Our Purpose


 Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc. (CCRF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit dedicated to searching for answers to and educating the public about two modern day and very real mysteries: the UFO and crop circle phenomena.

Through our sponsorship of The Jesse A. Marcel Library located near Helena, Montana, we seek to increase public awareness and understanding of these phenomena, to provide a public forum for mature discussion of these topics that is free of the ridicule and denial that has encumbered these subjects for decades, and to help citizens learn why these topics are, without question, highly relevant to the future of human civilization on Earth.

Additionally, CCRF supports, through funding grants, efforts involved in researching and documenting, via aerial photography, the crop circles manifesting each summer in the crop fields of the United Kingdom.

All are invited to join us at The Jesse A. Marcel Library, 11 Ponderosa Road (between Helena and Montana City), Tuesday evenings from 7-10 PM.

Richard K. O’Connor, MD

Executive Director, CCRF, Inc.