Oct 24, 2013

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Gerald Anderson’s Roswell Testimony: Polygraph Proven!

Please watch this video of Gerald Anderson’s story as he was interviewed by UFO researcher Stanton Friedman – the same researcher who first obtained Major Jesse A. Marcel’s testimony about what really happened during the Roswell Incident in 1947. This is a 47 minute video but it is worth your time to listen to all of it. In this video, Gerald Anderson recounts his experience as a young boy of walking up on a crashed UFO complete with its crew of 4 and with one crew member still alive. Anderson was out rock hunting with his older brother, his uncle, his father, and his cousin on the Plains of St. Augustine near Socorro, New Mexico, on the July 1947 morning that this event took place. For me, this is “killer” testimony, polygraph proven, which strongly suggests that the UFO phenomenon is real, it is ET , the Roswell Incident was in fact a crashed ET UFO, and we have been deliberately misled about what really happened during the 1947 Roswell event. On the accuracy of polygraphy, Wikipedia states, “Even using the high estimates of polygraph’s accuracy a significant number of subjects will appear to be lying, and would unfairly suffer the consequences of “failing” the polygraph.” Thus, polygraphy appears to be skewed toward resulting in FALSE POSITIVES – the subject appears to be lying when they are actually telling the Truth. We can therefore conclude that, having passed his polygraph examination, it is highly likely that Anderson is telling us the Truth. See what is your own assessment of Anderson’s testimony – do you think he is lying? I don’t.

Anderson’s testimony was acquired by Freidman in 1991, when this video was produced. If you have never seen this video (and few have), ask yourself why. Ask yourself, “if Anderson’s testimony has been around for 22 years, why am I only seeing it now? How could this have remained out of the public awareness for so long?” Answer: this is what a cover-up looks like and, as we can now realize, it has been amazingly successful for a long time now – 66 years and counting! It needs to end NOW!
Here’s the video:

  1. This is reality our reality collectively. this is our state of the art expression of interest to this alien visit ether by accident or by design. AS ONE LIFE LONG UFO researcher once asked me after the November 7 2006 Chicago Ohare incident? When are they coming!? That one is easy. They are already here and have been here.

  2. Hello

    We have been in and out of the UFO scene for some years. We are looking for any material concerning the outcome of Gerald’s polygraph report from 1991. This was paid for by the Fund for UFO Research

    Specifically we need;

    1.The Rrobert Riggs (polygraph expert) letter explaining the general results of the test

    2.The questions Riggs asked Mr Anderson

    3 Any articles in magazines or coverage in detail in books etc about the test.

    We are working on an archive at a college in New Mexico. Our project and recovered debris can be viewed at www. ufocrashbook.com .

    Art Campbell
    UFO researcher

    Project backed by Stanton Friedman and Tim Good

  3. I believe every word. My mother and I witnessed a UFO hovering approximately 8 feet above the ground, in my parent’s backyard. We could see inside the windows that encircled the saucer shaped craft, and the occupants appeared to be small with large heads. The UFO hovered for at least 20 minutes, and had lights all the way around it. We were amazed and curious, not at all fearful. We hoped it would land but sadly, it did not. We witnessed the UFO in the summer of 1969, and this incident has never been far from our mind ever since. It’s something you don’t forget.

    • Sandy,
      Thanks for sharing the story of your personal experience. I too believe Gerald Anderson’s testimony, and I believe yours as well. What I cannot believe is how long it is taking mainstream Americans, Canadians, Brits etc. to seriously engage with the UFO reality. It does not require any exceptionally insightful thinking to realize just how instrumental this phenomenon is going to be in precipitating a complete “make-over” of our world’s societies, which is something that really needs to happen sooner rather than later. The impact this epiphany will have on ending government secrecy and improving transparency, upgrading human understanding of our historical past, prompting revisions in our understanding and practices of our religions / spiritual practices, a new awakening on the part of scientists, philosophers, sociologists, theologians etc. is just going to be immense, and I hope we are alive to see this happen. It will involve the greatest transition in human understanding that has yet occurred, ever. Please continue to be brave and tell your story to others because people recognize Truth when they hear it from the mouth of a reliable and serious-minded person.

  4. I have a video of UFOs which were caught by accident when I was filming a very quiet airplane.

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