May 9, 2011

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Dumber Than Dirt? The Earth Remembers a Genuine Crop Circle!

There is an under-appreciated, yet extremely important aspect of the Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon which has (so far) received surprisingly little attention and which may provide additional, irrefutable evidence that Genuine Crop Circles are not produced by human beings. Many casual observers of the Crop Circle Phenomenon are completely unaware of the equally enigmatic and well-documented occurence of what have become known as Crop Circle “ghosts”. These formations are “repeat performances”, and are manifest as reasonably detailed, unmistakeable residual images of some of the previous summer’s Genuine Crop Circles. “Ghost” Crop Circles occur in new crop within the same crop field and at precisely the same location as the original, Genuine Crop Circle.

It is clear that we must now question the validity of, and re-evaluate our use of, the familiar derogatory expression “dumber than dirt”. These residual “ghost” Crop Circle images are making it quite obvious that the Earth’s agricultural dirt is not dumb at all, but rather it is able to remember and re-present to us a previous Genuine Crop Circle image with remarkable fidelity. Unlike most of us, dirt is apparently able to reliably distinguish a “Genuine” Crop Circle from a human (moron) made “stomper” formation, and then demonstrate that difference to us through the re-production of a “ghost” Crop Circle image. Perhaps Earth’s dirt is trying in yet another way to direct our attention to the Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon in order that we will at last recognize and acknowledge the significance of the Genuine Crop Circle phenomenon! Earth’s dirt is communicating to us through the Crop Circle “ghosts”, but unfortunately most of our population continues to ignore the Crop Circles. We should pay close attention to this. This relatively new and highly unusual Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon would not be occurring each and every summer for no reason. It is left to us to determine what that reason may be and then to decide what we will do with that information. CCRF proposes that the phrase “dumber than dirt” be reserved only to describe the human “circlemakers”. So far as we are concerned, their illegal activities are becoming increasingly unforgivable.

Perhaps an even greater mystery than the phenomenon of the Crop Circles themselves is the “Second Phenomenon”, a term used by Michael Glickman to describe the inscrutable lack of interest most of our civilization has shown in the Crop Circles which are, as Mr. Glickman observes, “the most spectacular form of landscape art ever known to man”.

I am going to get personal here and start pointing fingers. I am completely confounded by the fact that the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which lie almost smack-dab in the middle of the focal point of the world-wide Crop Circle Phenomenon, and which are two of humanity’s oldest and most revered institutions of higher learning, have done little to nothing toward carrying out any basic scientific research of the Crop Circle Phenomenon. Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this, but I am unaware of even a single publication printed in any reputable scientific journal over the past three decades which has come about through research originating from either Oxford or Cambridge University addressing the Crop Circle Phenomenon. How can this fact be possible? The absolute indifference which Oxford and Cambridge Universities have continued to demonstrate regarding this most remarkable Crop Circle Phenomenon, occurring summer after summer right under their British noses, can only be described as a shocking betrayal of what most of us would consider the most basic and perhaps most fundamental reason for the very existence of these institutions of higher learning.

The human “circlemakers” who illegally stomp down farmer’s crops with planks and ropes will need to add the Crop Circle “ghost” to the growing list of known characteristics of the Genuine phenomenon which they will need to learn to replicate in their quest to further retard mankind’s understanding of, and divert our attention away from, the very important Genuine Crop Circle Phenomenon.

  1. How we could use something like the old Centre for Crop Circle Studies. It’s a shame the major players won’t cooperate in something like that to better serve the phenomenon.

    If we had such thing, it would be a repository of information, including what causes the ghost images. When I made my film I asked Tim Carson, whose farm of course is the wondrous East Field, host to so many wonderful formations, and he explained the reason in farm reality. When I tried to tell that story, however, I met with a lot of resistance from croppies who thought they knew better, so I asked Tim to write up what he said:

    “Hi Suzanne, once the formation is on the ground & people come in & visit the formations all the seed gets trodden out onto the ground & when it rains those seeds start growing as if they have been planted & causes us the farmers problems in cultivating that area & re seeding it because there is a lot of surface trash which in turn attracts the slugs & they eat on the new seeds as they come through the ground causing that effect & nothing else. Nothing grows more rapidly, it is the seed that has been trodden out that grows not the new seeds that are planted a month or so later. Ring if you need to. Regards Tim”

    • Thank you Suzanne for your note attempting to clarify the mechanism involved in the creation of the “ghost” Crop Circles. The explanation offered by Tim Carson sounds reasonable and quite plausible. However, I remain intrigued by the Yatesbury photo which reveals a lack of flowering of the canola in the area where the plants within the previous formation were laid down. If the ghost effect were entirely due to Mr. Carson’s explanation, we might expect to see flowering plants in the areas which involved previously laid crop where people had walked through the previous year’s formation. If seeds mechanically dislodged by human feet were to be prematurely “planted” in those laid areas, I would still expect to see flowering in those areas as well. Perhaps the Yatesbury photo was taken after those plants had “prematurely” flowered and then lost their flowers ahead of the remainder of the crop. Without a series of sequential photos of the canola fields’ growth development, I cannot know if this may have been the case or whether flowering had completely failed to occur in these regions at all which would then invoke another explanation which I unfortunately cannot offer. Perhaps the slugs mentioned by Mr. Carson may be responsible. The “ghost” formations remain an interesting and provacative sideline to the Phenomenon.

