Oct 19, 2014

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Harry’s MT Highway 12 UFO Encounter

Upon Harry’s first visit to the Jesse A. Marcel Library, he sat down with us and described a UFO encounter he and his wife had while driving one night on MT Highway 12, a few miles north of Three Forks, MT. Although Harry was a bit nervous to be recounting this story to a group of about 8 people whom he had never met, Harry had the courage to talk with us about this profound experience that he will never forget. I, for one, am grateful that Harry was willing to share this information. This is the kind of courage our world needs to see from people who are willing to come forward, let down their defenses, and let the world know that we are not alone. Thanks Harry!

  1. Wow! Thank you for your recount. Very credible. We must force our government to DISCLOSE. How? Writing our Congresspeople doesn’t seem to help. Shall we ALL stop supporting the federal government (taxes, etc.) until they comply with the will of the people? Other ways to force Disclosure?

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