Dec 3, 2012

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Global Warming and the UFO

Producing more carbon based fossil fuels (petroleum) is not the answer – it is the problem.

Fellow Concerned Citizens,

I am Richard K.O’Connor, M.D., a practicing anesthesiologist in Helena, MT, USA. I am 57 years old, married to the same woman, Connie M. O’Connor, M.D. (a practicing psychiatrist in Helena) for 32 years, and father of our 2 sons. I am an avid skier and enjoy snowmobiling, but those are the least important of the long list of reasons that I, and many informed citizens, are very concerned about  Global Climate Change. I am done with writing to officialdom about what I will attempt to bring to your attention in the following few paragraphs. Writing to my representatives ( President Obama, Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester, the House Committee on Homeland Security, the chair of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff) has been fruitless, and I have ceased in my attempts to reach out to them about this. I am hoping that some of you will better appreciate, and perhaps act on, the thoughts outlined below.

Here is a link to an alarming New York Times article dated November 12, 2012:

The USA is on track to become the world’s largest producer of petroleum by 2017, and will become a net exporter of petroleum by 2030! If this report causes you as much concern as it does me with regard to its negative implications for Global Climate Change, then please read on.

Just what the ultimate solution will be for producing the prodigious quantities of energy our human civilization requires now and into the future I cannot say, but I think we can all agree that producing more petroleum for its eventual combustion to produce usable energy, and thereby loading our atmosphere with more CO2, is not the answer we should be looking for. What we need is a new solution, an unprecedented solution, yet nothing of the sort seems to be appearing on humanity’s horizon. It would appear that the current strategy, if you can believe it, is that we will continue to follow the example of our cavemen ancestors, combusting carbon-based fossil fuels to produce the energy we require to run our civilization for the foreseeable future (or whatever will be left of it), just as human beings have done for millennia. Is there another answer to this conundrum? Has that possible yet unexplored answer been hanging right over our heads for now for over 60 years? I believe it has been, and I believe that the time has come when the subject I am about to raise has become more than worthy of our collective and undivided attention. I am referring to the UFO. In my estimation the UFO looks at least as promising to offer a definitive solution to our long term energy needs as any other technology of which I am aware. What other green fuel will replace petroleum? Solar – no. Wind – no. Nuclear fission- hope not. Nuclear fusion – solar temperatures on our planet surface or in the back of my car make me nervous. UFO energy – maybe?

Before you hang up the phone, please let me bring a few facts about the UFO phenomenon to your attention. Check these statements out for yourselves. This is important:

  1. Major Jesse Marcel Sr. has publicly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real, and that he personally investigated and collected, on site, the UFO crash debris. See Marcel’s testimony (start at 1’13” mark).
  2. Capt. (and Dr.) Jesse Marcel, Jr., an ENT surgeon, has publicly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real, and he held in his hands the debris from the Roswell UFO crash. I know Dr. Marcel personally, I worked with him in the operating rooms of St.Peter’s Hospital here in Helena, MT for many years, and I give you my personal guarantee that he is not a liar. Check out his book, The Roswell Legacy. Listen to his testimony
  3. Col. Phillip Corso has publicly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real. Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, plainly states this fact. Listen to Corso (sorry, this is a 27″ video – you can just take my word if you want).
  4. Apollo astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, has publicly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real. Search on YouTube (start at 7’10” mark).
  5. Mercury and Gemini astronaut Gordon Cooper has publicly stated that the UFO phenomenon is real. Search on YouTube .
  6. CIA agent Chase Brandon has publicly stated that he personally saw evidence contained within a box at the CIA indicating that the Roswell UFO crash did occur. Check out Grant Cameron’s website
  7. Col. John Alexander has stated that the UFO phenomenon is real. That statement is in fact the first sentence he writes in his book UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies, and Realities.
  8. Presidents Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan both experienced sightings of UFOs and both publicly stated this fact.
  9. Previous Arizona governor Fife Symington witnessed the UFO flyover of Phoenix in March of 1997 (see The Phoenix Lights Incident: A Skeptics Discovery That We Are Not Alone by Lynne Kitei, M.D.) and publicly stated that it is his belief that the craft he witnessed, and which was also  witnessed by many thousands of Phoenix citizens, was extraterrestrial in origin. Search Fife Symington on YouTube .
  10. Capt. Robert Salas has testified of his experience with a UFO which shut down a nuclear missile site (10 ICBMs) at the installation where he was stationed. Salas wrote about this experience in his book Faded Giant. Search Robert Salas on YouTube .
  11. Robert Hastings has interviewed over 100 ex-military missiliers who were stationed at various nuclear missile sites throughout the U.S. and who have testified to several similar incidents of nuclear missile tampering/interference by UFOs. See Hastings book UFOs and Nukes. Listen to Hastings .
  12. Peter Davenport’s National UFO Reporting Center ( http://www.nuforc.orgreceives anywhere between 300 -500 UFO reports monthly. While many of these are simply lights in the sky, some reports  are dramatic, up close, “no mistaking what I saw” accounts of UFO sightings by very credible witnesses. Here is a recent example of a report from a retired airline pilot:

CASTLE ROCK WA UFO SIGHTING – November 10, 2012.

