Mar 18, 2014

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For Dr. Roger Leir, DPM

The Legacy of Dr. Roger Leir
Over the past 8 months, we have lost two courageous men who both tried to enlighten our world about an important Truth. Dr. Roger Leir, a true UFOlogist, died on March 14, 2014. Dr. Jesse Marcel died on August 23, 2013. Dr. Marcel wasn’t really what I would call a UFOlogist. He was a physician and a soldier who plainly and simply told the world the Truth about what happened at Roswell. These two men, in their own ways, attempted over many years to help us all become aware that the human race is not the only intelligent race of beings operating within the near environs of Earth. They made every possible effort to give us an important “HEADS UP”!

I woke up this morning thinking about Dr. Leir, the very unusual work he was engaged in and what he accomplished, while marveling at how entirely unpredictable our lives are here on this spinning planet that rockets through space. Who would have guessed that the professional career of a podiatrist would follow such a winding path as his, a path which would lead Dr. Leir into an area that, we can accurately state, no man has gone before? We can definitely say this about Dr. Leir. He was a curious, open-minded, and courageous scientist who, ironically, introduced his own “implant” into human awareness. He was curious, open-minded, and courageous enough to follow a path of evidence, however mysterious and unexpected the nature of that evidence became, toward conclusions that almost none of us really want to seriously consider, but that we must. Dr. Leir’s hypothesis, that human beings are being abducted by ET beings against their will and are being implanted with high-tech tracking devices, is so foreign to our notions of reality, so offensive to our sense of justice, and so counter to our collective conception of our place in the hierarchy of creation, that many will simply refuse to acknowledge Dr. Leir’s work as legitimate. For those of us who do subscribe to Dr. Leir’s conclusions, then the practice touted by sport fisherman, that of “catch and release”, doesn’t seem quite so noble when considered in this very different context – when the “catch” is, in fact, a human being.

Let’s think about Dr. Lier’s conclusion. Let’s presume that Dr. Leir and several other Alien Abduction researchers are correct in their conclusions that human beings are being taken against their will by ET visitors, that those individuals are being subjected to some sort of testing, to the harvesting of their genetic material, and are then being implanted with radiofrequency tracking devices to insure that they may be located again, only to undergo a similar set of procedures at some future time. From what we think we know about the Alien Abduction Phenomenon, it appears as though these individuals, psychologically traumatized though they may be, are respectfully returned to their place of abduction having sustained minimal, if any, physical harm. If we step back, we realize that what we are seeing is in fact precisely the same business that human wildlife biologists engage in to learn more about the animal of their research interest. We can conclude that human beings must be viewed by these ETs, at least for the present, as simply another species of wildlife found on planet Earth. They are obviously highly intelligent, so how do they justify these actions? Could the explanation be that in their view, because we still exhibit many of the behaviors that we ourselves attribute to animals, that we, too, are being treated like animals?

If we desire that these abduction events stop happening, then what shall we do? Well, perhaps we should seriously address questions concerning how and why these clearly intelligent beings apparently feel justified in their actions. And, perhaps we should attempt to determine, through some deep introspection, whether or not there are steps we might take, collectively, that would not only serve to negate those justifications and to elevate ET’s opinion of humanity, but might also serve as a prescription for our own evolution toward a more civil and a more just world.

To fully understand what is happening, we must also consider another entirely relevant, and I think connected phenomenon, that of the “Cattle Mutilations”. We have had a lot of these here in Montana. We could call these events “Cattle Abductions”, but these events always have a much different outcome than the human abductions. So let’s stick with the term “Cattle Mutilations”. I will not review here the extensive evidence (thank you Linda Moulton Howe) which clearly indicates that the Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon is real, that it has been real for over 40 years, and that to date we have no widely accepted explanation for it, despite many thousands of these mutilation events, involving both domesticated and wild animals, all around the world. In my opinion, a lot of lives have been sacrificed in order to send us a message, and I will further expound on this idea.

Let’s consider some facts. If we take an objective view of the evidence concerning UFOs, we can now know, for certain, that the UFO/ET Phenomenon is real. Similarly, Dr. Leir, as well as other Alien Abduction researchers, have provided compelling evidence that the Alien Abduction Phenomenon is also real. It then logically follows that the ETs responsible for these two phenomena may also be (and likely are) the agency responsible for the Cattle Mutilations. When seen from this perspective, ETs now become the least objectionable explanation as the agency responsible for the Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon. It is extremely important to note that the ETs engaged in these practices do clearly make one highly significant distinction between human beings and cattle, and that distinction is one about which we can all feel extremely fortunate.

