Oct 18, 2013

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Dr. Richard O’Connor, a friend to Dr. Jesse Marcel Jr.

Today I uploaded this video to YouTube concerning my acquaintance and friendship with Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, my experience with the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, and why we must begin to listen to the many credible eyewitnesses who have come forward to tell us that the UFO phenomenon is real.

  1. Very well said! I am intimidated by the fact that an unknown source of life is out there. I am hopeful that your knowledge can bring more awareness on the issues. As an empath, I do understand what it means to be sentient of subtle energies. I look forward to you sharing light on the subject. Thank you for being passionate and educate us all. Please keep me posted.

  2. Richard,

    I commend you for your efforts. My only criticism of your video is that you should have been more forthright about the reason the phenomenon has been kept secret – namely because of the truth paradigm-busting technologies behind it.

    How many more videos have to be made with unambiguous, incontrovertible evidence of this reality? How many more trips to the National Press Club are needed? Now Stephen Bassett wants his crack. The effectiveness of a video can only be measured by the number of people who watch it, and this subject just does not interest most people, who are totally ignorant about its importance. If a new DVD is considered, then it must find its way to the homes of virtually everyone in this country. With the necessary funds available, a way to have a DVD mass-produced in the hundreds of thouands, and then mass-mailed with appropriate documentation must be found.

    When you boil it down, it really doesn’t matter how much evidence there is. The average person has been conditioned, since ridicule was adopted in 1953 as a recommendation by the Robertson Panel, to dismiss this subject. His authoritarian nature will not permit him to accept anything of this magnitude short of an official pronouncement. Greer apparently still doesn’t understand this. His latest video, just like his Disclosure videos of 12 years ago, are not going to get the job done.

    The other obstacle is the intransient nature of our leaders to do anything about this. Those who have reached any degree of success in politics are loathe to commit political suicide over this topic, and most of them are aware that venturing anywhere near it runs the risk of ending up like Wellstone or JFK. The control group managing the Truth embargo has the technical ability to induce heart attacks and cancer. Greer was a survivor of such an attack. These cretins have also learned that getting ahead in politics means selling your soul, and that the concept of doing anything for the betterment of anyone but themselves was lost a long time ago.

    I’ve said this before, but it’s worth repeating. A clandestine plan needs to be formulated, and a huge amount of money needs to be raised. A person or persons in a high position of influence or authority, who understands and is willing to take the risks, needs to be identified, vetted, groomed and protected. A means of getting this person to begin a storm of controversy – preferably on live TV where his comments can’t be censored – has to be found. A follow-up strategy in the form of other highly credible people supporting this person has to be put in place to assure the controversy isn’t swept under the rug. This would require the combined efforts of the most brilliant minds in the UFO field, and upwards of several million dollars. The funds can’t be raised by grassroots efforts. They must be raised through a contribution of an enormously wealthy benfactor who both understands and has the compassion. Sadly, these types have done just fine by the corrupt system, so why would they want to see it changed?

    The stalemate is not going to end peacefully, as you seem to assume it will. Visionaries were persecuted and died for truths of this magnitude in the past to be revealed and accepted, such as the revelation that the earth was round, or that it revolves around the sun, and not the other way around. Human nature has not changed in millenia.

    The control group managing this thing has its roots going back to the 1700’s. It now has ET technology, which it doesn’t intend to share with the rest of the world. In fact, it’s using the technology AGAINST the world’s populatiuon to futher it’s goal of world domination. Read “Where Did the Towers Go?” by Dr. Judy Wood, and you’ll begin to understand this.

    This is the size of the gorilla you and I and others are up against. Those in the field of UFO research and disclosure need to work together, not just protect their piece of turf while criticizing or ignoring others – something else Greer and the rest don’t understand.

  3. Laura Rice says:

    We must all keep speaking out so we cannot separate the knowing & the unknown. Time to open up the layers of truth so we can all integrate this view into ALL of our view.

  4. Bill,

    Like the Berlin Wall, the Truth Embargo IS going to come down, and this is already happening. I agree that our elected officials will very likely be the last group to arrive to “The Wall” and start hammering, but then even they may help take down a few of the last bricks. This process will take some additional time, but it is inevitable that eventually everyone is going to come to understand and accept that we are being Contacted.

