bringing this UN treaty to fruition. Support them in every way you can. https://www.icanw.org/

  1. Any reader who has personally participated in a space-based NPB / DEW program that involved the creation of crop circles and is willing to talk about this, please get in touch.(rkojaml@gmail.com). We would not know about the connection between nuclear weapons and UFOs if not for “a few good men” who took a risk because they decided it was the right thing to do. Be like them.
  2. Many crop circles feature concentric swaths of crop laid down to create the image. Previously, this was hypothesized to be an artifact of “stomper board” width. These swaths may rather be a telltale sign of the on-the-ground NPB beam width as the beam sweeps through the crop. If any reader understands how to calculate a NPB or a laser DEW beam dispersion width that would impinge on a crop field when originating from varying orbital altitudes, please contact me. (rkojaml@gmail.com)
  3. If any researchers have data showing a residual electromagnetic disequilibrium in organic materials exposed to a neutral particle beam and how long that effect would linger, please contact me. (rkojaml@gmail.com)

The End

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