Mar 30, 2011

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Eyewitness testimony of USAF Captain Robert Salas, ret.

Please listen to the eyewitness testimony of retired USAF Captain Robert Salas speaking of the shut down of Oscar Flight (and Echo Flight one week previously) Minuteman nuclear missiles, coincident with the arrival of a UFO which was clearly visible and hovering just outside of the Oscar Flight compound gate. There can be no question that the presence of the UFO outside of the compound gate, and the destruction of the guidance and control systems of the Minuteman missiles of Oscar flight (and Echo flight), are related. There can be no question that this UFO was not of Earth origin and certainly was not produced by human beings. There can be no question that the intention of the intelligence that was in control of these UFO’s was to send us a message concerning our nuclear weapons, but unfortunately we are still not paying attention. We should pay attention to this message. The fate of human civilization and of the biosphere of planet Earth may very well depend upon whether or not we as a civilization decide, using our free will, to dismantle and scrap our arsenals of nuclear weapons on our home planet Earth.

CCRF advocates for abandoning all nuclear missile programs supported by our U.S. military, and for all other countries who maintain arsenals of nuclear weapons to do likewise. We encourage each of you to join your voices with those of ex-Presidents Mikhail Gorbachev and Jimmy Carter and cast your vote at Please sign this petition calling for ZERO nuclear weapons on Earth. Given enough time, low probability events will happen. The detonation of a modern nuclear weapon anywhere on Earth at any time cannot be allowed to happen, and the only way to insure that this tragedy never takes place is for us to move quickly and decisively toward ZERO nuclear weapons.

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