Aug 24, 2014

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Four Recent UFO Videos – It’s Time to Wake Up!

Dear Readers,
I often read comments of skeptics of the Extraterrestrial UFO Hypothesis at varous UFO websites that basically say, “In this day and age, if the UFO phenomenon is real, we should be seeing lots of convincing videos of UFOs because everyone is carrying around a video camera in their cell phone. So where are they?” Well, here are a few. These videos were all captured within the past few months, and there are many more like these if you care to look.

It is obvious to me that at least one race of extraterrestrial beings have arrived here. The evidence for this is clear. They have not landed on the White House lawn. Why not? Consider: if this is happening NOW here on Earth, then this same scenario has been played out elsewhere, on myriad other planets, over past millennia, and probably countless times. By now, these groups of extraterrestrials arriving here know how to approach a planet like Earth, a planet full of people who have, for many thousands of years, wondered if we are alone in the Universe. It is becoming apparent that the method of choice, the “best practice”, is to approach slowly, carefully, and methodically, so as not to disrupt too much the workings of an advanced but fragile civilization. In doing so they show respect for our civilization, and they demonstrate a keen awareness of the absolute need for a slow, gentle, and non-threatening awakening from our eons-long solitude.

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  1. I lived in Den Haag (the Hague) for 6 years on a 3rd floor attic flat. In my time there I saw many sightings similar to these over the North Sea torward the UK…but NOT only in the Netherlands, there some pretty mind-bobbling experiences of UFOs over Edinburgh, Scotland as well as over the North Sea toward…you guessed it the Netherlands.

    These videos are impressive…

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