Oct 13, 2010

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How Do “Cattle Mutilations” (“NH Animal Studies”) Fit Into The Picture?

CCRF postulates that the logical and obvious conclusion, when all facts are considered, is that “cattle mutilations”, like Crop Circles, are activities of one or more highly intelligent civilizations that are arriving here from “elsewhere”. Like Crop Circles, “cattle mutilations” are an ongoing phenomenon occurring in our reality carried out surgically, quickly, and efficiently. Despite thousands of occurrences worldwide, no person, human being or otherwise, has ever been apprehended or claimed to be responsible for these acts. Investigations have repeatedly shown that there is a marked consistency in the organs removed and in the appearances and locations of the surgical incisions. On many occasions there is no blood found on the ground (or on the snow) in the immediate area, and the animal has been drained of essentially their entire blood volume. Usually no human footprints or tire tracks are discovered at the site of the event, and usually there are no signs of a struggle. Many of these events have occurred in areas only accessible on foot or horseback (or from the air, if one could silently hover). Not only cattle, but sheep, elk, horses, and bison have been discovered with organs harvested and blood volume absent from the animal and vicinity. These organ harvests have been carried out on animals locked inside of corrals but then discovered the following morning, dead and dissected, outside of the locked corral. Commonly described pelvic and long-bone fractures suggest that the animal may have been dropped from a height.

The term “mutilation” is a misnomer and a completely inaccurate (and deliberately misleading/intended to “horrify”?) description of the nature of this phenomenon. The physical characteristics of these surgical procedures have been repeatably observed and carefully documented on many occasions (see http:/earthfiles.com), and it is clear that surgical instruments that do not exist on Earth are being used to carry out the organ harvesting of the selected animals. As an anesthesiologist who has worked in many different operating rooms of university, community, and VA hospitals in the U.S., I am aware of only 4 surgical instruments currently in use that are capable of cutting and simultaneously cauterizing tissue. These are the common electrocautery unit (“Bovie”) found in every OR, the “oblator”used in ENT procedures, various lasers (gold, YAG, CO2), and the “harmonic scalpel” which utilizes high frequency ultrasound energy to cut and simultaneously cauterize tissue. None of these 4 instruments produce the highly characteristic 3/16 inch peak-to-peak, perfectly serrated edge of the incised tissue found in many cases of “cattle mutilation”, and none of them cut through any significant thickness of bone. Based upon my 25 years of experience in the world of modern surgery, I know that the surgical instrument(s) utilized to carry out these procedures do not exist on planet Earth at the present time.

Those individuals in the U.S. who have sustained the loss of their livestock and discovered them dead in their pastures are primarily farmers and ranchers of the American western states. If you know these individuals, you also know that they are generally not the type of people who would perpetrate a hoax of this nature. This phenomenon is not a hoax. Nor is it being carried out by some government ”MILABS” nonsense. They do not have these surgical instruments either.

Why these acts are carried out by our Visitors is not yet known. These acts would appear to be part of what we would term a “scientific study”, but as of yet we have no clear idea of what information our Visitors are seeking through the organ harvests of these animals. When considering this Phenomenon, we should keep in mind that human beings deliberately breed, nurture, and then slaughter millions of animals each year for food production, so we should not be too appalled that animals are killed in the process of what we have termed “cattle mutilations”. Most will undoubtedly recoil at the realization that the Visitors appear to have no regard for our civilization’s concept of private ownership, tresspassing, or the financial impact their actions will have on the individual ranchers who “own” the animals that are being killed. We can speculate that these concepts, which underly our social system of capatalism, may not be recognized by their civilization and perhaps they instead regard anything and everything as community property. Or, perhaps they may view this as a case of the ends justifying the means. Before we know more about the Visitors, the nature of their civilization, and their motivations for carrying out these acts, we should refrain from making judgements about the “right” or “wrong” of their actions. By now we can be virtually certain that these surgical dissections are not carried out by any human being and must therefore be the activity of another civilization which has arrived here and is carrying out their own agenda, whatever that might be. We need to contact them to find out.

I propose that the term “cattle mutilations” should be dropped from the lexicon and replaced with the term “NH (non-human) Animal Studies”. “NH Animal Studies” is a much more accurate and less repelling description of the likely origin, purpose, and physical characteristics of these highly skilled surgical procedures.

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