We can all feel very grateful that human beings have not, as far as I am aware, been the wholesale victims of these mutilation procedures. Imagine the changes in our lives if we perceived ourselves as vulnerable to these types of procedures! We can conclude that the group(s) of ETs involved in the Cattle Mutilations have, at least so far, chosen to exclude human beings as victims for procedures of this nature. However, given what we know about the Alien Abduction and the Cattle Mutilation Phenomena, we should not doubt that human beings could be abducted and then could be subjected to these lethal surgical dissections, and thus far it appears as though we would be helpless to prevent such occurrences.

Given that human beings have not been subjected to these types of procedures, we can accept this fact as a tacit acknowledgement that we are, in fact and at least for the time being, viewed by the ETs in a somewhat different light than a Hereford cow or an Angus bull. We can and should feel quite relieved that human mutilation incidents have not occurred, and we should be prompted to think deeply about what actions we might take, both individually and collectively, to help insure that human beings will never be subjected to these horrific procedures.

There are certain important observations that we can make about the Cattle Mutilation Phenomenon that deserve emphasis.
A.These animals are surgically dissected, and then they are callously discarded with the obvious awareness and intention that they will be discovered. There are never any measures taken to hide the evidence of what has been done.
B.These procedures are clearly intended to invoke horror. There is no way that they would not, and there is no way that the perpetrators of these procedures, the ETs, are not aware of this.
C.These procedures are intended to stimulate our curiosity: who, how, and, most importantly, why.
D.Every single one of these procedures is intended to be, and should be, a wakeup call to humanity.

We can conclude that, aside from any possible “scientific purpose” which may motivate the ETs to engage in these procedures (which by now should be regarded as a ridiculous hypothesis), the primary intent of these mutilation events is to demonstrate something to humanity – to send us a message. One way we could interpret that message is as follows:

“We are present here, and we are capable of performing these complex surgical procedures on strong, powerful animals over and over again, anywhere around “your” world, any time we please, and right under your noses. Just as it is with our abductions and “tagging” of human beings; your people, and specifically your military organizations, are powerless to stop this from happening. Because we are highly intelligent and technologically advanced, we can penetrate your protected airspace, and we can engage in these practices without fear of harm, apprehension, or even discovery. It clearly follows that we could perform these same mutilation procedures on humans, but (so far) we have chosen not to. Eventually, you must and you will ask yourselves, WHY? When you do this, it is our hope and our intention that you will begin to honestly confront issues that we have tried to bring to your attention, issues that we perceive to be serious infractions of your race against …….

What? The ETs themselves (yes), our entrenched practice of designing and manufacturing increasingly destructive weapons of mass destruction/thermonuclear weapons, and despite their obvious past warnings about this (yes), each other (yes), our continued degradation of Earth’s biosphere (yes), the mass deception regarding their real existence (yes), our attempts to place weapons in space (yes) or, possibly, all of the above? Our correct answer(s) here may well serve as a springboard for the future of our civilization. Or not.

So, what can we do with this possible, and I believe plausible, estimate of our situation? If these conclusions are true, then how can we deal with this? How will we stop the Alien Abductions and the Cattle Mutilations from continuing?

Most importantly, we must stop engaging in wishful thinking, and we must leave behind our “business as usual” mindset. We must stop denying what has become the obvious, hoping that some other, less threatening and more familiar agency will finally be uncovered which will explain all that we have come to know about the UFO, Alien Abduction, and Cattle Mutilation Phenomena. Our military, among others, is obviously aware that the UFO, the Alien Abduction, and the Cattle Mutilation Phenomena are real. Those who are aware have chosen to cover-up this reality and to avoid these revelations for over 6 decades, and for a long list of reasons – not the least of which are those implications outlined above and the potentially destabilizing effect that those implications may have on human societies. We must, first and foremost, admit to one another, despite the denials from our governments, that these phenomena are real, that they are having real impacts on the lives of our citizens, and that they have the potential to impact the lives of each one of us, or those we love, at any time. We have absolutely no clues to follow which will allow us to accurately assess the patience of these visitors. We should not be betting on the Star Trek “Prime Directive” and in fact, based on the evidence, this imaginary concept can now clearly be declared as defunct. What we do know, for certain, is that these visitors are very intelligent, they are incredibly stealthy, and, despite the diminutive size of some, they are powerful. And, I think they are trying to help us help ourselves. If we can set aside our fears and our egos, we can probably learn a great deal from these people.

Following these realizations, we must become more courageous. We must seek out open and Peaceful Contact with these races of ET visitors and we must, if possible, initiate an important and long overdue dialogue with them, if they are willing. Through that conversation we can and will become much more informed about why these actions are being foisted upon animals and human members of our societies, and why these beings, who certainly must stem from more ancient and, we can assume, highly evolved civilizations, have clearly felt justified in engaging in these practices. Together we can begin the process of negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement – what we would call a treaty.

