Jul 9, 2012

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Letter to Members of the House Committee on Homeland Security

I have mailed a copy of this letter to all 32 members of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security. U.S. House of Representatives who are members of this committee san be found here.

U.S. Representative __________

Committee on Homeland Security

U.S. House of Representatives

H2-176 Ford House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515


Dear Representative __________,

It has come to my attention that the Committee on Homeland Security has been requested to examine the homeland security implications of UFO intrusions into restricted U.S. airspace, and the coincident disabling of U.S. nuclear missile response capability which has been closely associated with these UFO intrusions, over U.S. nuclear missile sites. That these events have occurred at various U.S. (and Russian) nuclear missile installations on several occasions is now a known fact, and this has been substantiated by Captain Robert Salas, et al, through sworn affidavits which have been recently submitted to the House Committee on Homeland Security.

Our U.S. Air Force saw fit to train and to trust Captain Salas and these men with the awesome responsibility of controlling these unimaginably destructive nuclear weapons, and therefore I can only conclude that these men are unimpeachable in their assertions that these events did in fact transpire as they have described in their affidavits.

I commend Captain Salas for bringing this very important issue to the attention of the U.S. Congress through the Committee on Homeland Security. As an American citizen I am very concerned about the homeland security implications of our nation’s systems of nuclear weapons which have apparently been, at times, randomly and unpredictably disabled by the intelligence which occupy and control the UFO’s. The UFO’s (or rather the intelligence which control them) have intruded with impunity and on multiple occasions into what can only be regarded as some of our nation’s most intensely monitored and highly defended strategic airspace surrounding our nuclear missile installations. It is my understanding that in certain instances they have deliberately inflicted damage to guidance control systems within many ICBM missiles which has resulted in significant periods of missile down-time, and which has required the expertise of missile guidance specialists to repair their guidance systems.

The Committee on Homeland Security, if it is willing to give this issue the attention it deserves, will be discussing the homeland security implications of these UFO intrusions at U.S. nuclear missile sites. The preponderance of evidence now clearly indicates that the UFO phenomenon is real, and the ET hypothesis is its most likely explanation. Perhaps you will debate just what actions might be taken to prevent UFO’s (or rather the intelligence which guides them) from tampering with the response-readiness of U.S. nuclear weapons systems. This debate will be a short one as all committee members will acknowledge that nothing can be done to prevent these actions from being taken by those who are responsible. These “intruders” are, very likely, of non-Earth (extraterrestrial) origin, and the highly advanced technologies which have enabled them to arrive here will also render them invulnerable to any weapon which mankind has yet devised. (This is not to imply that I would favor or encourage any military action whatsoever against these beings or their conveyances). Perhaps the discussion might then shift to an exchange of ideas regarding why these actions are being carried out by the ET beings who are here observing our “civilization”, such as it is. The Committee might conclude, as I and others have, that they have been attempting to communicate to us a “pearl” of their likely hard-won wisdom. We might conclude that they have been attempting to instruct our more primitive civilization that nuclear weapons “are bad for children and other living things”.

I will now proceed to my suggestions regarding what recommendations should be advanced by the Committee on Homeland Security that will best serve to truly insure our homeland security, should you find the courage (and it will require courage) to raise this subject in a Committee hearing. My premise is that we will never have true homeland security as long as nuclear weapons of any description exist on planet Earth. The following points describe the actions which I and many other Americans believe must be taken in the near future if we wish to approach a state of true homeland security:

  1.  A statement by the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, in concert with President Obama, that UFO’s exist, that they are of non-Earth origin, and that they are guided by an intelligence capable of designing and producing technologies which have enabled them to arrive to this planet and which allow them to penetrate any nation’s airspace, anywhere, at any time. Their technologies provide to them the capability of disrupting the integrity of any nation’s nuclear weapons control systems. This capability has been clearly demonstrated by them on multiple occasions, and credible eyewitness testimony attests to this “new” reality.
  2. A statement by the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, in concert with President Obama, that these beings, whoever they are and wherever they hail from, do not represent a threat to the national security of the United States of America or of any other nation. De facto evidence of this truth stems from over 65 years of their presence here in the absence of any offensive hostile action. (I do not consider the temporary disabling of U.S. nuclear missiles to be an offensive hostile action). Ex-CIA agent Brandon Chase and astronaut Edgar Mitchell have both made public statements that “Roswell happened”.
  3.  An admission by the U.S. military’s Joint Chiefs of Staff, in concert with President Obama, that the events described by Captain Salas, et al, have in fact occurred, and because they have occurred, they have demonstrated all nation’s nuclear weapons systems to be vulnerable to corruption and therefore not completely reliable (as they must be), and therefore a liability to the homeland security of not only our nation, but of our entire planet as well.
  4.  A U.S.-led initiative, via the United Nations, to engage all nations in an unprecedented diplomatic effort to develop a pan-international treaty which will ban all nations from producing or maintaining any nuclear weapons of any description, and which will allow transparent, random inspections for detecting the presence of any nuclear device, or of any stockpile of fissionable materials by any nation, at any time. These inspections would become a compelling reason for the continued existence of the United Nations, and the cost of such a program would be far less that the billions of dollars currently spent annually on maintaining our world’s bloated arsenals of nuclear weapons.
  5.  The construction of a United Nations-guarded world repository for the collection and quarantine of all fissionable materials from throughout the world which will be under heavy guard at all times, and regularly inventoried.
  6.  The establishment of an international group of scientists, civilians, clergy, and military and government leaders from around the world which will be organized through the United Nations whose purpose will be to make non-hostile contact with, and establish diplomatic relationships with, the Extraterrestrial race(s) who are coming here and who are presently observing planet Earth and our civilization.
  7.  The establishment of an international scientific research group, funded through and overseen by the United Nations, which will engage in scientific research with a goal to discover the means by which UFO’s function in our atmosphere and produce the energy required to travel (presumed) interstellar distances to arrive here. What information we might potentially learn from such an undertaking which could make a positive contribution to human scientific progress and quality of life is truly unimaginable and without precedent in mankind’s history.

It will become necessary that each of these progressive steps be eventually taken to insure our homeland security, and in my opinion the time for these actions is now. We still have a beautiful planet to sustain the existence of mankind, our future generations, and indeed all life which has evolved here over millennia on Earth, but this pleasant situation should not be taken for granted. It is not the prerogative of human beings, and it is morally wrong, to deliberately create a situation which might potentially result in the destruction of all life on this planet, but that is the situation which we have created and under which we have been living for over six decades. We have been fortunate so far that the Fukushima nuclear disaster has been the worst with which we have had to contend, but our luck will not hold out forever. Given enough time, undesired events of even low probability will eventually happen. If mankind cannot learn to live together without nuclear weapons of mass destruction and instead work together on grand and highly meaningful projects such as those described above, then we are lost. Evolutionary law is not merciful and efficiently functions to extinguish species that cannot adapt to new changes in their reality.

I extend my thanks to you for reading this letter. It is my hope that these suggestions will find serious consideration within the Committee on Homeland Security.


Richard O’Connor, M.D.





  1. Raland Strom says:

    What a wonderful letter Richard. Thank you

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