Mar 15, 2014

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I Love This Video. Its All About Truth.

I love it when people speak the Truth. There is something about Truth that is tangible. When we hear Truth spoken, we not only hear it with our ears and process it in our minds, but we can also feel it in our hearts. That’s the feeling that I get when I watch this video. No bull shit. No embellishment. No self-aggrandizement. This is simply the clear recollections of an event which was seared into the minds of 3 individuals who happened to be at the right place, at the right time, and experienced an incredible event that changed their lives for as long as they will live. Their courage in coming forward to tell us about that experience can change all of our lives too, if we will simply open our hearts and our minds to the Truth.

What we see and hear in this video is an example of the “highest calling” of the internet, a tool which can, if we will make it so, enable all of us to share Truth with one another, any time we have an important Truth to share.

I hear many who will admit that UFOs are real, but then go on to state that they believe that they can all be explained away as objects which are top-secret U.S. military projects. These people are simply uninformed about the history of the UFO phenomenon, about what people saw in the sky over Phoenix the evening of March 13, 1997, as well as the huge number of other up-close and personal UFO encounters that have been described by civilian and military pilots at The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, as well as so many other incidents experienced and reported all over the world by people from every walk of life. Those who hold this view must explain why the U.S. military would have “flown” this gigantic, semi-transparent, anti-gravity, silent object over the entire state of Arizona, deliberately maneuvering it over the major metropolitan areas of Arizona, while knowing that it would be seen by thousands. And, why haven’t we seen this object again in the 17 tears that have passed since “The Phoenix Lights” incident? Its because it wasn’t ours, it was “theirs”.

One other point. This video is on the internet for all to see. The same can be said for the ever increasing number of TV programs, like UFO Hunters, the Ancient Aliens series, MUFON’s Hangar 1 series, etc. Those who manage “the how and the when” of UFO/ET Disclosure are allowing this video and those TV programs to happen, and to be seen. They could remove this video from the internet, but they have not. They could have, long ago, intimidated these witnesses into silence, but apparently they have not done this. They could have shown up at my door, told me to shut up about UFOs, ETs etc., but I have not heard a single discouraging word from them, although we all now know that much of what we say over our phones and write in our blogs is being monitored by the NSA. After considering this fact for a while, I have decided that I am OK with that situation, and in fact I am glad that our U.S. government is keeping close tabs on what people are thinking, doing, or planning on doing. And, I am glad that they are apparently enabling UFO/ET Disclosure to happen, allowing our citizens to absorb and process this information at a rate that each finds comfortable within their own world view. I believe in the rule of law, and I understand the immense potential the UFO/ET reality has to dramatically impact, and perhaps significantly disrupt, the fabric of our complex society. That the U.S. government is showing the wisdom to allow this information to now be disseminated to every citizen who is interested and willing to sit up and pay attention, while also insuring that they have the means in place to monitor and respond to the certain repercussions of UFO/ET Disclosure that will eventually unfold I, personally, find very reassuring. Good job NSA! After decades of deception, those in control of this information are now apparently allowing the Truth to be known, and that is a good thing.

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