Mar 5, 2013

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Disney’s Disclosure: 18 Years Ago and Counting!

The following film is an important one. This Walt Disney promotional film was released in 1995, after The Little Mermaid (1989), after Beauty and the Beast (1992), and after Aladdin (1992) – 18 years ago! The film was reportedly aired once and only once, and in only 5 states. In the first 3 minutes of the film you will be informed about the most salient reason, the first and foremost among many, which explains why the U.S. military industrial complex has continued to deny and ridicule the UFO Phenomenon, while doing all that they could to dissuade people from “going there”. Listen to every line of this film, because it is packed with Truths about UFOs and the ET intelligence which has been, and continues to be, here observing this planet. The Truth that we hear revealed in this film is somewhat unnerving, but I believe that the human race can handle it – we must. The “public panic” which those who have controlled this information have, all along, been so fearful of inciting as a result of releasing this information must not become our response to this incredible new reality.

Many will watch this film and conclude that it is, simply and plainly, a Walt Disney, Inc. advertizing ploy intended to whip up public interest in their newest Magic Kingdom attraction Alien Encounters, and certainly this would be true. But, this film was also produced to inform those who are ready to hear the Truth, read between the lines, and listen carefully. The closely held Truths behind the UFO “secrecy” are being carefully and deliberately metered out in digestible quantities through a quite brilliant (and I believe very wise) “Psychological Operation” designed to inform the public about a new reality, gently and over time. It is becoming clear to me that the pace of this program is accelerating and one day, in the not far-distant future, we are going to be more fully informed by unassailable sources about what has really been going on behind the scenes. This film is a part of that plan to open our minds to this new reality. Get ready for what is undoubtedly going to become a ride more real, and more wild, than any you have ever encountered in the Magic Kingdom!

If you remain unconvinced after watching this Disney film, then spend just a little more time and watch this (below). This is John Callahan’s testimony about a UFO which followed a Japan Airline (JAL)747 near Anchorage Alaska in 1986. Mr. Callahan does a very good job of explaining just what happened. This is worth your time to watch.

This eyewitness testimony from John Callahan cannot be denied. Callahan’s testimony is backed up with hard data – radar tapes confirming a very large UFO, seen (and later illustrated) by the JAL 747’s pilot Kenju Terauchi, from the cockpit of the 747 for a period of over 1/2 hour. We should honor the courage of John Callahan and Kenju Terauchi in their coming forward with a Truth which will soon propel our entire civilization into a new age – the age of Contact with another intelligent civilization.

That the alien abduction phenomenon described in the Disney film has been happening over a period of many years has been demonstrated to be an unassailable fact. I suggest that everyone look at Dr. Roger Lier’s newest data regarding alien implants (see Aliens and the Scalpel). Isotopic analysis perfomed on the metals composing these devices reveals that these metals are not from this Earth. In addition, carbon nanotube technology has been discovered to be incorporated within the structure of these implants. The case of the Betty and Barney Hill abduction serves as the prototype example that these events are indeed occurring.

What we do not yet know is why human genetic material is being harvested by ET groups who apparently have, at least what they apparently consider to be, compelling reasons to carry out these procedures on people without their consent. We NEED TO KNOW why these procedures are being carried out in order that we can judge for ourselves whether or not these reasons seem compelling enough to, PERHAPS, justify what has and is being done. We are not a people without the capacity for compassion. While many theories concerning WHY have been presented by abductees (or, perhaps a better term, “experiencers”) during hypnotic regressions, we need to hear these reasons from the ET groups themselves. Experiencer’s “third hand” accounts obtained through hypnotic regression are justifiably suspect in their interpretation. Once we have all been fully informed regarding WHY, it is likely that some of us might conclude that the reasons given are, in fact, important enough reasons which justify these otherwise unwelcome procedures. It is very possible that some human beings might even be willing to participate in a cooperative volunteer program of exchanging their own genetic material in return for the opportunity to interact with and learn from beings who derive from the civilization(s) involved in this ongoing program. Not only would such a volunteer be potentially enriching and broadening their own world-view and fund of knowledge, they would also be helping other people who, for their own reasons, were unwilling – perhaps too terrified of the prospect – to act as volunteers. It is self-evident that all of our brothers and sisters on this planet should be given the right to say “NO, NOT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!”. It is concerning to me that the ET groups involved in this program of forced genetic harvesting have been able to justify (among themselves at least) doing what they have done, and it is my sincere hope that the reasons behind this program, when fully known and understood by all, will be understood as reasons of the most immediate and extreme importance. My guess is that they are, but ET, we cannot and will not know this until we hear these reasons directly from your civilization’s representatives. I, for one, invite you to make open Contact with humanity and explain yourselves. If we are to ever have a real relationship, a good relationship, then everything must be “out on the table”. Just because you have the capability to take people and harvest their genetic material against their will does not justify what you have been doing. We need to know why. We all need to talk, and here on Earth we refer to such a discussion as DIPLOMACY.

I would like to extend my sincere THANKS!, once again, to John Callahan and to Kenju Terauchi for their honesty and for their leadership. They are both examples of the best that the human race has to offer! You guys rock! In addition, my THANKS! go out to Dr. Steven Greer, M.D., and all who have, over these many years, lent their time, their money, and their effort to both CSETI and to The Disclosure Project. If not for all of their unflagging efforts, we would not be as close to knowing the Truth. Although I would be unable to select out a single individual who has been most instrumental in moving Disclosure forward, I could identify a core group of individuals whom I hope will, one day, be nominated together for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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  2. When the FAA Division Chiefs testimony is this concise you know you better sit up and start to take notice. He mentioned Ronnie Reagans ‘scientific people’. Even President Reagan was having his speeches ‘redacted’ because he started to talk about alien visitation at big venues like the UN.

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