Aug 11, 2012

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A Letter to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

John W Hickenlooper, Governor
136 State Capitol
Denver, CO 80203-1792

Dear Governor Hickenlooper,

My name is Richard K. O’Connor, M.D. I work as an anesthesiologist in Helena, Montana. Montana,  like Colorado, has seen its share of “cattle mutilations” which have been essentially identical in character to those which recently occurred on the Esty ranch property near Gunnison in your state of Colorado. The fact that I work as an anesthesiologist is germane to the content of this letter.

I became aware of these most recent Colorado “cattle mutilations” through the excellent reporting of Linda Moulton Howe via her website Earthfiles. In her report she quotes previous Colorado governor Richard Lamm as saying “It is no longer possible to blame predators for the mutilations. It is clear from the evidence that only human predators can be responsible for these offenses. Howe states “the Governor noted that the School of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University had concluded that mutilations were caused by humans using knives”.

It is my opinion that “humans using knives” cannot be the agency responsible for these large animal “mutilations”. I have worked in operating rooms as an anesthesiologist for 27 years. I know surgery when I see surgery, and I therefore feel qualified to point out that what the media refers to as “mutilations” would be much more accurately described as rather sophisticated surgical dissections, especially given the circumstances under which they occur. These procedures are bloodless, repeatedly duplicated organ excisions carried out with surgical precision. As far as I am aware the surgical instruments which would be required to carry out these animal dissections, in the rugged and remote areas such as those where most of the past large animal dissections are known to have occurred, are not currently available on this planet. They do not exist.

Ex-Colorado governor Richard Lamm allegedly stated that “the School of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University had concluded that “mutilations” were caused by “humans using knives”. I submit that the forensic evidence (or rather lack of) thus far acquired through the study of this phenomenon is completely inadequate to firmly establish such a conclusion. The large animals most frequently discovered to be surgically dissected, i.e. mature cattle and horses, are strong, powerful animals. They must be completely subdued in order to carry out these highly invasive and precise surgical procedures. These animals have not been discovered with penetrating gunshot (or other) wounds which would indicate that the animals were killed with a firearm prior to these events. We must therefore consider other means by which the complete unresponsiveness of the animal might be induced, and the obvious answer is through pharmaceuticals. I am aware of only one study which has searched for traces of drugs in biopsied tissue or serum samples obtained from these dissected animals. That study concluded that a lethal dose of potassium chloride may have been utilized to kill the animal prior to its dissection. This suggestion seems equally absurd as “humans using knives”. High serum levels of potassium and chloride would be expected in animals which have been lying on the ground for even several hours, due to the inevitable rhabdomyolysis (death of muscle cells spilling their high content of intracellular potassium and chloride into the animal’s bloodstream and/or tissues). Amazingly, no study of which I am aware has been carried out to test for tissue or serum levels of drugs commonly used in either veterinary or human anesthesia practice. Perhaps the absence of such studies has been due to a lack of available funding, but in my view such studies would provide definitive proof of whether or not human beings are involved in these large animal dissections. Drugs = human perpetrators, no drugs = not humans. Given what is currently known about these large animal dissections, if such drug studies were to be carried out, my guess is that no drugs will be discovered. This statement brings me to my next point.

We are experiencing 4 phenomena on this planet which are all ongoing and which are all equally inscrutable. These phenomena are the “UFO phenomenon”, the “crop circle phenomenon”, the “cattle mutilation phenomenon”, and the “alien abduction phenomenon”. The UFO phenomenon is, in my view, firmly established as real. This point is no longer debatable. We might legitimately debate the origin of UFO’s, or who or what the intelligence is which manufactures and operates them in our atmosphere, but we can no longer deny their real existence. Most people with whom I have spoken who have had the courage to step out of the boundaries of accepted scientific dogma and who have taken the time and made the effort to review the great deal of evidence which surrounds the UFO phenomenon have come to the conclusion that the most likely explanation for what people are seeing and experiencing is that UFO’s are interplanetary spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. This is referred to as The Extraterrestrial (ET) Hypothesis. After years of reviewing the available evidence, this is my conclusion as well.

