JAML Video Testimonies

Like Dr. Jesse A. Marcel, Jr., and his father, Major Jesse A, Marcel Sr., these courageous eyewitnesses (below) have submitted their video testimonies voluntarily and without reservation. These are individuals, our fellow citizens, who realize and understand the importance of sharing their


recollections of a UFO event that had a profound impact on their lives. There are many more of you out there.If you have had such an up-close-and-personal UFO sighting and you are willing to share that experience with others, please send me an SD card or DVD with your 10 minutes or less MP4 video describing your UFO encounter. I will post your video on JAML’s YouTube Channel, and place a link to your video below. You must state your name in the video, and you must state that the event you are describing is the Truth as best you can recall. The time for anonymity and secrecy is over. Please share your video testimony with the world.

Mail your SD card or DVD to:
Richard O’Connor, M.D.
PMB 2046
1 Jackson Creek Road
Clancy, MT 59634

Links to video testimonies on YouTube and the JAML YouTube Channel:
1. Richard Dennis

2. Carol Byrd

3. Russell Scruggs

4. Richard O’Connor, M.D.

5. Tim, Bobbi, and Hal Ley

6. Prescott AZ witness J.R.

7. Ex-Arizona Governor Fife Symington

8. Mercury Program astronaut Gordon Cooper

9. Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell

10. USAF Sgt. James Penniston

11. USAF Capt. Robert Salas

12. Pam Conley This is an MP3 recording of Pam’s interview with Linda Moulton Howe describing her experience of watching a UFO which appears to have dropped a full grown cow that became hung up, high above the ground, in a broken off pine tree. I will try to obtain a video testimony from Pam to post here.