Mar 31, 2011

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Eyewitness Testimony of U.S. Army Reserve Captain Lawrence Coyne

The event described in this video has been designated “The Mansfield Ohio Case”. The details of the reports of this and several other UFO events were carefully analyzed by an international panel of 9 impartial and highly qualified scientists. The study was commissioned by Laurance S. Rockefeller, and directed by Peter Sturrock, emeritus professor of applied physics and emeritus director of the Center for Space Science and Astrophysics at Stanford University. In order to truly appreciate the profound depth of analysis that was applied to this UFO sighting, everyone is encouraged to read the book which summarizes the investigation of this case, as well as a host of other UFO reports. That book is titled The UFO Enigma A New Review of the Physical Evidence by Peter A. Sturrock, Ph.D., Warner Books, copyright 1999, ISBN: 0-446-52565-0.

The scientific panel’s conclusion? The event as described by Coyne, Jezzi, Healey, and Yanacsek involved a flying object which they were unable to identify. (It was a UFO). It could not be identified as any familiar object manufactured on Earth by a group of 9 highly educated scientists. (Therefore it was not manufactured on Earth). The chain of events described by the four helicopter crew members was exactly corroborated by witnesses on the ground. (Therefore the event did occur just as it was described by Coyne, Jezzi, Healey, and Yanacsek).

I am going to take the liberty of stating my own conclusion here. Given this event described by Coyne, Jezzi, Healey, and Yanacsek, which is rather superficially presented in the accompanying video (compared to the detail you will find in the book), compiled with the other evidence you will find presented in this website and a host of others, there is but one conclusion to be made: we are being visited by intelligent beings from somewhere else in this universe, and we have no idea who they are, how they arrive here, or precisely why they are here. But, they are here, and we have a lot to learn from them.

The UFO is an enigma, but equally enigmatic is how our government and our society continues to ignore them, as if they do not exist at all. This is, at the very least, an equivalent mystery.

Please check out this video.

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