Q:If CCRF and this website are supposed to be about Crop Circles, why does so much of the content of this website revolve around discussion of nuclear weapons and the threat they represent to our civilization?

A: Many now believe that one or more off-Earth civilizations have arrived to planet Earth and they are observing and engaging with our civilization. I share this belief. They travel in our atmosphere in UFO’s, they perform surgical dissections on our livestock for an as yet unknown reason, and they leave us hints of their existence in the form of beautiful “Genuine” Crop Circles. We believe they are trying to get our civilization to wake up to their existence without being too intrusive and without directly interfering in our evolutionary path as we make adaptive, or otherwise, choices . They have on several occasions interfeared with U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons installations and missile test flights. Please watch Robert Hastings’ documentary titled UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed, found at Vimeo On Demand. It appears that they are trying to warn us of the dangers inherent in our production and maintenance of these immoral and unethical Weapons of Mass Destruction. They have left Crop Circles in our fields that refer to thermonuclear weapons (Woolston Grange, July 18, 2010). The evidence indicates that at least some of these Visitors are benevolent, highly evolved beings who are trying to give us good advice, advice that may be imperative for the survival of our civilization. They likely come from a a more ancient, evolved, and broadly experienced civilization. It is of utmost importance that their messages be brought to everyone’s attention in order that we may begin to seriously consider and embrace the actions they have taken. We must begin the process of complete, world-wide nuclear disarmament.

Q: If CCRF is interested in Genuine (non man-made) Crop Circles, why is so much attention given on this website to UFOs?

A: Before one can grasp the idea that the Genuine Crop Circles represent signposts left to us by an ET civilization, we must all first understand that there is no longer any doubt that our world is being visited by ET civilizations. The UFO evidence presented on this website is there to inform you, and to help make you absolutely certain of that reality. When you have fully accepted that we are being visited by technologically advanced civilization(s) who are “not us”, it is not then such a leap to assume that the otherwise completely unexplainable Genuine Crop Circles have a surprising source of origin – the ET Circle Makers. It now follows that these ET Visitors are the most likely explanation of who is creating these designs in our crop fields. The Genuine Crop Circles are created to let us know that our ET Visitors exist, that they are evidently non-hostile, and that they share with us an appreciation of those qualities which which characterize artistic expression: precision, beauty, and balance. These characteristics seem to always be found in the Genuine Crop Circles, and this is reassuring to us regarding the intentions of these new visitors. There methods of introduction have been not only gracious, but inspired by genius as well.