Mar 19, 2011

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Interview With Michael Glickman

Michael Glickman

Michael Glickman

Well known Crop Circle Researcher Michael Glickman offers us his insights into the Crop Circle Phenomenon in this interview of Mr. Glickman by Terje Toftenes, produced in 2006 and now presented on Please listen to Mr. Glickman as he relates to us his thoughts from the mind of a brilliant man who has carefully considered every aspect of the Crop Circle Phenomenon for over 16 years at the time of this interview.

One question asked of Michael Glickman by Mr. Toftenes deserves additional commentary. Mr. Toftenes asks Mr. Glickman “Why the U.K. as the featured location of this phenomenon? Why the county of Wiltshire?” Mr. Glickman’s initial reply is that this question is a “silly” question, followed by his answer that the reason is that “everything has to start somewhere”.

CCRF believes that the question “Why the U.K.? Why Wiltshire?” is not a “silly” question, but rather is one that we all ask when we begin to take a serious look at the Crop Circle phenomenon. Mr. Glickman’s ultimate reply, that “everything has to have its origin somewhere”, is only a partial answer. We believe that the more salient reason answering the question “Why the U.K.? Why Wiltshire?” is that the Crop Circle phenomenon is being presented to humanity in a relatively small, circumscribed area in order that it will be recognized by us as the phenomenon that it truly is. In order to more effectively gain our attention. In order that the Crop Circles will be meticulously documented, using high quality aerial photography employed by a dedicated group of local individuals who have ready access to each and every Crop Circle event. These individuals have taken notice of the repeated occurances of Crop Circles in their own locale, and they have gone to the considerable trouble and expense of obtaining the requisite equipment and means of aerial transport to properly capture the majestic features of these beautiful and incredible events. We believe that U.K. and Wiltshire have been deliberately chosen by the Circle Makers for this purpose and for these reasons, and perhaps other reasons that we cannot yet know. Through this strategic plan the Circle Makers are indeed obtaining our attention. Wiltshire is the chosen stage, and their Crop Circle creations have been and will continue to be effectively documented, as they must be in order that we may all eventually become aware of and educated about this most beautiful and important phenomenon. If the Crop Circles had been occurring randomly all over our world and without a central focal point, it is highly unlikely that today we would have available the excellent aerial photographs documenting so many incredible Crop Circles.

Our sincere thanks to the individuals who have taken notice, interrupted their lives, and gone to such expense to make all of us aware of the Crop Circles. Your efforts have not been in vain. We are starting to “get it”.

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  1. He is a very wise and good willed man, and I am thankful for his sharing his learning in these important messages with the very few of us us who are willing to listen. I wonder what is next.

  2. John Dansk says:

    Glickman is a fraud and a charlatan, as well as quite unethical and an embarrassment to anyone trying to do legitimate research. He faked being a ‘professor’ until he was outed as a liar. He continues to promote the paranormal origin of crop circles – even though he knows they are man made – because he earns money from the subject.

    • Mr. Dansk,
      I have approved your comment for others to see that it might serve as an example of the types of comments made by those whose obvious agenda is to discredit the Crop Circle Phenomenon, to render Crop Circles to the trash heap of our civilization’s priorities, and to discredit anyone who might believe otherwise. Mr. Glickman has, basically, done nothing but express his opinion that not all crop circles are created by people. I for one and among many, share his opinion. Your statement “even though he knows they are man made” is diametrically opposed to the personal opinions Mr. Glickman has consistently and very eloquently expressed on many occasions. And, why would anyone engage in “legitimate research” of crop circles if it were known that “they are all man made”? Your personal attack on Mr. Glickman is unwarranted and unjustifiable, and belies your true motivations for submitting your comment. I will not be communicating with you about anything else you may want to “enlighten us” about concerning Mr. Glickman specifically, or about crop circles in general. It is clear that either you are a disinformation agent intent on discrediting the crop circles and those associated with attempts to further our understanding of them, or you are just another observer who just doesn’t “get it”. I have spent too much of my time engaging in long-winded debates with people like you to no avail, and therefore I will end this discussion here and use my time to engage in legitimate research of crop circles. Please do not write back.
      Richard O’Connor, M.D.
      Executive Director, Crop Circles Research Foundation, Inc.

  3. Even Terje Toftenes has recanted and believes in them no more. He is embarrassed by the whole episode. None of the original investigators believe in this nonsense anymore either, including Colin Andrews. Now the farmers (nasty businessmen in wellies) have booted all the makers out of the fields, the quality and volume is dropping rapidly. Last year was an embarrassment. Julian Richardson made some nice ones on the beaches though.
    There are some good vids on youtube by Rob Buckle concerning the charlatans that have latched onto this subject, like ticks on a hound, in order to feather their own nests.

