Oct 7, 2015

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“Imperative for Planetary Survival”

Let’s start with this, a statement from Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton:

Just as I do not question the truth of my colleague and friend Dr. Jesse A. Marcel Jr.’s story about his first-person involvement with a crashed Extraterrestrial UFO in Roswell in 1947, or the above statement from Lord Hill-Norton, I am just as certain that journalist Linda Moulton Howe publishes what she believes to be reliable, but oftentimes difficult to verify information on her website, Earthfiles (www.earthfiles.com).

Over the past few days and after reading Linda Moulton Howe’s October 3, 2015 report concerning a series of strange events that involved U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class “C.J.” and his family, I have been feeling a deeper-than-usual level of frustration, resentment, and grave concern regarding our government’s / military’s long-standing and ongoing cover-up of the UFO / ET reality. I continually wonder what we might all do to help end this ill-conceived and harmful policy which began so long ago, and that continues through the present day. Given the content of the message (see below) received by “C.J.” as related in Linda’s Earthfiles report, I believe that we should all be very concerned. However, because our nation’s leaders have chosen to withhold the honest truth about ET visitation to this planet for so long, I know that most people are unlikely to take C.J.’s story or similar accounts seriously unless and until they hear the Truth spoken from our President, Barack Obama, in the up-front, straight-forward manner that Truth should always be spoken by a President of the United States of America.

Below I will summarize the main points of Linda’s recent Earthfiles report. I encourage everyone reading this to subscribe to Linda’s website Earthfiles, so that you too will have access to not only her excellent and much more detailed original reports, but to all of Linda’s archived reports which are critical to gaining a comprehensive understanding of what has been transpiring on this planet relative to the UFO / ET phenomenon.

Briefly summarized, Army Sergeant 1st Class C.J. and his family leave Hunter Army Airfield, Richmond Hill, Georgia at 8:30 PM on June 28, 2015. The family is moving to C.J.’s new post assignment at Fort Carson near Colorado Springs, CO. C.J. enters their final destination of Colorado Springs, CO into his new GPS. They leave the Savanah metro area following Interstate Hwy 16.

While still following their GPS but for an unknown reason (perhaps due to an unusually dense fog) they deviate from their I-16 course and instead turn on to US Hwy 1 N. At 1:20 AM on June 29, they find themselves in Wadely, Georgia (135 miles from Richmond Hill) and experience a huge, brilliant disc-shaped (UFO) over the road and above their truck. The UFO is an estimated 820 feet long and 160 feet high, and is at an altitude of 200 feet above their vehicle. They believe their UFO sighting to have lasted for between 5-8 minutes. However, it had been almost 5 hours since they left Richmond Hill. (i.e. the couple has approximately 3 hours of missing time). When they become re-oriented near a church in Wadely, their GPS unexpectedly indicates “arrived final destination”.

C.J. resets the GPS for Colorado Springs, CO and then drives just north of Atlanta to Kennesaw, GA. At 7:30 AM they check into the Magnuson Hotel. They rest there during daylight hours and then drive on through the following night (now June 30) to Padukah, KY, where they stopped to check into a Motel 6 at 5:34 AM. C.J. then finds himself in the bathroom of their Motel 6 room, awakened from an apparent trance state, during which he was unconsciously compelled to write down symbols consisting of lines and squares from left to right, on the back of the Motel 6 full page receipt. The symbols on the page as written by C.J. are shown in the photo below.

Squares and lines, actually binary code, written by C.J. on the back of a Motel 6 receipt.

Squares and lines, actually binary code, written by C.J. on the back of a Motel 6 receipt.

It has been independently confirmed both by myself and another researcher (Dr. Horace Drew) that C.J.’s symbols are in fact a message written in binary code that can be translated via a standard ASCII table. C.J.’s message reads as follows:

“Continuous protection of humanity 49.27n, 11.5e. Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL ` citizens. Advancement imperative for planetary survival. Beware of Orion 1350.3 and Z Ruticuli 39.170. Avoid [signal] messages sent.”

Linda’s Earthfiles report continues on from here, but it is here that I will end my summary of her report with this quote from her interview with C.J. that summarizes, in part, his “gut-feeling” assessment of what all of this might mean for humanity:
“I know its something that will affect us here on Earth. I know that our current state and our current advancement and technology and how we are progressing is happening too slow. And the way to fix that is opening up and allowing everyone here who’s kept in the dark or not being offered the information or not being told the information. One of the main things that needs to happen is we need to allow outside minds to know about this in order to solve the challenge of having to increase our advancement in technology and speed up our process for advancement.”

C.J., I completely agree with your assessment of what this all means, although I believe that our lack of advancement in our spiritual and social development (rather than our technological development) are the areas of greater concern. In my view the words in the message “imperative for planetary survival” carry with them a sense of urgency that should not be minimized or overlooked (nor covered up).

That those in our military / government who have taken the “might makes right” approach to preventing U.S. citizens and indeed all of Earth’s citizens from knowing the Truth about ET visitation to this planet is an example of the most un-democratic, unwise, and ignoble decision/policy-making that I have encountered during my 60 years of life on this planet Earth. From the message we have been given through you, C.J., and via Linda Moulton Howe, I, too, believe that it is clear that those who have for so long covered up this information MUST IMMEDIATELY RESCIND the UFO/ET Truth Embargo before it is too late. Through this message “they”, whoever “they” are, have delivered a mandate, a mandate that I would interpret as AN ORDER, that the Truth about the reality of ET/UFO visitation to this planet be revealed to all of mankind. From the tone of this message it does not sound as though there is a moment to lose.