    From my perspective, a (somewhat organized) Disclosure Movement has been underway only since Phillip Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, was published in 1999, followed by Dr. Greer’s National Press Club event in 2000. Prior to that, it was really all about a very few individuals (Stanton Friedman, Wendell Stevens for example) amassing data over decades, struggling to explain the unexplainable. Thus, that real “beginning” of the Disclosure Movement was only about 14 years ago and, compared to how long “they” have been coming here (likely tens of thousands of years) and how long the Truth Embargo has been in place (six + decades), the additional time required for Disclosure to come about from this point in time on will be relatively brief.

    It is clear to me that social media (that was only really getting started 10 years ago) will play an instrumental role in Disclosure, as will camera phones. UFO sighting reports at Peter Davenport’s NUFORC have shown a steady uptick over the past several months, as if the ETs themselves may be pressing the issue. Eventually, and I believe not too far into the future, something is going to happen and be recorded in such a way that the Truth will be unable to be covered up and Contact will be undeniable.

    It is also clear to me that although the U.S. intelligence and military communities have, in the past, been proactive in steering people away from the UFO topic, this policy has apparently been abandoned. Although officialdom is not likely, at least in the near future, to Disclose, they at least no longer seem to be in the business of actively repressing those who are proactive in the Disclosure movement. I have not detected any hint of repression, retaliation and/or intimidation from any direction as I have become more deeply involved in the Disclosure movement, and nor did my friend Dr. Marcel report such events.

    Have you noted how TV programs featuring UFOs no longer seem to give equal time and weight to the debunkers. I have noticed a change in the leitmotif of such programs in that they no longer seem bent on swaying viewers toward prosaic explanations for UFOs. Remember, too, that the Disclosure Movement is not just here in the U.S. Momentum is increasing in several other countries and especially in Brazil, Peru, Chile, Mexico, China, and Russia(Medvedev’s “UFOs are real” statement).

    Global climate change has only recently come to the forefront as a major political issue, and is yet another wedge that will help break down the Truth Embargo. When the SHTF, our world will become increasingly desperate to find clean, renewable energy solutions. People will become motivated to look for answers under rocks they had not turned over before, and under one of those rocks they are going to discover the UFO. Perhaps this factor will not be too important for several more decades, but I believe it perhaps may eventually become the major factor driving Disclosure. If this doesn’t happen in our lifetimes, then so be it. This is not about you or me, it is about the survival and progress of the human race and of planet Earth, and I for one am a big fan of both!

    Will a wealthy financier come forward to supercharge the Disclosure Movement? Well, one Canadian did come forward to underwrite the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, to the tune of $780,000! So, it does happen. As you have stated, perhaps one more wealthy individual stepping forward will be all that will be required. If there is anybody out there with an extra million dollars to spend please get in touch with Stephen Bassett at http://www.citizenshearing.org.

    Bill, I am optimistic that soon, perhaps very soon, The Wall of Secrecy is going to crumble and we will be on our way to a different, and I believe better, world. We must be patient, we must not get discouraged, we must keep looking up, and we must keep the conversation going.


  5. Dr O’Connor when Bill Gates, Elon Musk (he may have already started), Mark Zukerberg (“advancing human potential and promoting equality”) and Richard Branson combine you may have the nitrous oxide injector needed to accelerate the whole process. The time for this to happen is now, for the aforementioned gentlemen.

    • Roy,
      I wish these gentlemen would become more directly interested in the subject of UFOs and in promoting Contact. The Jesse A. Marcel Library could well use some serious financial support and each of these men has the means to help in that way. The vision of Elon Musk will definitely help save the planet from fossil fuel poisoning. However, in their defense, two of these men have made enormous contributions in providing our society with the indispensable tool we need to communicate with each other about this UFO subject, and also to potentially communicate directly with the Star Visitors – if they monitor our internet from a distance. I believe that it is not only possible for them to do this, but highly probable that they do. If our roles were reversed and we were observing their planet, I think we would absolutely be monitoring all of their communications (just as the NSA presently does ours). Even with our present-day technology we would be able to do this on some scale.

  6. thaddeus marcell says:

    Richard, I viewed your comments on the Roswell event and was surprised to learn about your association with Jessie Marcel Jr.
    For your information my father Robert Marcel Jr. was the son of Robert Marcel Sr. He was the youngest of nine children. Jessie Marcel Sr. was his nephew although I am not sure which one of my fathers brothers was Jessie’s father. Although I did not know Jessie Sr. or Jessie Jr. personally I have followed this story with great interest for many years. I would certainly appreciate hearing from you and keeping abreast on any new developments.

    • Thaddeus,
      I have added your email address to the JAML’s mailing list and will thereby keep you updated about what is happening at the JAML. Thank you for your interest in the JAML!

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