Feb 25, 2013

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“Encounters With Star People” by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke

We must begin to open our hearts and our minds to each other and to the Universe around us. This book is an excercise in doing just that.

American Indian tribes have long told us of  the histories of their different tribe’s “encounters with the Star People”, over many, many generations. Now, Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke has written a book which documents more recent encounters of Indian people with the Star People (or Extraterrestrials, as most of our literature refers to them). I myself now prefer the term “Star People”. I find this term to be preferable because it implies a certain familiarity and comfort with these races of intelligent beings who have been visiting Earth for many thousands of years. We refer to ourselves as the “people” of planet Earth, and I can see no reason that these intelligent beings who are coming here should not be, as well, dignified by the term “people”. They likely come to us from the stars, so why not call them “Star People”. It makes sense and it feels better, so from now on they are “Star People” to me. Anyway, I digress.

Read this book! In it you will find convincing histories of recent experiences of Indian people who have had Contact, up close and personal, with the Star People. These Indian people whose experiences are documented in this book have nothing to gain by informing us of their Contacts with the Star People, and their stories are recalled without the use of hypnosis to help them remember the details of their encounters. Their stories are straight from their memories, to their mouths, to Dr. Clarke, and then to us. I can find no valid reason to disbelieve or to discount their stories – they ring of Truth. I myself heard of one encounter with the Star People from an Indian friend which I have always believed to be true. We worked together on a reservation, I know the individual well, and I asked him on two occasions, straight up, no B.S., if the story was true. On both occasions he looked me in the eye and gave me his sincere reply that yes, it was true. In a nutshell, he and his friend sat in a stalled pickup beside the Missouri River outside of Bismarck, N.D. After a day out bird-hunting, and while on their way home, their pickup suddenly stalls. Almost simultaneously, they see a huge, matte-grey UFO settle and hover over the river only a few hundred feet from where they are “parked”. This UFO spans almost the entire width of the Missouri River! From below the object they then witness 10 “balls of light” which emerge from below the object, one by one, and shoot away in different directions from the “mother ship” at velocities which are so fast they can barely be tracked by the human eye. Both my friend and his hunting companion had loaded shotguns but did not dare (to their credit) consider using them. Both were simply stunned by what they were witnessing, and neither were under the influence of alcohol or drugs of any kind. The event lasted for several minutes before the UFO slowly lifted and then, as with the balls of light, shot away at such speed as it seemed to simply vanish right before their eyes. I believe my friend, and I believe those Indian people who have related their own stories of their experiences with Star People to Dr. Clarke. This is real folks, and we need to begin to attempt to re-cultivate, and perhaps to re-define, humanity’s relationship with the Star People. Time is wasting.

Please read this book. It will help awaken you to a new, and I believe very promising, reality. It is imperative that we leave our fear-based thinking behind and move forward toward a more congenial and equitable relationship with the Star People. There is much that we can and must learn.

Here is an interview by George Knapp with Dr. Clarke, as heard on Coast to Coast:

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