    • Mr. Flare,
      Excepting your statement “Julian Richardson made some nice ones (sand circles) on the beaches though”, which is a fact, I disagree with and believe to be false every other statement you make in your comment. I will not address your statements point by point, but I will state that Rob Buckle does not dispute that some crop circles may not be made by human circle makers, and he rightfully acknowledges that some crop circles appear to defy a human explanation as their source of origin. He seems to be a proponent of something akin to a “Gaia theory” as the source of origin of non-manmade crop circles which, in my opinion, is a either a deliberate attempt to distract or is simply soft-headed “New Age” blarney. I cannot agree that the Gaia theory holds water. Non-manmade crop circles are deliberate creations produced by a highly intelligent and capable source. In my opinion, a technologically astute extraterrestrial intelligence is responsible for the non-manmade circles until proven otherwise. The evidence that we are being contacted by a non-human ET intelligence is persuasive and extensive, yet this literal mountain of evidence, of which the crop circles comprise only a small fraction, is almost universally ignored in the presentations given by “experts” attempting to explain the origin of the non-manmade circles. There is no question that a great deal of effort and expense have been put forward by the U.S. military and other world governments over many decades in order to engineer the public’s (false) perceptions about our world’s ongoing ET contact. Non-manmade crop circles, from their beginning onward, have represented a grave and serious threat to the success of that ongoing program, and therefore it has been absolutely imperative that the crop circles be discredited and rendered confusing to humanity by those who do not want to see us awakened to this new reality. This has been accomplished, and the CC hoaxers have played an important role in this success.
      Please do not write back with more false statements. I will not be baited into a long-winded debate with you.
      Richard O’Connor

  4. Morgan Pugh says:

    Glickman lied about being a professor. Its absolutely ridiculous to suggest that any agent other than human is responsible for crop circles. Dodgy people like him continue to swarm around this subject when it is absolutely proven that this is an open & shut case. You all believe exactly what Doug Bower always wanted you to believe. A funny old guy with a twinkle in his eye taking you all for a ride for a good laugh. Unlike the believers Doug possesses a sense of humour. Its absolutely clear from the work of Bill Bailey, Francesco Grassi & John Lundberg alone that humans are more than capable of making such things. It is only pride now that forces you “believers” & “experts” (self appointed of course) to continue with this ridiculous charade.

    • Dear Morgan,
      I am not persuaded by your argument. Almost nobody denies that humans can make crop circles. If it were only the crop circles that are showing up in our reality as current-day enigmas, then perhaps I would be more inclined to conclude the phenomenon is completely explained by malignant human vandals producing all of them, but that is definitely not the case. We also have the UFO phenomenon and the cattle mutilation phenomenon going on concurrently, both of which are quite real and also remain completely unexplained, yet have also (like the crop circles) been going on for decades. Are some of the crop circles related to these other unexplained phenomena? I conclude that they may be, and I believe that time will tell if this is so. To me it very surprising that you find it completely believable that a group of malignant people can go out in the dark in all kinds of weather, trespass for hours on private land, destroy property while risking arrest, and produce an elegant yet very complex crop circle without errors like we saw created at Crabwood in 2002, just because they claim they can and have done this. Especially since they fail to produce any credible proof that this is so, they (allegedly) do this for free (without monetary compensation or fame), and they sustain sleepless night after sleepless night, all for an ongoing practical joke? It is debatable who is the most gullible here – those who you label as “believers”, or those like yourself who accept without questioning the claims of the miscreant vandals involved in stomping out crop circles and then reveling in the state of confusion they deliberately promote about the agency responsible for their creation.

      I don’t know anyone who proclaims to be a crop circle “expert”. Nobody has produced a provable explanation of how and by whom all crop circles are created. Words like “expert” and “dodgy” are labels applied to those who take a sincere interest in trying to learn more about the crop circles by people who, for some reason, want to discredit them and the crop circle phenomenon. The only thing that I, as a “believer”, do believe is that crop circles remain an enigma that, until actually proven otherwise, cannot be explained solely on the basis of a human agency being exclusively responsible for their creation. It is not pride that keeps me married to this conclusion, but rather it is logic. In my opinion the “human explanation” for all crop circles just doesn’t add up.
      Richard O’Connor, M.D.

  5. Hello from west of the west–California. I have only recently come upon the depth of research and beauty of these magnificent crop circles, having like many others dismissed them as hoaxes without actually investigating them myself. I remember Ram Dass saying long ago that “we gathered in the 60s because we knew something else was going on…we just didn’t know what it was.” And that has been the path of my life, questioning everything the society I found myself in was telling me, and instead seeking that which has meaning for my soul. Crop circles fit into that realm.

    Having purchased and read “Crooked Soley” this morning by Allan Brown and John Michell, it seems to me that the Ancient Wisdom is alive and well. The circle makers seem to be part of an open-ended and extended ‘strategic communications plan’ to engage those who can resonate with their meaning. I think Michael’s delightful assessment of the “landing on the White House lawn” question is correct. Oh how important humor is in the time of absurdity. I am hoping to travel to your crop circle country in the summer of 2017 to experience the ‘something else’ that is going on there.

    In the meantime, my love to all of you ‘cousins’ who are living that ‘something else’ that is going on.

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