Of one thing we can be certain. The strategy that will bring a halt to, or will significantly modify the present ET agenda, which all world citizens will agree are unacceptable practices, is not going to be grounded in a military solution. This fact has been demonstrated on numerous occasions through multiple previous confrontations between the ETs and our own U.S. military. An acceptable resolution to our (apparent) conflicts of interest with the ETs will only be found through diplomatic negotiations, and it will be through this process that we will begin to learn some very valuable lessons about the ETs and their agenda, as well as afford us a long overdue look in the mirror at ourselves and what we have wrought here on planet Earth. Such negotiations will enable us to step back and to see our civilization through the eyes of these visitors, and to begin to understand, from their point of view, how our values and our priorities are affecting them, one another, and the biosphere of this planet. What we may perceive from their point of view might induce a much needed reappraisal of ourselves – our motivations, our priorities, our ethics, our institutions, our socioeconomic systems, our history, and, most importantly, a reassessment of the future direction in which we should be heading. Humanity is being challenged with an unprecedented opportunity to learn a great deal over a short period of time, and such an opportunity should not be squandered due to our distaste for change and our fear of the unknown. We MUST rise to this challenge before we finally exhaust the patience of these ET visitors or we do ourselves in via our foolish enchantment with nuclear weapons.

Only since the Industrial Revolution have human beings been thrust into the role of truly being the stewards of planet Earth. An assessment of our past performance in this role, if we can be honest, could only be characterized as mediocre at best. Yes, a few nations have set aside isolated areas to be preserved as National Parks and/or wilderness. A few have enacted laws to protect the environment, but when push comes to shove, the biosphere of Earth, in almost every case, draws the short straw. Our bloated stockpiles of nuclear weapons perhaps serve as the prime example of how we have been willing to hold the biosphere of planet Earth hostage in order to achieve geopolitical goals. It is not a giant leap in logic to surmise that, through documented incidents involving ETs disabling the guidance systems of our nuclear missiles (thank you Robert Salas and Robert Hastings, among others), we have essentially been warned by them, on numerous occasions and at numerous locations, to cease and desist in this practice of pursuing military agendas through the design, production, and maintenance of these weapons of mass destruction. We have designed neutron bombs that will kill every living thing while prioritizing the preservation of physical structures! We can guess that negotiating the eradication of our nuclear weapons might be the first item on the ET agenda as they attempt to steer humanity toward a new and a more enlightened set of priorities. Perhaps this is all they want. If so, I think that most, if not all of us, would vote YES!

It seems increasingly apparent that the ETs have been patiently but persistently prodding humanity to reach certain conclusions over time, using these strategies which Dr. Roger Leir and other researchers have tried hard to more clearly define. We, the beneficiaries of their efforts, can now understand those strategies in the details of the UFO, the Alien Abduction, and the Cattle Mutilation Phenomena. There is, perhaps, one other strategy being employed that has not been mentioned in this essay. IF crop circles are proven to be yet another facet of ETs approach to humanity, it is certainly the most beautiful and the most reassuring aspect of this grand and ongoing intervention coming at us from the Universe.

We can hope that these ET strategies will never escalate to a point that will result in public panic, but it seems that they will apparently continue until we can all finally muster the wisdom and the courage to honestly confront and appropriately respond to these compelling challenges. This was the nature of the path that Dr. Roger Leir took, and, in my opinion, it is becoming increasingly imperative that we follow his example.

Thank you, Dr. Roger Leir, for the work that you accomplished, for your book, Aliens and the Scalpel II that you sent to the Jesse A. Marcel Library, and for your untiring efforts toward unravelling the most important mystery of our time. I believe that history will show that you are correct in your conclusions.

Post Script: This is what Dr. Leir wrote to me about the Jesse A. Marcel Library:
“I would like to see more publicity given to this Library. Everyone should know about it. Have you considered using the Social Media sites for this purpose? Roger”
I haven’t yet done justice to your suggestion, Dr. Leir, but I will.

Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.
Founder, The Jesse A. Marcel Library

  1. Jacob Rael says:

    Dr. Leir never told us what implants he found. He spend his whole time documenting his credibility. It was frustrating, but I sensed from the start that he would never get to his point.

    • Dr. Leir told us exactly what he had discovered through his research of alien implants. I suggest that you order the DVD of Dr. Leir’s lecture given at the 2013 International UFO Congress at Ft. McDowell AZ. You might also consider reading Dr. Leir’s book, Aliens and the Scalpel, in wgich he details the findings of his important work.

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