      I stand by my criticism of Oxford and Cambridge Universities. Their conspicuous absence throughout the study of this phenomenon has been and is, in my opinion, inexcusable, and suggests a complete lack of innate curiosity of the students and the faculties of these universities regarding a highly unusual phenomenon occurring right in their own back yard! Please correct me if you are aware of any past involvement of these universities in helping our world to come to a deeper understanding of the Crop circle Phenomenon.

      Thanks again for your valuable input and all the good you have done with your film What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery to move our understanding of this Phenomenon forward.

      • George Bishop says:

        Hi Richard

        Oxford University under the aegis of Robert Plott carried out considerable research into Crop Circles in the 16/17th Century.

        To answer Suzanne’s question, the CCCS archive does still exist as I expect she well knows. The organisation may have broken up somewhat, but all of the researchers are aware that much of the Wiltshire crop circles are man made and so they do not try to persuade the gullible to believe otherwise. Yes, we do believe there is a genuine phenomenon, but we do not make money by peddling false images and lying about what we do, or do not, believe.

        If retailers of photos of fake circles would desist, the hoaxers would do likewise and then we would be able to get back to the real phenomena without hindrance, doing research that is not adulterated by photgenic fakes

  2. Stephen Good says:

    Is this new research? I think that is fascinating, but is it the same with previous formations, way back when they first started, or is this a new phenomenon? Also, has any cracked the code to decipher what the crop circles are trying to tell us? I had been privy to some audio recordings from some “Ascended Beings”, claiming that there are some alpha-numeric codes impregnated in the crop circles and that if you have the right “key”, you may be able to decipher what it is saying. There has to be a “universal” alphabet and numeric system that can be used to decipher those formations. I’d be interested to know what you think of all this……

    • Stephen, The Crop circle ghosts are not an entirely new phenomenon and have been described in association with several past Crop circle formations. Precisely how many have occurred I do not know. Please see the comment from Suzanne Taylor below.

      Please refer to the posts on this site related to interpretations of the Woolaston Grange and the Wilton Windmill formations. So far as I am aware, each Crop Circle stands alone in its interpretation and I am unaware of any alpha numeric key which would allow “decoding” the entire series of Crop circles which have occurred over the years. The most complete set of possible interpretations (and misinterpretations) of the meaning behind individual Crop Circles of which I am aware is to be found under “comments” at the Crop Circle Connector website, but you will have to become a member to access their archives. Their archives are well worth the membership fee for anyone interested in delving more deeply into the Crop circle phenomenon. Another valuable site is Bert Janssen’s Crop Circles and More website. Mr. Janssen’s most recent paper, The Key of Life, is a most interesting analysis of the implications of “squaring the circle”.

  3. Ahaaaaa, this is what I love about the internet, the surprises. I have watched quite a few videos about CCs, some very good ones, but have never heard of this phenomenon before!

    There sure has been much propaganda, right from the start with Doug and Dave (notice how their very names are ideal for the propaganda purpose–to sink into the oblivious psyche), and onto Team-Satan, to make the whole enterprise appear dodgy to the public imagination.

    The dominators whole purpose is to control consciousness and imagination, and of course knowledge.

    I dont think we should even WORRY about places like Cambridge and Oxford having no interest, they are completely establishment, and they even support the torture and murder of countless animals. So I dont care what the like of these kinds of institutions think or do!
    What we do need is love and integrity when researching this pheneomenon, and a grass roots way is best. Notice how whoever is doing this, and other high strange phenomena, do not pander to the authorities but share with us, the ‘commoners’. That is how it should be, because it undermines the hierarchical phony reality many of us accept as the ‘real world’.

  4. Jack .sullivan says:

    Richard, you are not quite right about Oxford not showing any interest in the phenomenon. In 1686 Professor Robert Plot of the Ashmolean Museum published his book called ‘The Natural History of Staffordshire’ In it he describes investigating mysterious circles and other shapes appearing in ‘arable’ crops and grass. He tasted and and tested soils and offered possible explanations. I have no doubt thet he was seeing the same phenomena we have now. You can get the story via a Google search for Professor Robert Plot. See in particular the BLT entry. Power to your elbow and best regards. Jack

  5. Here’s some footage I shot recently of a crop circle ghost:

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