Sighting date and time: November 10, 2012 at 1828 hrs. Pacific Standard Time

Location: Vicinity of Castle Rock, Washington located at exit 49 on Interstate 5 about 57 miles south of Olympia, WA where I reside. The sighting event occurred on a side road off of State Highway 504 which is also called the Mount Saint Helens Hwy. (Mount Saint Helens is a semi-dormant volcano that erupted catastrophically on May 18, 1980.) The sighting occurred between Castle Rock and Silver Lake.

Witness: The witness is very concerned that his confidentiality should be maintained. He has a retired commercial pilot who has logged over 6000 hours as pilot in command with no accidents or violations. We are about the same age; I am 61 years old. He has a family man living on a very well-maintained property and he is highly involved in his church. (It was very clear during our interview that his  recent UFO experience is deeply troubling.)

Weather: The historical weather as of 1735 hrs. on November 10, 2012 was 39.2°F. Visibility was 10 miles. Conditions were partly cloudy and calm. According to historical records the official sunrise occurred at 7:06 AM and sunset was at 1644 hrs. The moon was not visible at the time of the sighting; moonrise was at 3:06 AM Pacific Standard Time and setting time was 2:43 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Investigation: This UFO sighting was reported shortly after it occurred to NUFORC  and then to UFOSNW. As the state director for MUFON in Washington I monitor both of these sites and when I read the narrative from the witness I decided that further investigation was required.

On November 11, 2012 I called the witness and we went over his sighting report. Based upon his credibility and the level of high strangeness, I asked him if I could speak to him in person and go through the events of the sighting.

On November 12,  2012 at 1448 hours I sat with him in his study and he went over the details of the sighting. My wife Joanne, who is also a MUFON field investigator, accompanied me. I noted that as a hobby the witness had created models demonstrating a meticulous attention to detail. We went through the entire experience and then he drove Joanne and I along the same route he followed two days previous when he encountered the UFOs.

Details of Incident: The witness left his home in his car to go to town and make a quick purchase. He was accompanied by a pet dog, a small dachshund. He departed about 25 to 30 minutes before the event.

He went to the store and drove back to his home, turning off of Highway 504. There is a short grade of several winding curves before the road straightens. It is about 1 mile from the turnoff to the witness’ home. As he topped the rise and glanced to his left, in a SE direction, he observed a very bright red-orange orb that appeared to be in line with the top of a flagpole in front of a residence. He looked closer and observed 3 glowing objects.

The 3 objects did not glow brightly in the sense of just being lights in the sky. Each one of these objects was spheroid. (His word choice when I questioned him about the difference between seeing a light in the sky and an object with a definite shape.) The appearance of these objects was deeply startling. He slowed down and kept looking to the left in a SE direction.

He stated the objects were arranged in an equilateral triangle. Each one was generating its own light. Several times during our interview he commented on the light coming from each object. He said the light from each of the objects was “a quality of light I  have never seen before. It had a peculiar wavelength.” (We discussed various types of lighting that might be on an aircraft; he said it was none of these; it was nothing conventional he has ever seen.)

His dog was agitated. He looked at the dashboard clock and he noted the time of 6:28 PM. He had several reactions at the same time: he wanted to keep the objects in view; he wanted to take a picture with his cell phone and he wanted to call his wife. The objects appeared low; he estimates they were 500 feet or less above the ground. He admits he felt afraid. He recalled thinking, “I am out here alone. What am I going to do if one of these objects moves over the roadway?”

He stated the objects were large enough that it would have taken a dime held out at arm’s length to cover them. He kept going down the road noting the particular trees or houses where he had a line of sight view of the objects. He reconstructed these lines of sight on a map that he submitted with his initial report.

He pulled into his driveway and jumped out, forgetting his dog. He wanted to alert his wife inside but as he looked up at the objects, they maneuvered:

He said the center light moved in between the other two and they moved position slightly so that they appeared equidistant from his viewpoint. Then the three objects went from a dead stop to high acceleration from left to right. Each object went through a color shift to emitting a cherry red color that was dimmer and then the light went off. He believes he kept them in view until they were at an estimated 10,000 feet in not more than 5 seconds. (There is no extant conventional aircraft which can vertically climb 2000 ft /second).
He added that the vertical departure was a smooth acceleration. He described the objects’ departure as graceful.

He ran inside and told his wife and then he remembered his dog. When he went back to the car, the dog was on the floorboard whimpering. He called the emergency dispatch number and they stated there were no other reports. A deputy called him and gave him the information to file a report with NUFORC.

Analysis: This is a highly credible witness who was able to make detailed observations of 3 highly unconventional objects that were probably 500 feet in the air or less when he first observed them and a similar lateral distance away. The objects appeared to be operating under intelligent control. Given the spherical shapes, it would be easy to dismiss the sighting as balloons, etc. However, given the highly strange illumination, the precise maneuvering and the ability to go from hovering to high acceleration, these objects are classified as Unknown Aerial Vehicles. There is no known artificial or natural explanation for these events known at this time.

