Oct 13, 2010

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Doesn’t the fact that most Crop Circles occur in a circumscribed area of the U.K. indicate that they are most likely produced by mischievous humans from that local area?

Although such an assumption seems logical, CCRF believes there are compelling reasons why this assumption is false. We strongly suspect that another, highly intelligent civilization is trying to make us aware of their existence through the Crop Circle designs they are producing. They are aware of the absolute necessity that each design they produce must be well documented and studied in detail in order to gain our own civilization’s undivided attention and eventually to become convinced of their non-human source of origin. Detailed documentation of each of their designs has been and is now much more likely if their Crop Circles are repeatedly produced in a relatively small, circumscribed area in which a contingent following of inspired individuals have become intensely interested in the phenomenon occurring “in their back yard”. These prescient and remarkable individuals have equipped themselves with the necessary photographic equipment, means of aerial flight, logistic support, informative websites, and have arranged the details of their lives to enable themselves to “drop everything” and get into the air or out into the crop fields very soon after the designs are discovered. If not for their efforts, most of us would be (even more) completely unaware of the Crop Circles.

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The U.K. represents the ideal setting for our “Visitors” Crop Circle activities. Large pastoral areas of farmland, broad flat or rolling landscapes, and a relatively wet climate insuring the target plants will have a sufficient water content to respond to the directed and focused energies required to produce the desired pattern outcome. Most importantly, England is one of planet Earth’s most affluent countries. In order for the desired (and vital to the mission) documentation to occur, Crop Circles must be presented in an area of our world where the several “documentors” will have sufficient financial resources to be able to engage in underwriting the considerable costs of obtaining the proper photographic equipment and commissioning air transport (which would itself be unavailable or unreliable in most areas of our world) to reliably participate in the relatively expensive and ongoing effort of documentation of each and every event.

If the Crop Circles were occurring in random locations all over the globe, the excellent documentation of the phenomenon we have available to us today would not have been possible and would not have occurred. Our Visitors know this, and they have designed their introduction to us in such a way to insure the greatest likelihood of success in their attempts to make their presence and their desire to communicate known to us in the most non-threatening and least disruptive(to our civilization) manner possible – the “Genuine” Crop Circles.

CCRF extends our deepest thanks to all of you “documentors” (we won’t name names because we would leave someone out and then we would feel bad) who have done mankind such a favor through your dedication and your persistant efforts. Could we have tea and crumpets sometime?

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