Nov 10, 2013

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Don Phillips Testimony

This video presents testimony from The Disclosure Project witness Don Phillips, a pilot who claims to have worked as a design engineer for Lockheed Skunk Works in the early 1960s. While in the USAF Phillips personally witnessed an incredible nocturnal display of UFOs and was informed of real-time radar data which confirmed what he had, just minutes before, witnessed. Phillips later (1998) founded Light City Technologies, a company that Phillips alleges has been a corporate contractor with the NSA and the CIA. Phillips confirms what we have been told by Col. Philip Corso in his book The Day After Roswell in which Corso revealed that human progress in developing the integrated circuit, fiberoptics, night vision optics, and super-tenacity fibers such as Kevlar were enhanced or inspired by materials recovered from the Roswell UFO crash. The video is highly edited and sometimes difficult to follow but, as a single-episode conversation between Mr. Phillips and Dr. Greer, it is still quite informative.

As with other witness testimony, this video could never be considered stand-alone evidence which would confirm for all that UFOs are machines of ET origin operating in our atmosphere. Only when we consider Mr. Phillip’s testimony along with that of many, many others who have presented their own testimonies can we become certain that the ET/UFO phenomenon is real. Then, we are forced to conclude that our U.S. military, CIA, NSA etc. are well aware of the UFO/ET reality, and that they have made deliberate, persistent, and continuing efforts toward dissuading and successfully preventing our society from becoming consciously aware of this reality. This is NOT OK because this strategy has prevented the natural process and progress of the sociological, spiritual, and scientific evolution of human civilization for now over 6 decades. This has been a flawed strategy based upon an arrogant, paternalistic, undemocratic decision making process intended to preserve a geopolitical status quo which can never stand forever and is becoming increasingly detrimental to the forward progress of humanity and to the integrity of the biosphere of planet Earth. This strategy has resulted in us clinging to false religious beliefs and enforced our continued dependence on fossil fuels, both of which might not have been necessary had we opened our civilization to a peaceful and transparent relationship with these Star Visitors so many years ago. They have plainly stated “We Oppose Deception”. Hopefully one day we will all learn that this is the only way to go.

Our thanks to Don Phillips for his courage in telling the world the Truth as he understands it. These are the real American heroes!

  1. Sigmund Sokol says:

    Almost everything in Don Phillips testimony points only to the physical aspects of this earth, this universe, and all life as we normally know it. Nothing in his testimony eluded to things non-physical, to an invisible realm, to the source of all life, where human life essences exist utilizing many more senses that are acutely far more sensitive than what we earth humans are physically endowed with.

    The life essence that inhabits a so-called ‘alien entity’ physical body is no different than your life essence, which inhabits your physical body! The main differences between ALL life essences in this universe is solely the amount and kind of experiences each life essence decides to accomplish for itself. In other words, all physical forms of sapient life can and do vary from one individual to another (excluding exact clones), but the basic life essence inhabiting its physical form is the same for all! Each and every sapient life essence in this universe is an exact duplicate of the ‘source orb of energy’ which lives forever into eternity!! Essentially all sapient life essences are like holographic duplicates of the ‘source orb of energy’!! Yes, we, all of us live forever!

    We humans and all other sapient life forms (e.g. aliens beings) are all together brothers and sisters sharing a universally tremendous adventure into eternity. And only the ‘source orb of energy’ completely understands the why and purpose of this tremendous adventure that ‘it’ is experiencing. We do know that the basic purpose of ‘it all’ is a completely constructive purpose and NOT a destructive purpose! How we treat each other is KEY to how best and fast we develop as a human species in order to eventually join ‘others’ in this universe for greater adventures into the so-called ‘unknown’.

    There are nore facinating details and much more information on these matters, but for now this is enough.

    Thank you for reading this.

    • Sigmund,
      I agree with everything you have said in your post above. However, in my view, these ideas yet remain as “intuitions” rather than as provable facts. I think of the human brain (and that of all life) as a complex antenna which receives information from “the source field(s)” and then translates and expresses that information in ways that are constrained by our own specific DNA and life experiences.
      Our current simplistic religious and geopolitical paradigms have left the majority of our world’s populations from being able to perceive our reality in this way. One key that will help open the minds and broaden the perspectives of our human civilization will be when the majority of people come to the understanding that UFOs are real and that we are being contacted by other sentient beings. When the majority accept this truth we will be on our way to redefining our belief systems, reshaping our geopolitical constructs, and providing enlightened stewardship for planet Earth in ways that will be more consistent with the views you express. Don Phillips testimony is valuable because it contributes to the growing body of credible information telling us that the world / universe as we have perceived and defined it is not, in fact, our true reality.

  2. After hearing all of the testimony of Mr. Phillips I believe that anyone who has been compiling all the stories and asking the question, how did man go from buckboard to space craft roughly a little over 100 years ago.I do believe mankind is going to be totally shocked, when we finally realize that the aliens, we are looking at are ourselves, every time we look in the mirror.. the aliens have been here for along time. THEY WENT UNDERGRLOUND TO AVOID SOME KIND OF CATASOFRY ON EARTH,, tHEY HAVE BEEN AND STILL TODAY MINING THE MOON, FOR HELIEM 3, THEIR ENERGY SOURCE..iT’S ALL ABOUT ELECTRICITY.. THEY ARE HERE TO HELP US,, MOST OF THEM ANYWAY. I ALSO THINK THAT THE WORLDS GOVERNMENT SHOULD INFORM IT’S PEOPLE ON WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON, SO WE KNOW HOW TO REACT.. I believe mankind is mature enough to understand,, and I don’t KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I HAVE ALWAYS ENJOYED MEETING AND GETTING TO KNOW MY NEIBORS THANK YOU

  3. Hello,I admire your coming fourth.Although there is some intelligence I did send to the CIA and other agencies.There is alot of things I am sure you will find interesting.The web site I written on in regards to them in detail,is at Robert Brule and the CIA. This I’m sure will interest you,Thank you.

  4. Hello,Mr,Phillips.I’m awere of the twelve races of beings and their languages.Of which I did submit to the CIA a detailed hypophesis of their nature and phycology.The abilities they comprise of are,Molecule Manipulation,Genetic Manipulation,and the Truth and Nature,of all of them,is Written in every Religious text on the Earth.They are in search of their Beings,that are on every Earth,and other planets.These Beings they are in search of are known to them and others like them,as Bulls.These Bulls,are located in the Atlantic Ocean.They,the Bulls,are in a containment area known as the Chamber.There are between 6 and 7 of them in each Chamber,depending on which Earth or planet you are on.

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