As pointed out in Linda’s article by message analyst / code breaker Dr. Horace Drew, the first set of numbers communicated in the message, 49.27 n, 11.5e, are exactly the latitude and longitude geographical coordinates of Nuremberg, Germany. One visitor to The Jesse A. Marcel Library stated that her interpretation of why Nuremberg was referenced in this ET message had to do with the Nuremberg Trials held post WWII, during which members of Hitler’s Nazi regime were tried for war crimes and for crimes against humanity. This clear reference to Nuremberg may have been included in the message as a reminder that those who continue to engineer and sustain “The Truth Embargo” have now transitioned into the realm of what many (including myself) will consider to be a conscious and willful perpetration of yet another crime against humanity, a crime which may well justify trials similar to those that were carried out post-WWII in Nuremberg. My advice: “Expose Hidden Knowledge to ALL citizens.” Do it NOW.

Richard O’Connor, M.D.

  1. Jim Lough says:

    Very interesting. The Rendlesham Forest Incident also had a “download” of binary code. The urgency is also apparent in the recollections of many experiencers. Many are now coming forward with “urges” that they are supposed to “do something” that have come about in the last three years. Their seems to be some sort of acceleration going on. Thanks for sharing.

    • Octavio Salcido says:

      I feel that we have three problems, first, all the citizens of the world need to learn the basics of teamwork. hard but not imposible.

      2.- maybe some signals from us (Radio, TV or something else) will be detected by somebody from Z reticulae or Orion and maybe this signals will make very much noise and could be a “disturbance” for a “neighbor” and maybe the “neighbor” will come to say us “Shut up!”

      3.- maybe we will need to learn a new class of self defense technology against that upset neighbor and his or her family

  2. Extremely interesting. Anytime knowledge and learning is hidden slows down “progress”, ie. needed changes in human behavior. Last nite I watched “The Imitation Game”. Progress since then on tech. is remarkable; yet it is now at a snail’s pace in many ways.

  3. Jack Sullivan says:

    The message in binary code which C.J. wrote on the back of the motel receipt reveals an unintelligent and inefficient method of communication used by the supposed ET source. 8 bit binary code requires 40 digits comprised of zeros and ones to transmit a five letter English word. The binary message here has approximately 1940 binary digits,while the decoded message in English has a mere 162 digits. Also, the ASC11 encoding process has the essential requirement that the message must exist in the English language prior to encoding. Would an intelligent source complicate the transmission by involving the binary coding and decoding stages unnecessarily? This same reasoning applies also to the binary code message associated with the Rendlesham 1980 event as posted by Linda Moulton Howe on Earthfiles.

    • Perhaps your logic regarding alien intelligence isn’t the point; perhaps the simplicity of the code is relevant to what the experiencer can process.
      It’s ok to question the binary codes; but let’s not assume that we know why the Alien intelligence would use a simpler binary code for this experiencer.
      The truth is that we don’t know. And using our rationale may not be the final angle for reasoning.
      It is interesting nonetheless that this man wrote this thing down perhaps without even consciously knowing such codes.

      • JDP…I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THESE ETs would know that we knew how to use binary code to develop their kind of code we would need intentional filters to cut digital words in half giving a smaller window symbol, but the purpose for half a word would need to be clearly stated what function would it employ? it would be like steno writing where words are contracted bt stl readable an undrstod. another form could be ebonic communication.

  4. I ponder the possibility of yet another long game leading up to a false flag event. The minds behind government or the MIC (whether human or otherwise) have proven themselves quite capabale of creating step by step events through history that lead to a conclusion or bigger event. Not to be paranoid, but what if the warnings over time are to get the population to consider there is a pending alien threat (even if not true) in order to set up WWIII, a false flag event, in space…. Just as Wernerr Von Braun warned on his death bed. I have felt since childhood that we were not alone and if another space faring race really wanted to conquer earth, they could have easily done so when are technology was less advanced. I agree that disclosure of all the truths in ancient history and surrounding WWII and Roswell need to be announced publicly and not just accessed via TV shows and YouTube videos where accuracy & authenticity is often questionable or challenged and discredited by debunkers. I find UFO and paranormal information because I’m interested and search for it. But those who are immersed in their version of reality (life, jobs, kids) may not know or believe in other life forms, telepathic abilities etc. Mainstream media no longer presents these topics and that must change so we, as a species, can advance.

  5. After watching Dr. Drew’s presentation on decoding crop circles and observing his slide on “multiplexer” binary code, I immediately called it impossible. Because once you change the code system from anything but 1s and 0s, it is no longer a binary system. As a computer speaks in those numbers off on or off. If you can build a computer to read data differently, for example, characters represented by the wavelength or frequency of a charge, it may be possible to have the same piece of data to represent multiple letters depending on the layer of the wave. But to me that would be highly improbable, if not impractical. A predetermined set matrix will need to be created to hold the whole message at each layer along with the overhead of converting a value to represent a different letter at each layer. Then it hit me because I realized this has already been done at the software level. Visiting a website of Dr. Drew’s explanation of decoding the message confirmed my assumption. This is nothing more than data compression. I am not sure exactly which algorithm is being used, but given the fact that archaic communication (ASCII as opposed to Unicode) is preferred, I wouldn’t doubt it is either the stacker algorithm from the C-64 or Phil Katz’s original zip algorithm.

  6. The reference to Numberg Germany has nothing to do with the Numberg trials, but rather an event known as the Numberg Celestial Phenomenon. Look it up.

  7. Why urge the government to tell all? Why don’t the aliens simply appear over New York City in broad daylight instead of appearing to a select few at odd hours or keep their message cryptic in crop circles?

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