Apr 14, 2011

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Louis Farrakhan Speaks About UFO Disclosure

Louis Farrakhan speaks with Jaime Maussan about the UFO / ET phenomenon and why the truth of this new reality should no longer be denied and cannot be denied much longer. The political and military leadership of the United States should listen carefully to what Mr. Farrakhan says in this interview. US military and political leadership is running out of time to do what they should do and must do in bringing out the truth to the people. It is simply foolish to continue to remain silent and hope this issue will go away. It is not going away, and the momentum to expose the truth appears to be accelerating now on an almost daily basis. Technology will soon overwhelm all attempts to keep this truth under cover. To the U.S. military and political leadership we can only ask – What are you thinking?!

Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan

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