UFO’s have been a part of our reality for over 6 decades, whether we will acknowledge this fact or not. Precisely why these intelligent ET beings have taken an interest in this planet and in our civilization we can presently only guess, but it is not difficult to produce a long list of possible reasons of why this is evidently so. Thus far, the best response we have been capable of mustering to their presence here has been for our militaries to act aggressively toward them, and for our governments to deny their existence through misleading statements (i.e. lies) to our world’s population. In my opinion these are not adaptive strategies to employ as we attempt to grapple with the new reality that “we are not alone”. These strategies have been “cattle like” in their degree of cleverness, and are arguably similar to how cattle might respond to the same situation, if only they could speak.

It is very likely that we are being contacted by highly intelligent ET beings who have their own agenda and who are evidently capable and willing to act very dispassionately toward other living creatures. This is not a condemnation of these beings. Their actions demonstrate little difference from our own in our relationships with cattle, horses, other livestock and, sadly, in many cases, each other. What interests me is the apparent “favored status” which human beings have evidently enjoyed in these times of ongoing large animal (mammal) dissections, and how we might go about maintaining our apparent exclusion as subjects of similar ET study.

I have little doubt that should ET decide that they desire to study human beings in the same manner that they have been studying our livestock, they will be quite capable of doing this. Given what we presently know about UFO technology and performance, we should not doubt this. I, for one, do not wish to be viewed by ET on a par with cattle, and I think we should do whatever we are able to insure that humanity continues to be regarded by ET in a different light than, let’s say, an Angus bull or a Hereford cow.

Many will regard the suggestion that human beings could possibly become the subjects of ET study in a manner similar to other ongoing, large mammal dissections such as occurred recently in Gunnison as ludicrous and unthinkable, but in my opinion this would be a mistake. We have taken our apparently “favored status” for granted, but is this thinking justified? We can strongly suspect that we are dealing with a non-human, highly intelligent, and technologically advanced civilization, but we know little else about them. Caution would dictate that we take whatever steps we might take in order to distinguish our own species from Earth’s other large mammals. We must demonstrate that the human species is indeed of a “higher order” and is deserving of a favored status with regard to the ongoing animal dissections which have thus far (and like the crop circles) been unstoppable for essentially four decades.

Here is my prescription:

  1.  Colorado and every state should fund forensic pathological studies in cases of obvious large animal dissections to include tissue (especially liver) and serum analysis for the presence of hypnotic and/or anesthetic drugs commonly used in veterinary and human anesthesia practice. If drugs are not discovered, then humans cannot be responsible for these acts.
  2. All world governments should Disclose the truth of extraterrestrial contact with our civilization.
  3. All nuclear weapons programs should be abolished through a world-wide international treaty in order that our human species not be viewed as a substantial and ongoing threat to the survival of Earth’s biosphere.
  4. A UFO study group should be establishedthrough the United Nations, employing our best scientific minds and technologies, which is directed to:
    1. Attempt to establish friendly, open communications with the ET groups who are coming here. What we might learn from such communication may be limitless and invaluable to the survival and the future success of our own civilization.
    2. Attempt to discover the means of energy production which power the UFO’s with the goal of freeing our civilization from its dependence on fossil fuels to produce the energy we require.

If we as a civilization can find the will and the courage to engage in these very constructive projects, it is my hope and my belief that our civilization will be the better for it. We will be much more likely to be regarded by those ET civilizations who have arrived here as a higher order, enlightened species which is worthy of being viewed apart from the cattle and the horses which I believe they surgically dissect when their perceived need, whatever it is, arises. Let us not continue to act like cattle, and let us demonstrate through our actions that we are as intelligent and progressive as we perceive ourselves to be.


Richard K. O’Connor, M.D.


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