Investigator: James E. Clarkson
MUFON WA State Director
Affiliated Investigator for NUFORC and UFOSNW

NUFORC’s archives contain many similar reports over many years. There is no way that all of these people are mistaking what they are seeing. In the interest of keeping this email of reasonable length I will stop citing “the evidence” here. There is much more available should you take an interest in pursuing it. In short, anyone who claims “there is no evidence” is either misinformed or they are deliberately attempting to mislead you to a mistaken conclusion – they are lying.

So, here is my point in writing to all of you. Of course we cannot know if a serious, eyes-wide-open, well funded, and intensive study of the UFO phenomenon by our world’s top scientists (model: The Manhattan Project) might bring about a completely novel discovery of a means of producing and utilizing the energy our civilization requires now and will require, to an ever increasing degree, into the future. But, it is a certainty that we will never know this unless we investigate this possibility. However, we can now know, with certainty, that the UFO phenomenon is real, and an extraterrestrial origin of UFOs is “the least objectionable hypothesis” according to Dr. James E. McDonald, professor of atmospheric physics at the University of Arizona ( see Firestorm: Dr. James E. McDonald’s Fight For UFO Science). It is extremely unlikely that UFOs are employing gasoline, diesel, natural gas, coal, or wind to produce the energy they require. It is past time for the human race to stop the silliness of joking about or otherwise denying the UFO reality, running scared, or simply turning our heads away from this phenomenon, and get serious about discovering what these UFOs are, who or what the intelligence is which is responsible for their manufacture and their operation in our skies, and what is the nature of the energy source which they utilize and which enables them to operate in the ways which have been described in detail, by multiple eyewitnesses, over and over again, all over the world – if this can be understood by the human mind. Answers to these questions, if found, may offer extremely important and unexpected insights into solving our current Global Climate Change / Global Warming conundrum. The winter sports industry would be one likely corporate industry which should have a keen interest in finding a solution which will offer an alternative path to the one we are currently on. The winter recreation industry could be of immense influence in helping to open up this conversation, as could all environmental organizations that are truly dedicated to preserving the integrity of Earth’s biosphere.

    It is clear to me that the interests driving our continued dependence on fossil fuels are going to burn this place down before they are willing to entertain a change of course.

In Montana we are already burning, and for 1/2 of last summer the smoke from the forest fires around here and in Idaho was horrendous. Drought and warmer temperatures has resulted in the death of millions of Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine trees in Montana forests as well as those of other Rocky Mountain states, and I am still working to bring down all of the dead trees on my place in order to mitigate the fire danger. Not only does our continued and enforced dependence on fossil fuels offer no solution to our extremely serious problem of accelerating global warming, it is in fact a large part, if not the direct cause of, the Problem. Reputable climate scientists are essentially unanimous in expressing this opinion, and whatever you may have heard to the contrary is very likely contrived propaganda issuing forth from the oil companies. They will continue to strive to keep all of us dependent upon oil for the energy we must have, despite the fact that Global Warming is rapidly becoming the #1 threat to our national security. Hurricane Sandy serves as a recent testament to the veracity of this statement.

Serious scientific study of the UFO may offer a way out of this difficult situation, and I for one want to keep skiing, and preferably have food to eat and clean air to breathe, far into the future. Any disruptions to our society which will result from us finally and appropriately confronting the UFO reality will have far less long-term impact on our global civilization that the likely scenarios I am reading about that are predicted to result from accelerating global warming / climate change. When methane (20 times more potent than CO2 as a green house gas) starts boiling out of the oceans we are in big trouble, and some say this is already happening in the Arctic Ocean . I believe that it is imperative that we immediately free ourselves from the taboo which has been deliberately constructed around the UFO by our government / military, and get down to the business of a serious scientific inquiry, carried out by our world’s brightest minds and in our world’s best universities, intended to determine the energy source of the UFO. There are many ways we can go about this (for one example, see The Hessdalen Project, and many more will be realized when we begin a well-funded study of UFOs in earnest. This  will definitely happen someday, but we must get on with this and waste no more time waiting for our government / military to “Disclose the Truth”. Our U.S. government / military has been stonewalling us on this subject for now over 6 decades and is not going to act on this until people get out in the streets and demand that such a large scale, and likely high-priced, study of UFOs be undertaken.

Do not keep silent about this any longer. I am certainly not going to. We have a planet to save for your children and their children, and to remain silent about this “elephant in our living room” any longer will only serve to prove that we are all simply domesticated primates. Be bold, and feel free to forward this letter to anyone who you believe has a vested interest in the search for a definitive solution to the problem of Global Climate Change / Global Warming. That would be everyone in your address book. I look forward to any responses to this letter.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.
Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  1. Russell Shute says:

    I lived in Centralia a few years around 83-86. Now in Yakima.

    I came to this page as a result of a couple searches combining crop circles & climate change. I see you express the same notions as I do. See my play list at Russell Shute or Near Term Extinction – Human on Youtube.

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